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  1. @Sebavan Even after publishing please don't ignore the broader issue at hand. It's imperative that we as developers have an easy way to access the nightlies. Having to wait months for an update doesn't cut it when there are new features that we need.
  2. The sooner the better but yes we can wait until the end of the week.
  3. @Sebavan Thanks for the swift response but no. We're using Typescript so having the type definitions is a must.
  4. @Deltakosh Could you please publish a preview release version of Babylon JS? It's cumbersome to have to clone the repo to make our own package.json file just so we can get the latest features. BabylonJS is updating at a rapid rate and it would be nice to always have access to the latest changes easily.
  5. Thanks @Deltakosh for the response. Well morph targets work for us since it's supported in BabylonJS. The problem is that if we morph a parent mesh, the child meshes don't morph with the parent. Is there any way to do that? Or do we have to create morph targets for every single mesh that we import?
  6. Hi @Deltakosh. I assume you mistyped and meant to put "skin wrapping" instead of morph targets. Is there an ETA for the skin wrapping feature? Are there any alternative solutions you could suggest that would allow for morphing child meshes with the parent mesh? We are currently able to morph meshes exported with 3ds max. The problem arises when we have child meshes of the parent. The parent mesh will deform but not the children. It requires us to set morph target for both the parent and the child.
  7. I have a question concerning the skin wrap modifier. Is it possible to export say a shirt that is skin wrapped on top of a body with multiple morph targets so when we play with morph target sliders the shirt deforms accordingly?
  8. Thank you all for the help. It's greatly appreciated! :). Edit: One more question. I've attempted to apply the method of duplication then flipping the faces. I used the mesh.clone method to do so, but it seems as though the vertex data is shared and therefore when mesh.flipFaces is called, it flips the faces of the source mesh as well. Is there a way to do a deep copy of a mesh?
  9. Ah I see. Thank you for your help. I truly appreciate it
  10. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I figured out the problem with the cone problem. Now I just want to know how to get light to reflect off back faces.
  11. I'm trying to get lighting to work on the backface of a mesh, but it doesn't work. After reading through the lighting tutorial, it seems like it's not possible due to the normals. I was wondering if there was any trick I could use in order to get light to reflect off the opposite sides of a mesh.
  12. Edit: Sorry I misread what you stated. Ok so I will fix my radius computation, but can you explain to me why my positioning was wrong? Why must we subtract half of the range in order to get the correct positioning?
  13. Thanks for the reply :). I have used light.range but I'm not getting the expected behaviour. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how it's to be used. When I set light.range to a certain value, I expect that the light will only travel up to that distance in world coordinates. However, when trying to visualize the cone, the light seems to traverse farther than expected. Here's a sample of what I'm talking about: Note that my math may be a little off, but I would expect the height of the cone to at least reach the sphere which it's not.