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    Game list of phaser games

    Edit by Rich (September 2016): Back in 2013 Mike created a web site (below) that allowed Phaser devs to list the games they'd made. You'll find over 400 games created with some of the earliest versions of Phaser. Lots of the links don't work any more, but some do, and it's a really interesting archive. It's not worth submitting your games to the list any longer, however I'm keeping it, and this thread, because people still post new games to this thread even today. If you do this, it's highly likely I'll see it, and add it to the Phaser web site. Mike's original message follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I did started from personal need, but decided to share it and maybe improve it if it went bigger. Well since the engine is still new but there is quite a moving and I check every topic, and game that is made I have a phaser game list: http://pgl.ilinov.eu/
  2. If I do this: function paddleUpdate() { if(isPaddleNerfed) { paddle.frameName = "paddle_small.png"; //48px width } else { paddle.frameName = "paddle_big.png"; //32px width } //Do I have to set the size manually like this paddle.body.setSize(paddle._cache.width, paddle._cache.height); } I ask because with: game.debug.renderSpriteBounds(paddle); I see the pink border and it's changing size (but only visually): collisions and also sprite.body.width still returns the old bigger size rather than the smaller/nerfed one... Also visually it's all ok... and also sprite._cache.width returns correct values. Is my aproach right or is there a better, shorter way ... i clearly understand that it can't and shouldn't be automatic because changing sprite/frames should change the collision body region... but maybe it can be added as option ... or maybe shouldn't I'll be glad to here more opinions about this. EDIT: I just saw that there is: game.debug.renderSpriteBody(paddle); so the only question that leave is this the proper way of doing it since the sprite.body isn't updating on sprite size/frame change
  3. Mike

    [Phaser] Tasty Carrot

    First i saw and thought... why another puzzle... well at least the graphics are cute. And I played till level 10... and it's cool the game is polished enough and there is some brain jiggle. So greetings about the game and good luck with it.
  4. Mike

    Weekly Phaser Coding Tips email

    It's cool. That's a spam I would like to get.
  5. Mike

    The Phaser Book of Games

    I'm for the one game per book. Since that's far more easy for release, and use and far more flexible. Only want to mark that some code is going to be almost identical to all games... and that's a stuff i don't want repeated in every book... but still if i buy/get one of them maybe it'll be a repetition for good since i don't have to buy/get the first one in order to achieve result. Beside that, I really like the retro approach.
  6. Mike

    CrossCode Demo (Crowdfunding started!)

    Tnx for the info. I'll replay it and yep i kind-a missed the knowledge that i can save. I just started playing and forgot about anything. Once again great job.
  7. Mike

    CrossCode Demo (Crowdfunding started!)

    Cool news. I got my eye on the project from the versy start. And i just played the demo ... and something unfortunate happened after the "bad guy" came to the ship and pull over Lea the game went to white screen, and loading and the music continue to loop. Beside that bug report I love the art, the story, the gameplay and the characters. I'm clearly a fan. p.s. I'm kind-a sad about the crash, is there any way I can start the story from some checkpoint. You can PM me with some local storage hack or something to use for loading.
  8. Mike

    Game list of phaser games

    Massive update to the game list 393 games and counting. http://pgl.ilinov.eu/ We are closing the next rounded number.
  9. Mike

    Untitled Mini Runner That Ends

    I think i beat it There was several empty corridors and 3 corridors at the end. Also I really like the setting and the challenge level. The music is very TRON-ish which is good but kind-a repetitive but... still its on the good side. Also maybe a bit louder compared with the jump and shoot sound effects. So overall good game. Want some background story, more levels and some short cut scenes or just comic style slides and it's going to be superb.
  10. Hey I played the DEMO/BETA Glad to see it's ready. About the marketing part - it's cool that is free and I hope the next version/expansion get a commercial success too.
  11. Mike

    Ghosts'n Goblins made with Phaser

    Hey it's once in a 4 year, nothing to be sorry about.
  12. Mike

    Game list of phaser games

    Dread Knight I thought about the github repo...but the content is not static and it's in a mysql database... The best option could be to upgrade the list with a report system (similiar to add new game form) but for existing games, and then after someone submit a game info update. The admin then has just to review and apply the changes. And about the scrolling bug .. it's fixed tnx.
  13. Mike

    Game list of phaser games

    And surprise surprise. Parallel with watching the world cup match now the Game List have all the screens and a "lightbox" style gallery. I've left the rel tag to be one so now you can go prev next trough all the games, also the name of the game is listed under the screenshot. All comments and feedback is welcome.
  14. Mike

    Game list of phaser games

    Game list is updated! Tnx to everyone submitting their games directly. The screenshot update is in progress so stay tuned.
  15. Mike

    How do I install Phaser?

    Hello, you are with very wrong impression. Go and check out the Getting Started: http://phaser.io/getting-started-js.php Phaser is HTML5 - javascript game engine.
  16. I've tried it here: http://ai-conflict.com/ and the game is really cool i love the options for each tower... and the graphics are very clean and nice. A full screen option will add more for the game immersion.
  17. Mike

    [Complete] Jump Rope - A game of reflexes

    I like it simple and working. Why 2 aliens or orcs are spinning the rope ?
  18. Mike

    Ghosts'n Goblins made with Phaser

    It's really pretty. The refresh when the game is over is a bit more and loading the menu state on click would be far better. I didn't pass the 1 level... but i'll try it later again after England win over Italy.
  19. Mike

    Table of how to do things with the physics engines

    I don't know for such thing to exist... but it sounds cool enough. A Phаser Physics engine CheatSheet
  20. Mike

    Game list of phaser games

    Cool, i think that all 404 games would be marked as not active. And also i think it's time to add pagination and a little more statistic under the list: Most game crated by studio/developer: (top 3) Most used Phaser Version: (top 3) Аnd with the screen shots in place and the fact that I've seen every single game, I plan to add a genre characteristic to the games. So a bit more stats are going to pop out like are the most platformers, puzzles, infinity runners and so on.
  21. Mike

    Phaser issue with black screen

    Тhe error is pretty self explaining. http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/6743-any-idea-why-i-am-getting-this-error/?hl=cross-origin http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/6459-newbie-struggling-with-cors-issues/?hl=cross-origin Short answer: You need a web server, and open the html from there.
  22. Mike

    Input on rect

    I've made a example fiddle of how to make a rectangle with input and body enabled... http://jsfiddle.net/BdjV2/ - check the console for console.log. But at the same time i have a second not working as supposed example the real hit/input area is small 32 x 32 (maybe default) size ? So if anybody can explain the mistake in the second approach. I think it will be useful.
  23. Mike

    Game won't load (newbie)

    It's the same link, and it's all empty... If you click update it should add /1/, /2/, /3/ to the link and so on... like: http://jsfiddle.net/b7MpV/3/
  24. Mike

    Game won't load (newbie)

    Without digging too much. Why don't you try with the non minified version and see what is undefined... or maybe it's going to work with it. Give it a try just copy phaser.js to the source folder and change phaser.min.js to phaser.js and give as info again.