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  1. hi everyone, I'm making a game(puzzle resolver), which need path finding algorithm. There are so many A* algorithm but they are all static behavior. Assume that I have a monster chasing a character, the path finding just can determine path from monster position to current character position, it do good job. But if character moving (dynamic position), I have no idea to figure out best solutions. Anyone have experience with this case ?
  2. @Deltakosh : There are no mercy for bugs. Thank you.
  3. hi, thank you for kind words. Since few issues came up with new BJS update, I have to delay everything for fixing process. But adding would be great idea.
  4. hi, I have new issue with BJS, few days ago, I have a post here: It was a spot light issue, and solved by @Deltakosh , light behavior seem fine now. But since updating new BJS (with that issue fixed),then skeleton animation issue came up. You can check PG here: The character animation not run anymore, although skeleton animation running(you can check via Skeleton Viewer). So are there any API update that I miss or it caused by new BJS file update ?
  5. @Deltakosh @dbawel : It look better now, thanks you all. For someone need it:
  6. @Deltakosh even if lowering direction, it still darker than usual, you can check new PG here, drag around to see unrealistic behavior: And this is a simulation, parallel direction(render with 3ds max with simple diffuse texture):
  7. I'm simulating a flash light effect, PG here: As you can see, the floor using same material with the wall, but always look darker, especially at the edge, I think it is not like realistic. Is it working fine or I miss something ?
  8. @Deltakosh : Thank you.
  9. @Deltakosh: Already make a PG with same issue, you can check here: Drag to look around and you can see render issue. It seem that it's happen with big object. You can try to change ground/wall size to 20, then everything look fine.
  10. @Deltakosh: Sorry I'm using HTML/CSS design and some external library so that I can not reproduce PG, but this issue happen when using new BJS update, and actually, it's not light issue because when I comment out fog effect then everything work fine, thus, it can be fog render issue. You can check again, I changed fog color to blue:
  11. @davrous Joysitck issue has gone after updating your BJS js file, but new issue happen with light on the wall, I don't know why, may be I miss something with new BJS update. You can check live demo here: Before (without light issue): After ( with light issue): Screenshots: Before: After:
  12. I have a noticable scratch issue with Virual Joystick Camera, it seem that the VJC don't clean everything each update. How can I fix it ?
  13. @hunts: Cocoon is perfect way if my game using Canvas only. And it make a Cocoon splash screen as "watermark" so I think Intel Crosswalk is best option with me. Anyway thank you.
  14. Hi everyone, this is my new game with BABYLONJS, just a simple level prototype to help me testing game performance, is it smooth enough for professional game making and how "cross platform" is it. Rule: You are on a maze. I will show you its map, but just once. You have to figure and remember way out to lead yourself to escape. Be careful when you click "Ready". Control guide: on PC using arrow key or WASD and mouse (classic FPS style). on Mobile, left side : moving control , right side: look control. Someone try this game on your mobile phone, would you mind tell me if any performance issue, thank you very much. Furture Plan: - This maze made by 3dsmax, which waste too much time to model everything. I will change level creation way by dynamic placing block base on 2d map. Sticking this way I can produce many game levels in short time. - The naked monster AI, using navigation system, I will change to simple grid-base path finding since using dynamic placing block. - Finish UI job with menu and game views. - Planing adapt this game to Google Play or App Store using Intel Crosswalk. If someone have experience with this, highly appreciate if let me a advise. Sorry for my bad English.
  15. @Wingnut darn. how can I forget that simple function ? .executeWhenReady(). . five days headache, arrgg... @gryff: Yes, I know there is some limitation with mobile device thus I do a lot of optimization as possible. Merge meshes , freeze matrix, freeze material, small texture, low poly mesh. I use a 2d collision map for ray checking, in web worker. Each 2 seconds, I launch a ray from player position to zombie position, separated thread so I don't think it slow down anything to much. If ray hit the wall, active navigation mesh AI system (a wonderful project from here) and then zombie finding you. If ray not hit any walls, just make him go straight to you with some simple mathematics. The big problem is player-wall collision, I though I can speed it up by using web worker option (tut here), but actually, it caused VJC lagging, no idea why. Since switching to none worker option (set it to false), I can notice RAM percent consume a little bit, and my phone go warmer but it just feeling by hand and not test with many devices yet. And about that zombie guy, he has 41 bones and I'm trying to optimize by removing some useless bones.