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  1. Hi Mike, I have sent you a email , please do check and reply Gideyon
  2. HTML5 Game Developer

    Hi Tommy, Sent you a mail Regards, Gideon
  3. Hi , I have sent you a PM Thanks and regards, Gideon
  4. Circular Motion & Gravity

    I have changed the frixtion and now it moves smoothly is there a way to lock rotation while jumping setFixedRotation(false) is not working
  5. Circular Motion & Gravity

    Thanks samid the jump works great but the movement stops after some time Is it due to friction and can i lock rotation of the crate
  6. Circular Motion & Gravity

    Thanks Samid for you reply it works fine but what i want to replicate is Crate should move in a circle by default with gravity On key press it should jump Is it possible to achieve. Kindly help
  7. Circular Motion & Gravity

    Hi All, I have implemented planatary gravity using the below link Now i need the object just move over the planet with gravity . How to do it kindly help please ?????????????
  8. Looking for HTML5 DEV and Game ART

    Hi ill be interested in working with you on this.
  9. I have sent you a private message
  10. Hi All, I am a JavaScript developer with more than 7+ years of experience on HTML5 game development, i can work on game development for multiple platforms. I can work on projects with limited timeline and budget, available for both part time and full time. Regards, Gideon
  11. Phaser Game selling ideas

    Hi All, I have 5 Html5 games developed using Phaser. kindly Suggest me some of the methods to make money using it, can i publish in webs or package it for IOS and Android. kindly help me
  12. Hi All, I'm a JavaScript developer with goods hands on experience on game development. I need artists to develop games for IOS ,Android and web. if any one intrested do Pm me.
  13. Hi All, This is my first game using PhaserJS ,packed using cordova. Math Mind – is a mathematical game in which you have to solve a lot of interesting numerical problems within the given time duration, test your Math Mind on various numerical operations and, if necessary, to develop this skill.Game Features: - Three Game Modes- Find the Operator - in this math game mode you have to find the correct operator which will make the given number from the other two numbers.;- Find the Number - in this math game mode you have to find the missing number which will make the given number provided a number and an operator.;- Geek Mode - This level is for Geek Math Mind Peoples as it has three types of questions randomly appearing.;This Math Game makes the math fun.Its free to download. IOS version coming soonplease download and rate us it will help me in looking into more game development. Play Store Link :
  14. Hi crE, I would love to work on this