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  1. HTML5 canvas clone sprites

    I have an army game made with HTML5 canvas. I am using spritesheets (.png images) for sprites. And for every movement of every unit i redraw every unit like here: But i heard something about HTML5 canvas sprites copy for better performance.. But i can't google it out, or any examples of it. I heard that Pixi.js is using it, but i am not considering using Pixi.js. Do you know any examples or possibilities of cloning the same sprites for performance improvement?
  2. I dont understand anything here.. I see many random colored squares. And no idea which color is mine. i have found some square, where says, that i can capture it. i was looking like a minute for it. Then i was clicking on the square and then i have no idea how to conquer. i see these popups at the top right side, but these messages doesnt help at all to understand anything. I have captured some, but in playing 10 minutes i still dont understand anything. i have no idea how i spread my territory and how i capture. i just random click squares and somehow randomly capture them. you could include a tutorial, with arrows what to click everytime with explanation then it can be more clear what is going on here. So, i was playing 10 minutes and quitted because i still didnt understand anything
  3. chess related MMO alpha-testing

    Thanks! I appreciate that! You just raised my motivation to keep hard working on this project
  4. chess related MMO alpha-testing

    It has only this movement of chess. But its more about tower defense, huge armies and area control. I wanna have this game done now, but i have to finish programming everything Probably in 3 months i am finished with programming and then i start with graphics.
  5. chess related MMO alpha-testing

    Oh, i trough you have seen it This feature i was creating 1.5 year, and the whole game itself only 6 month There are no nice units yet, only 2D placeholders. I have ordered 9 months ago, but still need to wait few month until completed. Then there will be all super cool looking nice units, looking like 3D. Armies of these. But this fight showcase is used rarer as to see other information of that field, as i was playing.
  6. chess related MMO alpha-testing

    Oh that's a really good feedback! Thanks a lot!
  7. chess related MMO alpha-testing

    Sorry, i still don't have logs implemented. It should be in around v0.6.. For now, you just have to click on the field where is red number and see the fight - that number is how many fights were in that field. This game is like travian - slow paced. Its a multiplayer. You can log off and come back and your resources will be increased. There are more players around you. Your point is to conquer as many fields as possible to make your income higher and protect against players and against NPC. NPC movements are not implemented yet. But all black chess figures are your enemies and you should destroy them all. Now these turrets are not shooting yet.. So you can destroy walls and turrets without loss. But in v0.5 i will make that turrets shoot in real time and destroy your armies slowly. I wanna ask some questions.. You will help me with game fixing. I wanna make this game perfect 1. Was tutorial helpful and clear? Was'nt it buggy? 2. What was your first impressive about this game in the first 3 seconds? 3. What do you think would be nice-to-have here? Thanks! I will be programming this game probably for the next 10 years without break and implement totally everything best i could imagine I started from real army fights, in few months i will include better graphics.
  8. chess related MMO alpha-testing

    yes, its a multiplayer. It looks complex i believe with that many objects at the start, i made a tutorial, i hope it helps.
  9. Please test out the v0.4 alpha Its a browser game, works same on any devise. If any bugs, please post them here, or pm. - this domain only for testing
  10. blubVolley

    Nice game ! this easy bot is too strong for me I didn't expect such a great graphics and a full bug-less game from this simple post without any images
  11. Good job! played it for some time Keep it up The biggest problem was - my PC started heating and was so loud (calculating something) while playing this game, so i had to refresh the website. You should find a way for better performance, to reduce this big loading. But as for early alpha - its super good! I like that randomness for items really much.
  12. Hello. This is my game early version. Still absolute no graphics, just programming Added the image how it looks now. The turrets can shoot and damage the armies And this is my Goal:
  13. how to increase drawing performance

    Thanks a lot for explaining about pixi and other things. I will take my time improving performance, there are so many ways to increase performance.
  14. how to increase drawing performance

    Well if i don't draw unit sprites, it has really much faster perfromance. Yes, my 10k units perform AI calcs every tick. There is no pathfinding. Every unit is looking at 3 positions [0, 1, -1] every frame. But yea, i plan to improve my javascript performance in future. Just trough maybe easier and faster job first would be to improve rendering. I am drawing whole big screen of units. One caveat is that i resize my sprites. I have many multiply functions. I plan to make for every multiplying - an unique spritesheet. But i trough that the biggest bottleneck is that i redraw all sprites on whole screen. On other hand, it would be hard to find a function how to draw only changed screen, when after 30s of action whole screen is moving if there are so many army units - they all are moving and doing something. 10k is an example, actually there is no limitation and before a year with smaller size of project i handled easy 100k units on screen(there were only cubes drawed). But now more calculations, much better unit graphics and a lot more done. So you say that i should ignore the screen redraw performance problem and concentrate on my javascript/images? That should be faster reached performance?