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    Zoko & the Fireflies ( 2d platformer )

    Thanks for error, currentlty correcting this Edit : CORRECTED !
  2. Hello every one, Me and a friend are two french guys launching a new adventure/platformer game : Zoko and the Fireflies. We have been working two years on it (not full time, after work and week ends) In the game, Hero have to save all his friends from vilain Dr Chaos . To do that , i will have to use a boomerang , jump, carry objects, run away and fight boss It's made with : Javascript, PIXI.JS (webgl), Spriter, Box2D (cocoon api) And compiled to apk with For now i don't have a Web Version Online but i have published it on Google play store Google Play Store : Play online in Browser : Our website : Please leave me feebacks :-) More screenshots :
  3. JeremyG

    Zoko & the Fireflies ( 2d platformer )

    Oups , gonna look at it. May be webgl bug . Really strange. Do you have more information ? What is your browser ? I just test it on ie, firefox and chrome and it is working fine
  4. JeremyG

    Zoko & the Fireflies ( 2d platformer )

    Oups , gonna look at it. May be webgl bug . Really strange
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    [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG

    Look amazing. Great job ! Will try it soon
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    Zoko & the Fireflies ( 2d platformer )

    Just add a beta WEB version at : playable with Keyboard, no progress bar for loading, but working on it ^^
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    [Android & Web] Arcade Game - Spaceroids

    Cool game, i'm working on too ;-) I just found too much ads (for launching , really too much ads and it is a quite too difficult, slow it down a bit and speed up when level increase
  8. Hello, looks cool Not playable with keyboard ?
  9. JeremyG

    Skate Hooligans

    Hi. Thanks for all thoses informations. Is the number of player per day raising ?
  10. JeremyG

    Zoko & the Fireflies ( 2d platformer )

    Thanks guys For now, fireflies only turn light on caverns but in world 2 (work in progress; coming soon) , fireflies can carry objects such as rock or platform But the idea is really good, i will see if i can do something fun with that
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    memory was exhausted

    Yes, build one big canvas and draw in it, then use it if you want with Pixi, this will work perfectly
  12. JeremyG

    memory was exhausted

    Is there a lot of change on each frame ? If not , may be you shoud generate a canvas per square then draw and update it when need (May be you can generate a full canvas too ?)
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    Pixi.js Showcase

    Hi every one Me and my friend just published ou first game : Zoko & the fireflies on Google playstore It is made with pixi.js (v3), box2d, spriter and javascript. It is build to apk with I post in general Game Showcase for more details : Hope you ll like it ;-) Give me some feedbacks :-)