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  1. How to extend state

    Thanks both, I combined both of your methods and it works now. There sure are many ways to write this. I'm wondering if there's a way to write this State = function () {; }; State.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.State.prototype); /** @type {State} */ State.prototype.constructor = State; State.prototype.init = function () { }; Using this way below so I don't need to keep writing the prototype.something=function? BasicGame.Game.prototype = { create: function() { this.createDude(); }, render: function() { var debug =; debug.phaser(10, 580); } }; Thanks!
  2. How to extend state

    Hi all, I would like to extend the game state like this method to extend the entity so I don't have to keep writing the same function on each state. Phaser.Sprite.prototype.something=function(t){} I tried Phaser.Game.prototype and Phaser.State.prototype but it's not working, what's the right word? Thanks!
  3. LookAt with gradual trasition

    well you still need to have gone through all those process in your brain to gain your "Wingnut" experience. So the credit is definitely yours for sure as no one have the same experience as everyone else!
  4. LookAt with gradual trasition

    Hi Wingnut, Woaw! That's gonna be really useful for many projects! Will definately play around with it. Thanks for sharing!
  5. LookAt with gradual trasition

    Thanks~ I'll try to digest it as much as I can lol
  6. LookAt with gradual trasition

    Hi SvenFrankson, Cool, will try that out. For the rotationQuaternion, why do we use multiply instead of add?
  7. LookAt with gradual trasition

    Hi brianzinn, It's still cool, thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Hi All, I would like to use lookAt to make the mesh rotate towards a target, but currently it face the angle immediately. How do I make it turn towards the target angle gradually? Also, I notice a strange behavior, when I change the value of rotationQuaternion of the mesh directly by perhaps doing mesh.rotationQuaternion.x+=0.02; the mesh get stretched instead of rotated. Thanks
  9. ArcRotateCamera Full circle and follow player

    ah cool, thanks for your help!
  10. Hi All, It seems that when I try to rotate the beta value manually, it never goes in a full circle. It always stop at the value of -0.021415926535897932 and 3.173 and it doesn't seem to form a full circle connecting line. (those 2 value is not at the same location or even close) Is there anyway for me to make the ArcRotateCamera to follow and face the back of the player? Thanks
  11. Ahh I see, guess will have to lose some quality then. Thanks for the help once again!
  12. I tried some optimisation options from this tutorial: While in iphone 5c chrome and safari, it's only around 17 fps, is iphone generally weak in rendering? it seems that in android chrome is able to run up to 30 and even 60 fps(even without the optimization options).
  13. Hi @Deltakosh, It appears that my frame rate has dropped to around 10 after changing the setting though, any suggestion to bring the frame rate up? Thanks!
  14. Hi Deltakosh, It says that setHardwareScalingRatio is not a function, I've used setHardwareScalingLevel instead. Works awesome! Thank you so much!!!!
  15. Hi All, I'm facing some issue in iphone 5c, both safari and iphone, the mesh is horribly jagged, and the transparent side of the mesh have some black pixels in it. 2017-10-13 18.33.58.png?dl=0 FxaaPostProcess make the scene look jagged+ blurry in iphone. In android is a bit jagged too but FxaaPostProcess does make the situation slightly better. Anyone know how to make it look better? Thanks