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  1.'s ok, turns out threejs doesn't work on that mechine too.
  2. I'll keep the same screen then. Thanks
  3. Thanks, looking forward to the good news.
  4. Hi Deltakosh, So I replaced Babylonjs v2.5 with BabylonJS version 3.0 for my project. Attached the errorlogs that I have collected. -errorlog3 game.txt is the error log when opening my project. Chrome still works with version 3.0. For IE 11 it seems that the mesh object seems to be there but it is not rendering. Happens in v3 and the previous v2.5. Playground exhibited this error as well for 3.0 attached error log as well. -errorlog Playground-3-0.txt which is the error log for opening playground with 3.0 alpha I have re-formatted the logs hopefully it is clearer. Thank you. errorlog Playground-3-0.txt errorlog3 game.txt
  5. Does that means that I'll have to preload the models again every time I switch scene? Thanks.
  6. Hi All, Has anyone encountered a shader compilation error in babylon.js on Internet Explorer(IE) 11? In Chrome it works fine. I am curious in why does this happen? Is this a bug? Device Specifications: Intel Core i5-5200U CPU 2.2GHz 4GB Ram Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500 Direct3D11 Windows 8.1 Pro Everything works on IE11 windows 8.1 on my other laptop though. This is the device model that I'm using: Console output for my project. BJS - [17:05:17]: Unable to compile effect with current defines. Trying next fallback. BJS - [17:05:17]: Vertex shader:legacydefault BJS - [17:05:17]: Fragment shader:legacydefault BJS - [17:05:17]: Unable to compile effect with current defines. Trying next fallback. BJS - [17:05:17]: Vertex shader:legacydefault BJS - [17:05:17]: Fragment shader:legacydefault BJS - [17:05:17]: Unable to compile effect: BJS - [17:05:17]: Vertex shader:legacydefault BJS - [17:05:17]: Fragment shader:legacydefault BJS - [17:05:17]: Defines: #define NORMAL #define NUM_BONE_INFLUENCERS 0 #define BonesPerMesh 0 #define LIGHT0 #define HEMILIGHT0 #define HEMILIGHT1 BJS - [17:05:17]: Error: Shader compilation errors (117, 1): syntax error, unexpected UNSUPPORTED_TOKEN Attached also the error log that we found in the babylon basic scene playground on this same device in IE 11. If there is any other details you need please let me know. Thank you errorlog.txt
  7. Hi All, Is it possible for us to preload the meshes without creating a scene yet? Thanks.
  8. Hmm.. I think it still the same, it appears that it's the whole game that lags. It's fine if I change the resolution to 1. Is there anyway for me to detect the device before I initiate the phaser game? Thanks.
  9. Hi, Anyone is facing an issue where the animation speed of the sprite is slower when the game is resize bigger and faster when the game is resized smaller? Anyway to solve this issue? I'm using this code to add my animation. this.animations.add('idle', [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,6,4,2], 35, true); Thanks.
  10. Ow cool, learn something new. Thanks!
  11. ooh cool @samme never know about that. Where should I put the resolution parameter? it seems there's no resolution setting in the parameters. new Game(width, height, renderer, parent, state, transparent, antialias, physicsConfig)
  12. In case anyone needs it, I added the following code in each of the game state's resize function to update the mouse position. (I don't guarantee that it won't cause any unwanted problem though);; I'm using this scale mode, the game will resize game canvas to fit the game canvas always. = Phaser.ScaleManager.RESIZE;
  13. Hi All, Is there a way for us to edit the game's pointer position according to the css scaled canvas? I'm setting my phaser game canvas size to 200% screen size and scale my game down to 100% screen size using css. I need to make the mouse position times 2 but not sure where I can make the changes that the phaser button will work. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for both your suggestions! Turns out that there's difference between 2d canvas and 3d canvas, I can't draw image the simple way like I did for 2d canvas. ^^" End up I just put a background canvas behind babylon canvas to show the background always like Wingnut suggested in the first post.
  15. Hi W! Hmm..speaking of that, I wonder if I can know when does the image of that background function gets loaded...