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  1. Ahh I see, guess will have to lose some quality then. Thanks for the help once again!
  2. I tried some optimisation options from this tutorial: While in iphone 5c chrome and safari, it's only around 17 fps, is iphone generally weak in rendering? it seems that in android chrome is able to run up to 30 and even 60 fps(even without the optimization options).
  3. Hi @Deltakosh, It appears that my frame rate has dropped to around 10 after changing the setting though, any suggestion to bring the frame rate up? Thanks!
  4. Hi Deltakosh, It says that setHardwareScalingRatio is not a function, I've used setHardwareScalingLevel instead. Works awesome! Thank you so much!!!!
  5. Hi All, I'm facing some issue in iphone 5c, both safari and iphone, the mesh is horribly jagged, and the transparent side of the mesh have some black pixels in it. 2017-10-13 18.33.58.png?dl=0 FxaaPostProcess make the scene look jagged+ blurry in iphone. In android is a bit jagged too but FxaaPostProcess does make the situation slightly better. Anyone know how to make it look better? Thanks
  6. @Deltakosh Arr, sorry about the later reply didn't realised there's a second page already. Thank you! Anyway, in case anyone needed it, you need to include the latest version of the custom shader in order for it to work. inside dist>>materialsLibrary>>babylon.customMaterial.min.js Thanks all!
  7. Woo~ Cool. Thanks! Works like a charm. I thought it's going to involve a lot of vector stuff. Thanks again!
  8. Hi All, How do I move the camera/mesh towards the direction it's facing and side ways? I tried to search in the forum but the examples links are always expired or something. Thanks
  9. Cool, so is the new method using the flat shader or is it converting to flat meshes but using another method? Thanks~!
  10. hmm.. nope just change the colour but still the same.
  11. @sable sorry about the noob question, I'm not sure if I'm missing anything, though you've already show me the playground. It looks like this after I implement this material, maybe I'm doing it wrong? 2017-07-13 11.34.12.png?dl=0 this is what I did: this.mesh = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGroundFromHeightMap("ground", "media/graphics/sprites/heightmap.jpg", 256, 256, 50, 0, 50,, false, this.successCallback.bind(this)); var mat = new BABYLON.CustomMaterial("cm",; mat.Fragment_MainBegin( "vec3 U = dFdx(vPositionW);" + "vec3 V = dFdy(vPositionW); " + "vNormalW = -normalize(cross(U,V));" ); this.mesh.material = mat; Ow it says Uncaught TypeError: BABYLON.CustomMaterial is not a constructor Edit: I implemented this library, the error is now gone but it's still looking like in the screenshot
  12. Ya, I think converting the whole mesh to flat feels a bit overkill too. In the meantime, I try the options to have 2 different mesh and doing the ray intersection way too. Thanks for the suggestions
  13. Hi Jerome, Thanks for the info, do let me know when you have the fix for this. Thanks!