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  1. About in-Messenger debug: recently I was told, that I can use Chrome remote debugging tool for this ( Like it should work with test builds (you need to create test app at developers.facebook). But I had no luck with it and couldn't run it - phone's webView is still invisible for my desktop Chrome devtools. Had to continue debug with ugly ways just like @o0Corps0o's
  2. You getting maximum callstack error because if "scored" is false, then you have infinity loop. passPlayLeft() -> checkScored -> "scored" !== true so "else" condition and passPlayLeft() again.
  3. I am new with Phaser and now I trying to develop simple game, but in my game I need to rotate an uquilateral triangle around its geometrycal center, so the center of rotation not located in 0.5width/0.5height point (now rotate() function rotate sprite around it's center, am i right?). And, by setting pivot or anchor, i can change center of rotation, but sprite changing its position too and collisions start to occur not at the visual boundaries of the sprite (I use p2 physics and making json file with physics by PhysicsEditor, if it means something). I made dirty hack for now - by changing the sprite so that the center of the triangle was in the middle of sprite, but it is horrible and temporary solution, of course. Is there any clean solution for this problem? I think it must be something obvious, but can't figure it out for the second day.