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  1. This should be in "Services Offered". "Jobs (Hiring and Freelance)" is for people offering money to pay for services.
  2. This should be in "Services Offered". "Jobs (Hiring and Freelance)" is for people offering money to pay for services.
  3. The majority of sponsors I've made contact with are only interested in non-exclusive $200-500 licenses. While we were contracting the money was great, but now that client doesn't want anything any more, there's no point for me to continue with HTML5.
  4. paid

    What's your budget?
  5. Can you stop bumping this thread now please? It's in the wrong forum, and you are also now bumping the thread below. Nice art, but you're being spammy.
  6. I draw power from power metal. Something from the mid 80s and goblin themed always hits the spot.
  7. Thanks Ozdy! Now to convince people who could potentially pay money for it
  8. Necro!!! Just wondering how licensing's looking to you guys at the mo? We're starting to shop around our latest puzzler and trying to figure out whether it's worth continuing with the licensing market. Is it possible to get OK money with something like this in today's market?
  9. Exclusivity looks like a rare pokemon ATM, and there are a couple non-exclusives around that we can tell. We're in the process of trying to monetize a new game with them, so will find out exactly what kind of money is there, and if it's worth pursuing in the future.
  10. Thanks for all your feedback @BdR! Adding a fail prompt when you've used all your shapes but still have items (Cos it's easier than redoing the stages LOL) and you found a flaw in my logic! To pass a stage I just checked to see if the shapes and items were used. So moral of the story I guess is that I'm lazy
  11. Really impressive start, keep up the good work!
  12. Here's our latest puzzler, and our first we're looking for new sponsors with. We want to try licensing as it seems a bit safer than relying on one client, but at the same time, we have 0 experience with licensing for HTML5, and the game's a puzzler, so probably a bit niche. Still, happy with how it turned out either way, just need to figure out how to monetize it :S You can play it here:
  13. Is this still even active @photonstorm? If not, might be worth unpinning.
  14. The progression is a bit slow, but the art is nice and the transitions are polished. Good job!