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  1. [Phaser] The Last Battery

    That's the secret formula we're all trying to figure out and whenever I find the right method I'll be sure to share it.
  2. [Phaser] The Last Battery

    The Ads are fine, and probably a better way to go for this type of game, but I'd just say 1 at a time. If you have no control, understandable, just seeing 5 consecutive Ads was a little too many. For mobile, I'd say stick to Ads with this type of game, it's a struggle to charge even .99 and make a decent return.
  3. Solitaire Fortune

    Never played this type of Solitaire before, it's really fun! Didn't understand it at first but easily got the hang of it! I like it! Perhaps smooth it out with a few different easing effects on the tweens.
  4. [Phaser] The Last Battery

    Saw 5 different Ads before the game even started.. I'd say that's excessive personally. It's a little hard to manoeuvre around, the level is a bit tight, but the concept is fun.
  5. Fire Runner - Topaz Edition

    IT's really fast, quite impressive! Liking what you've created here. Especially love that running motion of the lion.
  6. Cardinal Run

    This was really really fun! Got better at it over time, it's a really good idea. Nice game.
  7. Airmash - Multiplayer missile warfare [PIXI]

    Really fast, responsive and fun. Great build, and a great result.
  8. WIP Ninja Platformer

    Extend the level upwards.
  9. [Complete] [phaser] Cyber Tank

    Great game, nice little puzzles and fast moving!
  10. Winter Sprinter - endless dodger

    Yea, I'm for the continuous running side, adds more difficultly and trickiness to the play. Fun game too, would be great to have more than one life at times haha, but really enjoying this one!! 76, highest so far ha, but over the next couple plays I'm sure it will increase
  11. [Phaser] Real Soccer Pro is here

    Really good concept, I like it. Would be great to see this grow a little more, add a few more features! It's really fun, and I see the potential to go somewhere even greater with this After the first 2 goals I was expecting some new obstacles.
  12. [PixiJS] 2D Tower defense game

    This is much faster paced, simpler and easier to play than most! Straight into the action! Love it!
  13. [WEBGL] 3D Solitaire

    Played this game so many times over the last couple days! Great job
  14. [WIP] Xmas gifts

    The instructions are shocking. Can't really figure out what is going on, what I'm supposed to be doing. There is no direction, please add some kind of instructions or tutorials into the game.
  15. [Construct 2] Basket Slam Dunk

    Love the concept but the game is really hard to get the hang on. Maybe just seeing a tutorial, or how to time it would be a great help