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  1. Umz

    1000 Cookies

    Nice easy going game, been great to play during breaks. Really great work here.
  2. Umz

    [Phaser] Cubxer

    Great game, really slow relaxed pace and steady progression. Agree with the unique tiles for colour blindness, it's an important addition, and will make it easier for everyone else too.
  3. Ah man, this is awesome! The tutorial is really short, you can implement it directly into the game and skip having a separate one.
  4. Nicely made, but the blue things couldn't be hit. Mission 1. They appeared and that basically meant game over. Also, tutorial gives an error: Cannot read property 'LEVEL_TYPE' of undefined at root_ui.js line 5 (new RootUI)
  5. Umz

    Zrist, a Skill - Avoid Game

    Brilliance! A fresh approach to a common game format. Definitely one of my favourite parts, made it much more intense. But I just loved the way things kept switching instead of just being an endless runner
  6. Umz

    Ball Deflector

    Nice game, but when the lines didn't appear on the 2nd level, got quite difficult to gauge exactly where the balls would bounce off. Perhaps use pixel perfect collision if there are no guides at all?
  7. Umz


    This was really fun nice and simple too, but I keep pressing backspace when I make a spelling mistake, it's racking up them mistakes! Haha
  8. Umz

    Fire Hungry

    As soon as I clicked play, an advert appeared and when it vanished I was already dead. Perhaps don't start the game until the advert returns.
  9. Nice game, took a little long to start building a few extra ships at the beginning though. Perhaps make the dots die a little sooner so growth is a little easier in the beginning and stretch it out towards the end. Enjoyed moving around in a swarm though, really fun to play.
  10. Umz

    [Phaser] Woodventure

    Beautifully made with such smooth transitions. Really like the style and feel of this one! Great UI buttons too
  11. Umz

    [construct2] Robo-Granny [Demo]

    Nice and simple. That background was awesome work! Liking the art style.
  12. Umz

    Fail Circle

    Love that fall over animation!
  13. Pretty interesting little game. Think I broke the rod.. The line just came off and sank..
  14. Umz

    Hostile Shapes - Classic Arcade

    With the HUD It's not so much the lack of words. It just doesn't stand out enough, so I'm not associating an action with something on the HUD. You could use symbols beside the words or HS etc. but it still needs to stand out from the background. Maybe put it in a box, or make the font bold with a stroke, or place them all together. Just something that really makes it stick out, that way I'll know which action makes which HUD element change, to begin with because it's more noticeable. Then, it just needs to be clear, what each number represents. Because I just see 3 numbers, changing at random it seems.
  15. Umz

    Hostile Shapes - Classic Arcade

    It's a good game. I like the style alot. I'd suggest some improvements to the HUD, make the points etc. clearer.. I don't really know what I'm seeing there or meant to be seeing. Maybe a quick tutorial or info on what the icons are.. And perhaps some sort of progression monitor so I know where I'm trying to get or have some targets to hit.