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  1. 404 error clicking to play on your site. But all in all an awesome game. I love the difficultly incline. I'm not great at these types but it was good to get into that.
  2. Smooth and pretty simple. I like it. Clean design too.
  3. html5

    A little more intuitive I think. I clicked around for a little, found a result when I clicked the black circle and continued to go with that. So learned an action and continued. Good to me.
  4. ooh, brilliant!
  5. That jump feels really really weird for a platformer. You should be able to control movement in the air, because that's what is intuitive to this type of game. It felt really limiting to not be able to move while jumping. I like the design of the game, and the enemies are interesting. But maybe make the first level simpler to get the player used to the controls. It's too much going on at once.
  6. beat em up

    Looking forward to seeing more of this game..
  7. html5

    If I'm honest, I really didn't know what was going on. I didn't pay too much attention to the tutorial though, so maybe that was it. But maybe some on screen cues to help out if you're stuck or along those lines?
  8. Also can't go diagonally upward to the left while shooting. Also, the background is a little distracting. I think there's just so much on the screen at once. But I like the game play, feels really classic and a good balance of enemies on screen at once, difficultly level etc. Really works well here. Only other thing I'd say is that both times the pop up box appeared and everything froze, I thought the game crashed. Maybe an on screen cue (x / close) for the box would do well here..
  9. OK.. You still didn't explain here how to play it. At least give us an explanation, then add a tutorial into the game later. The game looks interesting, I'd like to be able to play it.. Clicked around like a madman but nothing happened. I can't find my square, there's no on screen indicator? Would be good to have a button or shortcut key that snaps the screen to me, then highlights my square or something similar..
  10. Don't really know about the Cricket rules but matching puzzles are always good! The added bonus of the visual each time I won was amazing! Great game.
  11. Really simple fun little game. Gets more intense the more baskets there are! Love the concept too, great game.
  12. This is a really great post, spectacular detail and cover so many great points to help others too. Used the android debugger before, it's good. I personally try to make it 'perfect' on desktop first then usually mobile is easier to figure out. Might have to take a few tips from your dev methods. The game itself is great went quite the distance with a few archers.. Get's tough toward the end. I'd like an end of level bonus type thing too.. Need more cash haha.
  13. Beautifully polished.. Didn't manage to find anyone to play against.. Maybe some kind of lobby to let people know when others are on? Connected once but other play quit straight away. Great idea though! Very very nice game.
  14. This is amazing. I love that share a link idea.. It's really good fun!
  15. This is a really fun and simple game. I like it! Want to see a more rewarding animation when the circles are killed though.. Smash into bits and fall off screen kind of win haha. But the animations, transitions and everything are really smooth. Clean game with a nice finish. How long was the development time on this??