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  1. I like it.. I think there should be more points for hitting the moles that only appear for a shorter period of time and maybe a bouns mole that gives extra points. And a few sparkles would be nice stars and other emitters are such a feel good addition, but they make a huge difference in satisfaction!
  2. OK, I'm not a genius by any means but your here in this post made me understand what the object was.. Why not use the same clear description in-game too haha, that was player will understand better. And also, perhaps use a video to show how the puzzle can be solved, or a step by step tutorial, because it's really difficult to understand. I think the idea is great, just need to hold our hands through the process of learning it, and maybe put a lovely background image in too while you're at it Keep it going!
  3. Either I really suck at shooting, or they've got the Golden Goalie in front of that net.. I love the angles, power and how it all affects the shot. Just isn't easy to score at all!
  4. 687K This was really good, so smooth! Loved it, great game! My programming knowledge got me alot of extra balls, would have been even more if I could read the questions haha
  5. These were really the perfect difficulty from the offset to keep me thinking the whole game! Well made and really great puzzle designs, great work.
  6. Really well made. Liked it alot, just couldn't get far enough! Not enough potions to take me all the way
  7. This is really fun! Can't break past 20 because I'm not that good but love the game!!
  8. Things make a little more sense now. Would like to read the article about the conception and Phaser 1 wherever it is too. I think naming generally follows simple rules: if it is expected to be the same as Phaser, name it Phaser. If it's expected to be very different, name it Lazer. Since it's going to be so different, it can't really share the same name. Thanks for all the hard work though!!!
  9. Love the styling. Feels really nice and polished!
  10. Yea same. It's not overly difficult or long, so it's quick to go through. Only takes a little skill and learning to go through the levels. But I really enjoy the fun factor, reminds me of Lagos, except the roads the roads in the game were too clear, too clean and too empty. Hahah, the real roads are 20x busier. Ah, and no Hawkers??
  11. Got it, played it. I love the authentic feel to it. The first level is a little fast though, maybe slow it down. The style is really good. I like the sound effects, the accent and speech is perfect! He said, you de craze when I bumped him, I was looking for my horn to beep him and tell him Look at you, look at your head. Good work, keep it going.
  12. Not thrilled about the design decision the page is bright red. It not easy on the eyes, but I love the font you've used for the instructions below. That feels very 'History' to me. Game did take quite a while to load. Not sure if that's some you can fix or look at. Or perhaps have a beautiful picture, scene or historical event in the background, maybe a text passage on the game screen? Something to take my mind off the game loading. But keep the colour loading text. That's a really cool feature. Game didn't ever load for me. Will try again later though, looks interesting.
  13. I didn't know I wasn't meant to hit the red one!!! Ahh didn't read the instructions properly haha. I like games like this. Putting my mouse through the works. Great style and finish, feels really nice. Can't think of anything I'd change, but maybe adding a few bonuses, like bomb to kill all etc. would be fun. Power ups always add a nice dynamic.
  14. Hahahaha the wicked witch in the background! Pure genius, I loved that! I don't know who's damn dog it is, but their owner is gonna be in some serious trouble. Enjoyed the game. Has a really clean finish to it. Good work.
  15. This is really fun. Love the perspective I'd say it's too easy, but then I'm probably just that good haha It does get a little repetitive after a few thousand points. There needs to be some change of pace in the game. And the way the items appear is a little far down the screen. Try to get them to appear at the top of the road and come down. Maybe fiddle with the alpha and the initial size. It's a really nice effect. Same with the background elements on the side, try to work on the tween too. The road tiles are good, but it's easier on the eyes if you make them into tall rectangles; our eyes can follow the motion better. Also, adding a shadow beneath the food and bombs makes it easier to gauge when to move to dodge and collect. The other suggestion would be to give him a jump Overall, it wraps together so nice and clean I really like it. The art is good! The game is fun, lot's of potential here.