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  1. [Construct 2] Basket Slam Dunk

    Love the concept but the game is really hard to get the hang on. Maybe just seeing a tutorial, or how to time it would be a great help
  2. Really started struggling when those left to right guys came swooping in, but really enjoyed the game. Simple and fun!
  3. [Phaser] Lost in Jungle

    This is a really good strategy game, only lasted a day or two but it's great!!!
  4. [Phaser] Football juggle

    I can't seem to see the edge of the screen, it's cut off. So that when the ball goes out the edge it's impossible to keep up.
  5. Loading times feedback

    Brilliant.i Best online dominoes I've played yet. Only error I found was holding a stick in my hand and dragging it around the table moves everything around
  6. [Pixi]

    It's a good concept once you get the hang of it. Wasn't sure what was going on at first but as soon as you see other players, you catch on pretty fast. How did you make it run so smooth? I've got a very slow connection right now but there was no lag at all
  7. A game I made for a client

    Great! Don't need to speak the language or go through instructions. Just jumped in and enjoyed the game!!
  8. [WIP][Phaser] Dreams vs Nightmares

    This is a really fun game, great difficulty incline too, got into it really easily. Great work
  9. A.I Egg

    Nope, not your browser. I don't think I uploaded the version with sounds! Thanks for pointing it out, will be making a few changes soon anyway.
  10. Kickin' It : with freestyle masters

    Bad in life, bad in the game haha.. This is really great work though, couldn't stop hitting that replay button!!
  11. [Phaser] Copter Rescue

    Nice little game here.. Would be nice if you add support to press space or enter to go to next level for complete keyboard play too.
  12. Welcome To Cat World

    It's got so many outcomes and levels, really enjoyed going through to see what all the options give.
  13. [Phaser] Paragliding game

    Perhaps make the instructions a little easier to understand, but the game was quite simple and easy. Are there any obstacles that appear? Looking forward to seeing this progress..
  14. Awesome basebuilder created by Supercell

    Game looks awesome and plays really smooth, Couldn't run a test without being signed up though which isn't the best..
  15. One Leaf After Another - by Shadownat3

    Played smooth for me and I quite enjoyed interacting with everything, you've put good humour into the game, it's fun to see what they all say..