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  1. It's quite difficult to win, especially in the beginning, and it's tough to see the track ahead so I don't know how to predict which lane I need to be in for the coming corners.. Maybe a mini map? Been stuck on level 1 for a while haha, finally won by staying just ahead of the computer and exploiting an oil spill that they had to go into.
  2. A little difficult to understand and the tutorial was too quick so I kind of missed what to do but with a little guess work I was feeding customers like crazy! haha. Fun game and good concept. I think you need to work out the amount of time it takes to fill in the sack because right now seems impossible to actually feed everyone? And perhaps add a little time to the monsters heads so you know who to feed first or how long they will stay.
  3. This was actually fun! I need to play it on mobile, probably easier with fingers than the mouse.
  4. I remember playing this! alot of fun. I really like it. You've got a bug in there, when you click restart it continues from the last score. I'd say different vehicles chasing with different speeds would be good and maybe some effects or hand break turns in there.. Always like to slide around. And some kind of indicator where the next vehicle is coming in from. Would be nice to have a stars rating depending on how good you do, and maybe some obstacles on the map? A mini map if you make it bigger and add obstacles would do well.
  5. Haha, always good to see a non bias political agenda game we need more of these! I agree with making Corbyn more powerful though, just make it easier.
  6. I like the work colleagues. Press down to listen..
  7. Definitely a good idea for a multiplayer game! How many players max will be in a single room? I think, a small change to improve the feel would be to add a slight delay after the player has died for them to take in what happened and how they died. Sometimes it's a little abrupt. And perhaps when the enemies appear, add a small animation or effect to show where they are going to appear, so if you are in the spawn location you have time to move.
  8. Looks Great. Love the animation of the ball appearing. Some really good tweens and effects! How did you do the chain?? I want to put this into my b-ball game too, just didn't have the time to look it up. Great work.
  9. These were really fun. I like this kind of game. A little sound would add a big difference. For the Messy house game, I would say to add a black bar at the top of the screen as well, if you have one at the bottom. Just because it felt like it had been cut off when I started looking for things maybe that's just me.
  10. I love the sound it makes when you get it good or excellent. It's really rewarding! I want to use that sound.. It's amazing. Also, I love how it shaves off a little bit every time you're off, that's a great idea. Perhaps if you get (n) good/excellent in a row give a little bit back to the width, that way the player can extend the height record distance and be rewarded for being skilled. Also, if you get (n) correct in a row, do another sound or something to show. And the effect of the power ups should be written or shown or explained, as I can't figure out what is what from the icon, and I don't want to spend my hard earned coins on something I don't know the effect of. I'm hoping for a 'slow down' power up
  11. Died from a dangerous nutrition style haha I like it. I ended up playing just trying to hack the system by overloading with one type then balancing with the other later, but the health bar stops that from happening. Great game. Nice work!
  12. The file links do not work. May be easier to copy and paste the code in. The error means that whatever you have before state does not exist. So you could be calling this or game where it hasn't been initialised yet. I.e. game.state <- Here, it is saying that the game object does not exist. To debug it, try to create the game object first before you try to add state. Then console.log the game object to see if it's been created. It could just be that the libraries haven't been loaded yet.
  13. Hahah took me a while to realise it's a math thing going on! Great graphics and a lovely pace, maybe a little more indication or tutorial.
  14. Just released the first major update! It's on Kongregate, same link. Take a look and let me know what you think And the new YouTube trailer:
  15. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Add a little more info, and an example if you have one. It's likely you could implement something like this yourself.