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  1. Turning is a bit blocky so that when I was trying to get the exact angle to shoot someone I couldn't line up with the properly. That b*7&s@!d with the big hair killed me! I want revenge. I think it's definitely good. Maybe smooth the player movement a little.
  2. SNice! Short and simple, I really enjoyed it. Sometimes the mechanics felt a little stiff or slow but was a brilliant concept. I hope you keep the project and later add more levels. Brilliant! How did you do the zoom out at the end? I want to copy that code..
  3. ... I could have just did this from the start.. Wouldn't even have taken me any time. Hahaha, you just saved me alot of time from my complete tutorial. May just have to take a few mins to roll up a few minor additions and update it all. Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciated
  4. Just a quick and small project, hopefully enjoyable. MTS Dunker - Take the Basketballs and slam them into the net. Click or tap on the ball, and drag it into the net. Simple as that. Had some feedback for the tutorial to show it in full, rather than use the arrow, so will eventually put that in. And to add some special dunking patterns etc. Didn't plan to give it an update but will do if it's loved enough just like every other project... Play it here (Mobile Friendly) - Umz Games Play it here (Mouse Only) - Kongregate All feedback is appreciated, and suggestions are usually written down and filed so when an update does eventually happen, your suggestion is put to use. Thank You. If you don't have time, or can't be bothered to leave a comment, hit the like button (if you like it), Thanks!
  5. Really liked it, I think it's a brilliant concept, I want to do something like this
  6. This is very fun! Once I got the hang of it, enjoyed this so much!
  7. After playing this game repeatedly over a couple of days (because it's so fun ) I want to make a suggestion. I assume you've already made plans for leaderboards or shop etc. something to use the coins for, if not, that's the first. Otherwise, sometimes I lose track of the mouse, so maybe hide the cursor and use a big blocky one in the game. Or highlight the current block the mouse is over.
  8. This is going to be major
  9. I like it.. I think there should be more points for hitting the moles that only appear for a shorter period of time and maybe a bouns mole that gives extra points. And a few sparkles would be nice stars and other emitters are such a feel good addition, but they make a huge difference in satisfaction!
  10. OK, I'm not a genius by any means but your here in this post made me understand what the object was.. Why not use the same clear description in-game too haha, that was player will understand better. And also, perhaps use a video to show how the puzzle can be solved, or a step by step tutorial, because it's really difficult to understand. I think the idea is great, just need to hold our hands through the process of learning it, and maybe put a lovely background image in too while you're at it Keep it going!
  11. Either I really suck at shooting, or they've got the Golden Goalie in front of that net.. I love the angles, power and how it all affects the shot. Just isn't easy to score at all!
  12. 687K This was really good, so smooth! Loved it, great game! My programming knowledge got me alot of extra balls, would have been even more if I could read the questions haha
  13. These were really the perfect difficulty from the offset to keep me thinking the whole game! Well made and really great puzzle designs, great work.
  14. Really well made. Liked it alot, just couldn't get far enough! Not enough potions to take me all the way
  15. This is really fun! Can't break past 20 because I'm not that good but love the game!!