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  1. Hostile Shapes - Classic Arcade

    With the HUD It's not so much the lack of words. It just doesn't stand out enough, so I'm not associating an action with something on the HUD. You could use symbols beside the words or HS etc. but it still needs to stand out from the background. Maybe put it in a box, or make the font bold with a stroke, or place them all together. Just something that really makes it stick out, that way I'll know which action makes which HUD element change, to begin with because it's more noticeable. Then, it just needs to be clear, what each number represents. Because I just see 3 numbers, changing at random it seems.
  2. Hostile Shapes - Classic Arcade

    It's a good game. I like the style alot. I'd suggest some improvements to the HUD, make the points etc. clearer.. I don't really know what I'm seeing there or meant to be seeing. Maybe a quick tutorial or info on what the icons are.. And perhaps some sort of progression monitor so I know where I'm trying to get or have some targets to hit.
  3. Dreckon - Shoot 'em up game

    The game is great, classic shoot-em up style and a perfect difficulty curve. Really well made, really enjoyed this. And the performance is brilliant!!! Probably just this as a suggestion, maybe rockets rather than lasers though. And perhaps do a little more with the background just for visual effect, clouds, mist or ships, etc. Just to liven it up.
  4. Boomerang Chang, now in HTML5

    Brilliant idea for a game. Nice simple and a fresh use of a simple tap system. This is great work. LibGDX is a great engine too, thought it stopped being supported a while ago.
  5. Crypt Of Nightmares - The Haunted Ruins

    Awesome game. I did terribly at first haha, but it's quite forgiving so I got up to speed eventually!
  6. Starship

    That's a really great way to create a star field, it's well thought out. Great work here.
  7. Blob'n Pop - Funny Casual Game

    Hi, I got this error on Chrome, Windows 10 Uncaught TypeError: this.ctx.getTargetScore is not a function at LevelIntro.create (LevelIntro.js:1) at new LevelIntro (LevelIntro.js:1) at initialize.TutorialScene.create (tutorial.js:1) at initialize.create (phaser.min.js:1) at initialize.bootScene (phaser.min.js:1) at initialize.start (phaser.min.js:1) at initialize.start (phaser.min.js:1) at initialize.MenuScene.goTutorial (menu.js:1) at initialize.MenuScene.clickPlay (menu.js:1) at initialize.<anonymous> (Helper.js:1)
  8. Fun little games made with this engine, really nice work
  9. Bubble

    Nice and fluid, love the animations. Only suggestions is perhaps change the graphics for the bar at the top of the bubble and maybe a pattern or texture background too. Nice little play here.
  10. Dithered tileset. How to interlace them?

    Yes, they involve modifying the tilesheet. I think your second option is better, you can implement it used Bitmapdata: Haven't used Phaser 3 much yet, so not sure if the functionality is the same, but look around and give it a try. You can draw to Bitmapdata and create sprites from what you draw.
  11. Brilliant game, absolutely love the graphics and movement. The tutorial is great but still a little cloudy on the damage and fixing the ship. Takes a bit of playing to get used to but all in all a definite success. Hoping to see this get popular and grow! Great work.
  12. [WIP] Jewel Matching Game

    Ahaaa, OK, I'm trying to make rows of colours or shapes! I had no idea that's probably my lack of insight there. Because there was no swapping animation, I assumed the two colours I picked somehow cancelled each other out. That coupled with the instruction to swap a star with a pentagon, I was left thinking it was something to do with polygon multiplications or colour fusions.. I get it now.
  13. Dithered tileset. How to interlace them?

    I don't think there is a setting for that either, but you can try to hack it by making the left tiles 1px bigger on the right side, and the furthest right tile 1px smaller. That should in theory just create an overlap to get your desired effect.
  14. Just like Age of Empires. Amazing effort and great result. This is a winner, hope to see this grow and improve. Need one like this!!!
  15. [WIP] Jewel Matching Game

    Exactly this.. Everything seems to work fine but completely confused about the way to play..