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  1. Seems there's still no fix for this. Not sure why exactly. Haven't got a response on the issue yet, but been through the documentation and there's no method to move the tilemap body at all. Should be possible manually, just haven't tried it yet. But, a quick fix workaround if you're using SHOW_ALL for fixed with display, is just to add extra space in the actual Tilemap file. Theoretically, another 2 options to test are: Offset the physics bodies by the amount the tilemap layer is offset. Manually move the tilemap physics body
  2. Math Addict

    This is great but I think run a quick function to be sure that the sum is achievable for each round. Towards the end I ran out of numbers and making the number was impossible. Edit: Here's what I mean
  3. A.I Egg

    So, just a little project created while building a few functions and stuff I'll need for later projects. Turned out pretty good for what I wanted, but later I'll go back to improve a few more things. A bit too plain right now, but gets the job done. Play in the browser, mobile or desktop:
  4. A Sliding Thing

    This game is brilliant! Love the puzzles, and sounds.

    Maybe a mini map to deal with the players meeting each other issue. But definitely need a bigger map if there are lots of players. Also, didn't get to play with anyone, but enjoyed somewhat just slashing balls. Maybe make more variations in sizes so I can pop really big ones, etc.
  6. Knight Of Magic

    This is a great game!!!! The second boss was ridiculously hard but I did alot of levelling. Not sure how to use the Special Attack though?? Haha! Press the number buttons, great! 1 - Fire Attack (best) 2 - Axe attack 3 - Healing
  7. [WIP][Phaser] Fruit Spritzer

    ooh I really love the feel of this one. The bouncing and the speed makes it much more immersive! This is a really good game!!! Only thing I'd add is showing your score at the end of the round when it says game over, and auto showing the high scores screen after you enter name. And with the highscores, if you use the same name, it overwrites all your scores from before and gives multiple positions in the table. Look at me haha, 3, 4 and 5 , even though I did earn those, 17K x2 and 18k!
  8. Pymp - A colorful, fast-paced arcade game

    Really fun game! Gave a good 5 Stars on Kong too, enjoyed this one alot. Is it possible to add lanes for an easy mode? So I know what's coming in to where haha
  9. Picking Flowers- The relaxing arcade game

    Really nice game! I love the idea of being held with a small space to play, that's really innovative thinking. I like how intense it gets the more flowers I collect, but I think the holes should disappear after a little while! And maybe a bunny or two running across the screen sometimes.. On the loading screen, could you add a rotating flower, or just plain flower image? And maybe make the background a darker or lighter colour haha. The screen just seemed a bit off from the game. And to restart, is it possible to add space or enter to restart so I don't need to touch the mouse again. Just makes more immersive. Great work!
  10. [Phaser] Pendulum

    Nice game, got stuck on level 3 though with no way to move to another level. The game is lacking progression though. There's no level counter, or stars or menu. It's fun to play but lacks depth because it's just level after level. I'd say initially, add a menu, pause button with menu options (restart, home, skip level, etc.) just so if a level is too hard the player can always restart.
  11. Good to hear. Yea, EU gets a good amount of players so never X us out I been doing much better at the game now too haha, understand the increase of speeds and levelling etc. For the bars, you could use a slight gradient, usually comes off a little nicer, and add slight shadows to the text to make them stand out more. And check out too. They've got quite a few graphics, can save yourself some time.
  12. Ping is 22 - 25 from the home. I see the instructions now! Didn't notice before. Maybe make the font white so it stands out more. Or colour the whole column. It blends in too well right now. Where did you get the graphics for the game?
  13. [Phaser] Power The Blocks

    It's really well made, I enjoyed it. Would be good to implement a star rating system in this type of game.
  14. My "Hello World" game :)

    This is hundreds of times better than the first I did really good finish here. I'd say there's a few minor tweaks you could add in here to make a some aesthetics improvements too. Have the incoming buttons pulsing, and maybe he could open his eyes each time a letter hits. It's a great start, don't forget to make tiny updates as your skills improve.
  15. Hyperactive Soccer

    Fast paced! I love the auto switching character function, it's really accurate and comes in just at the right time!! I sucked at the game but it was still great haha