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  1. Thanks Dal, Is there any link or documentation that i can refer to get more idea about splitting areas as you said? i have very less idea about it.
  2. Thanks for the reply Gryff. Previously i tried using a camera inside the model. but it was very very slow while moving around, it had around 6 million vertices and fps was not impressive. The model i used was a 1 floored house with basic interiors. No idea why it was that laggy. Any views on this ?
  3. Guys the scene is totally dark after i imported house.babylon file from 3ds max(the 3dsmax model dosen't have camera in it). It loads the model without any error, but nothing is visible on screen and its draker. I have made sure the hemispheric lights are available. Please let me know where i went wrong. dark.txt
  4. Hey minhhuy, Need some help in using 3d model house in babylonjs, please help.

  5. Guys, I tried doing this 1. pasted (.dlls) to bin/assemblies from babylon exporter 2. made sure i have unblocked before unzip 3. Then tried to launch 3ds max. though Babylon option is visible in 3ds max toolbar (at top) it throws up this error after clicking on it. I run 3ds max 2013. please help System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ExtensionAttribute' from assembly 'mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'. at System.ModuleHandle.ResolveMethod(RuntimeModule module, Int32 methodToken, IntPtr* typeInstArgs, Int32 typeInstCount, IntPtr* methodInstArgs, Int32 methodInstCount) at System.ModuleHandle.ResolveMethodHandleInternalCore(RuntimeModule module, Int32 methodToken, IntPtr[] typeInstantiationContext, Int32 typeInstCount, IntPtr[] methodInstantiationContext, Int32 methodInstCount) at System.ModuleHandle.ResolveMethodHandleInternal(RuntimeModule module, Int32 methodToken, RuntimeTypeHandle[] typeInstantiationContext, RuntimeTypeHandle[] methodInstantiationContext) at System.Reflection.CustomAttributeData..ctor(RuntimeModule scope, CustomAttributeRecord caRecord) at System.Reflection.CustomAttributeData.GetCustomAttributes(RuntimeModule module, Int32 tkTarget) at System.Reflection.CustomAttributeData.GetCustomAttributesInternal(RuntimeAssembly target) at System.Resources.ManifestBasedResourceGroveler.GetNeutralResourcesLanguage(Assembly a, UltimateResourceFallbackLocation& fallbackLocation) at System.Resources.ResourceManager.CommonSatelliteAssemblyInit() at System.Resources.ResourceManager..ctor(Type resourceSource) at System.ComponentModel.ComponentResourceManager..ctor(Type t) at Max2Babylon.ExporterForm.InitializeComponent() at Max2Babylon.ExporterForm..ctor(BabylonExportActionItem babylonExportAction) at Max2Babylon.BabylonExportActionItem.ExecuteAction() at Autodesk.Max.Wrappers.ManagedWrapperActionItem.ExecuteAction(ManagedWrapperActionItem* )
  6. Guys have a situation here, Just let me know where should i copy the babylonjs export files in 3ds max. 1. should i copy paste only the 5 (.dlls) from babylon exporter to 3dsmax assemblies folder ? 2. Or should i extract entire babylon zip into 3ds max assemblies Please let me know. Thanks in advance.