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  1. Hi, I've spent the past 2 days stuck on something that should be very simple. I have a sprite representing a ship. I add 10 sprites as child using addChild around the ship. I want to detect an overlap between any of the child sprite and the asteroids. Here is the code used to create the ship: this.player = this.game.add.sprite(this.options.position.x, this.options.position.y, this.options.sprite); this.player.anchor.set(0.5); this.player.enableBody = true; this.game.physics.enable(this.player); Then here is how I add the "sensors" around the ship: var sensors = scope.game.add.physicsGroup(); for (i=0;i<=9;i++) { var x = (r*Math.cos(360/n*i*Math.PI/180))-(this.player.body.width/4); var y = (r*Math.sin(360/n*i*Math.PI/180))-(this.player.body.height/4); var sensor = sensors.create(x, y, 'ship-sensor'); sensor.name = 'sensor-'+i; this.game.physics.enable(sensor); this.sensors.push(sensor); } this.player.addChild(sensors); Finally, here is how the asteroids are created: this.asteroids = this.game.add.physicsGroup(); for (i=0;i<20;i++) { var asteroid = this.asteroids.create(rand_x, rand_y, 'asteroid'); asteroid.body.immovable = true; asteroid.name = 'asteroid-'+i; asteroid.body.mass = -100; } On my update() function, I have: this.game.physics.arcade.overlap(this.sensors, this.asteroids, function(sensor, asteroid) { console.log("> ", sensor, asteroid ); }, null, this); My goal is to detect an overlap between any of the "sensors" and the asteroids so that I can feed that to a neural network to have a ship that learns to navigate on its own. I tried with Arcade physics, I tried with P2 physics, and I'm about to give up and move on to another game engine at this point... Anybody has a solution to that simple problem?
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    Groups and children of groups?

    How do you do that? I can't make it work?