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  1. Hi, This isn't much of a game, but it still belongs here. Because it's interactive and uses many features of PHASER features i think it's ok to post. (a big fat "thank you" at phaser, by the way ). As a (more a less) finished generative arts project it has a playful feel to it. The app creates a never ending stream of rhythmically moving ornaments. Taping ENTER or Clicking to the beat of a song will align the movements to that beat.
  2. Tweens for some reason play at extremely different speed in different browsers - i can't track down why. Anybody having the same problem? I developed in chrome, but when switching to a different browser the tween-speed suddenly more than doubles - it's not a performance increase. For some reason the browsers seem to have different time-speed. Even more odd: The speed increase in different browsers varies from computer to computer - on my desktop Chrome is the too-fast-one and Firefox suddenly works out fine. resolved... its some webgl - canvas -renderer issue, setting frame rate manually + the line below solves it. game.tweens.frameBased = true;