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  1. Thanks for the help guys
  2. Yes, I completely agree with your last paragraph, but the thing is that the client wants "to be cool" and wants to let the users play the game with their own smartphone, they say it´s a really good marketing strategy blah blah blah... Also, the game is gonna be pretty basic, a basic racing car game and the smartphone is just to increase/decrease speed, I don´t even need a really fast answer (yes, anyway, the faster the better, obviously) It would me much easier to play with a regular pad, a touchscreen or a keyboard but this thing, just to let the player to use they own phone I agree is nice, it makes an easy game something better... I´m just a little bit worried about the best way to implement that.
  3. Sorry the noob question here, but, what do you mean? I´d need a REST API?
  4. Hi there, a new client wants to make a html game (pretty basic racing game) on desktop browser but using a mobile device (on the same wifi?) as a pad to drive your car... Anyone with experience in something like this? Any way to sync that?
  5. Tom Atom, I fixed the xml thing yesterday, in a weird way (loading plain text and parsing it later as xml) but it´s working now so I´m not gonna touch that Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks @Milton, not crashing now! (I want to delete this picture but I can´t, no worries about this :D)
  7. Hi there @UncleAcid, I have lots of tinted items and I don´t know wich one is causing the error, but I know that the error is in that line so I guess it´s for sure it´s about a tinted object I uploaded a basic example to, you´ll see it works fine on Chrome/FF and it chrashes on IE Still trying to figure out how ti fix it... maybe I should forget about tinting objects and just uses diferent bitmapFonts and sprites textures... but at the same time, I´m so fucking curious about where the bug is...
  8. Thanks mate, let me know if you find something... struggling with it the last couple days and no progress at all
  9. I uploaded a basic example here With Chrome/FF the game works fine but with IE you´ll see it crashes just a few seconds after it begins...
  10. The problems are online, but I can´t make the game "public" so I can show the link only to someone willing to help. I wish I could post the link to everyone but I can´t
  11. I finished my game but now that I checked on IE I just realised I have a few issues (that don´t exist on Chrome/FF) to fix... The first thing is with an XML where I load content for the game, this is working perfectly on Chrome/FF but not on IE and I guess (but not sure at all) it´s a security issue. The thing is that this code works on Chrome/FF but it´s not working on IE, can anyone tell me why? I´m getting the right xmlDocument on Chrome/FF and null on IE'xmlQuestions', 'assets/questions/questions.xml'); this.questions ='xmlQuestions'); var parser = new DOMParser(); this.questions = parser.parseFromString(this.questions, "application/xml"); console.log("################################") console.log(this.questions) console.log("################################") I´m also having a problem with this error: SCRIPT5022: IndexSizeError Tracking down the error to phaser.js I see the error is in this line: renderSession.context.drawImage(this.tintedTexture, 0, 0, cw, ch, dx, dy, cw / resolution, ch / resolution); If I comment that line I don´t have the tinted elements of the game but it works, but obviously I need those items so I need to fix this too (this is working on Chrome/FF perfectly too) As this stuff is killing me and I´m not being able to fix those two things, I´m willing to pay YOU if you help me to fix these things, just as I´m making this game almost for free, please DM me before with your budget and if we´re OK I´ll give you whatever you need.
  12. @UncleAcid still hapenning to me with Phaser CE 2.7.3, that´s the last version, right? Checking the not minified version, I find the error in this line, but not being able to fix it
  13. Sorry for asking this guys, but can I edit this on phaser.min.js? Or well, how can I fix this? I have my biggest game finished and it´s not working on IE because of this...
  14. Anyone solved this?
  15. Not sure but like a couple of days, then the pain in the ass is to make it suitable for the Apple guys