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  1. Check your inbox messages @Milton
  2. I thought I´d be an easier way to do it... anyway, for my game I think I´m gonna be able to use hero.body.checkCollision.up = false... I still don´t get why tilesArray[i].collideDown=false is not working as I was expecting.
  3. Hi, I have this basic platform game and I would like the hero to jump through the platforms, from underneath to the top of the platform, but I´m not being able to do that and the head of the hero collides with the bottom of the platform even when I set the collideDown of that tile (actually, to all the tiles of that layer) to false. What am I missing? this.platformsLayer ="platforms"),50, true, "platforms") var tilesArray = this.platformsLayer.getTiles(0,0,, for(var i=0;i<tilesArray.length;i++){ tilesArray[i].collideDown=false tilesArray[i].setCollision(true, true, true, false) console.log("All set to false") }
  4. Hi there, I have a Phaser game almost finished and my client wants to make a "special" version to play in desktop with a phone synced to use it as a controller (check the provided link to see what I´m talking about). I need someone to make this part, only the sync part. The game is almost finished and I just need someone to make the sync part, I mean, I just need someone able to comunicate a phone with the desktop game. I never did this before and I prefer if someone with more experience with this makes it. So, if you´re interested, DM me and we´ll talk about it. You can make it remotely, naked, drunk... whatever you want if it works properly.
  5. totallybueno

    How to apply an "impulse" to an object

    Awesome, that fixed the problem! What´s the difference between those two calls? Well, I´m gonna check the docs, I guess I´ll find info there Thanks for helping me with this!
  6. totallybueno

    How to apply an "impulse" to an object

    Hi there, I´m a bit confused about some core concepts with Arcade Physics... I´ll try to explain it because actually it´s a little bit confusing even to understand what´s going on. The thing is that I have a game where the main character is falling like if he jumps from the top of a building and when I init that sprite, I just apply a gravity to him this.prota.body.gravity.y = 700 Then, on both sides of the game I have some mushrooms and some black-weird-plant-arms and when you hit them, I want the player to receive like an impulse, I mean, I want the player to "be launched like a rocket" and I make this with a callback of a collide() in the update() of the game //in the update() this.physics.arcade.collide(this.prota, this.grupoSetas, null, this.reboteSeta, this) //and the callback reboteSeta:function(prota, seta){ //some code this.prota.body.acceleration.y = 0; this.prota.body.acceleration.x = 0; this.prota.body.velocity.y = -1000; this.prota.body.velocity.x = this.rnd.between(-1000, 1000); //some other code }, The problem I have, is that the first time the player hits the mushroom, he rebounds only a little bit and then the rest of the times he rebounds properly and I´m really confused about this, I don´t know why this is hapenning... Can anyone let me know what and why this is hapenning? You can test it here
  7. totallybueno

    Best practice for pause/unpause on canvas focus/blur?

    I don´t have any problem pausing the game, that´s ok, the problem I have (not really related with Phaser) is how to deal with the canvas when it loses/gains focus...
  8. Hi there, everytime I have to make a game that pauses when the canvas loses the focus (jquery blur()) I struggle with lines and lines of stupid lines of javascript and I´m pretty sure there´s something simpler than my way to do that. I have a normal sprite on the game that pauses/unpauses the game, and I would like to do exactly the same when the canvas focus/blur... how do you guys handle this?
  9. totallybueno

    Poor performance on iOS devices (60fps Android vs 15 fps iOS)

    I guess if they´re not renderable I´ll have less cpu/ram needed, right? Thanks for the tip @samme
  10. totallybueno

    Poor performance on iOS devices (60fps Android vs 15 fps iOS)

    I just uploaded a demo to When I create the game, that tag is Phaser.AUTO, I tried with Phaser.WEBGL too but I have the same result... so fustrating... And it seems with Phaser.CANVAS that performance is really good, thanks for the tip @totor. I´m just curious, if someone can explain here why this happens, would be really nice... anyway, it´s working
  11. Hi there, I have a "more o less basic" game and now that is almost finished, I realized that the performance on iOS is ridiculously bad. Running the game on old Android devices I get easyly 60 fps, everything runs smoothly, but the same game, running on an iPhone 7 (and obviusly on older devices) it´s gettting 15 fps, being and easy game on a much more powerfull device (good one, Apple). The thing is, I read that maybe tilesprites (I´m using one) could "help" to this poor performance, but this is not the case, even without that tilesprite I´m still getting 15 fps... Can anyone point to things to check? Stuff that affects only iOS? I´m not finding how to fix this...
  12. Should these two items circled botton left (they´re in the same group) fire that onOverlap function? They´re not firing it... I don´t know if it´s because of the body size (not the whole sprite as you can see with the render rectangle) of because I can´t check group vs group this way...
  13. Is there a way to determine the actual objects overlapping instead of the group? I mean, in the callback function, I´d like to know which two items are overlapping to destroy one of them as if I thing1.destroy() I destroy de whole group, or do I need to loop inside the callback to check the items overlapping?
  14. Hi there, I have two groups, each one with 50 item placed randomly in the stage. I need to check if any of the items of group1 overlaps with any of the items of group2 (and then, destroy it) but I´m doing something wrong as all the elements of group 2 are being destroyed, it´s like is checking object1 with the whole group2... how can I check items by item? I have this code (not working properly) function checkOverlaps(group1, group2){ group1.forEachAlive(function(obj1){ group2.forEachAlive(function(obj2){ var boundsA = obj1.getBounds(); var boundsB = obj2.getBounds(); if(Phaser.Rectangle.intersects(boundsA, boundsB)){ obj2.destroy(); } }, this) }, this) },
  15. totallybueno

    How can I apply arcade.body.bounce to a immovable objetc?

    @samme thanks, that´s what I needed! The bounce is now working properly, even with a bouce.y = 1 I can see a tiny tiny movement, I guess something else is affecting this, but anyway, the platform thing is working and with a player.body.velocity.y =-500 y can make that rebound effect... so, fixed, thanks for your help