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  1. Tom Atom, I fixed the xml thing yesterday, in a weird way (loading plain text and parsing it later as xml) but it´s working now so I´m not gonna touch that Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks @Milton, not crashing now! (I want to delete this picture but I can´t, no worries about this :D)
  3. Hi there @UncleAcid, I have lots of tinted items and I don´t know wich one is causing the error, but I know that the error is in that line so I guess it´s for sure it´s about a tinted object I uploaded a basic example to, you´ll see it works fine on Chrome/FF and it chrashes on IE Still trying to figure out how ti fix it... maybe I should forget about tinting objects and just uses diferent bitmapFonts and sprites textures... but at the same time, I´m so fucking curious about where the bug is...
  4. Thanks mate, let me know if you find something... struggling with it the last couple days and no progress at all
  5. I uploaded a basic example here With Chrome/FF the game works fine but with IE you´ll see it crashes just a few seconds after it begins...
  6. The problems are online, but I can´t make the game "public" so I can show the link only to someone willing to help. I wish I could post the link to everyone but I can´t
  7. I finished my game but now that I checked on IE I just realised I have a few issues (that don´t exist on Chrome/FF) to fix... The first thing is with an XML where I load content for the game, this is working perfectly on Chrome/FF but not on IE and I guess (but not sure at all) it´s a security issue. The thing is that this code works on Chrome/FF but it´s not working on IE, can anyone tell me why? I´m getting the right xmlDocument on Chrome/FF and null on IE'xmlQuestions', 'assets/questions/questions.xml'); this.questions ='xmlQuestions'); var parser = new DOMParser(); this.questions = parser.parseFromString(this.questions, "application/xml"); console.log("################################") console.log(this.questions) console.log("################################") I´m also having a problem with this error: SCRIPT5022: IndexSizeError Tracking down the error to phaser.js I see the error is in this line: renderSession.context.drawImage(this.tintedTexture, 0, 0, cw, ch, dx, dy, cw / resolution, ch / resolution); If I comment that line I don´t have the tinted elements of the game but it works, but obviously I need those items so I need to fix this too (this is working on Chrome/FF perfectly too) As this stuff is killing me and I´m not being able to fix those two things, I´m willing to pay YOU if you help me to fix these things, just as I´m making this game almost for free, please DM me before with your budget and if we´re OK I´ll give you whatever you need.
  8. @UncleAcid still hapenning to me with Phaser CE 2.7.3, that´s the last version, right? Checking the not minified version, I find the error in this line, but not being able to fix it
  9. Sorry for asking this guys, but can I edit this on phaser.min.js? Or well, how can I fix this? I have my biggest game finished and it´s not working on IE because of this...
  10. Anyone solved this?
  11. Not sure but like a couple of days, then the pain in the ass is to make it suitable for the Apple guys
  12. Not bad... as a native app I´m using and even with the normal webview (the slowest one) runs smoothly, but I should say the oldest devices I tried it on are a Nexus Galaxy and an iPhone 4, not really really slow...
  13. Got it, I´ll add this for the next update. Thanks.
  14. Never going straight! That´s tooooo easy, mate. Just sliiiiide down the hill P.S. The Yeti thing, maybe for another game but not original at all, I should think about something different, with flames and spikes if possible.
  15. Recently I saw that last year, while I was reading the last Interphase I made a mini game and I didn´t upload it to any place... so I just uploaded to gamejolt and you can give me some feedback The game is basically the one @rich put in Interphase (you should read this if you didn´t) just with a few tweaks and well, me and my gf are the main characters, so it´s pretty cool at least for me Published in Android too, and as usual, waiting for Apple to test/approve it... Gamejolt Android Apple soon...