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  1. Point Cloud SolidParticle performance issues?

    Particles disappearing when you navigate toward them. For not I scaled down my particles to about 3,000 and did a quick room scan. As I move closer to review the particles from different angle the particles disappear and as you move back or sometimes even just rotate they reappear. ?? I am going to create some Playground code to show that if it isn't some obvious issue.
  2. Point Cloud SolidParticle performance issues?

    Maybe you should also consider using the legacy particle system instead I will take a look at billboard mode and the older particle system later today. Thanks.
  3. Hey all you 3D wizards. I am trying to put together points received from a lidar onto the screen to create a giant picture. Kind of like a bump map except with points. I slammed together a quick SolidParticle example that creates spheres (50,000) at a fixed location and on the fly. Just to test. Performance AWFUL. Tried the same thing with planes. Performance much. Since I am going to be collecting this information while moving I was wondering if there is a better way. I might collect as many as 200,000 points. its 16 measured location * X per second (X yet to be determined) collected driving an area of about a block. Here is my sample and commented out is the createsphere.
  4. How do they do it? Point Cloud to Polygon

    The fact it's being done in a cell phone in real-time leaves me speechless.
  5. I am looking to to create a 3D representation of space while driving through. I will have lots of points. My question is how do you generate a mesh or something that can be displayed from that? Is there any code for this kind of thing? I want to do it on the fly like Project Tango. and make something that looks like this. Possible? In short How do they do that? Make lots of fat pixels? Is there a way to make points to polygons? Thats a lot of boxes to generate. Could this be done with Particles? Each particle being a rectangle?
  6. OK creative idea. If you made leaves instead of balls and had a fan blowing how so you get it to push the leaves?
  7. I have no idea what this is but it looks SO COOL
  8. Ideas on how to add an attached rope

    Thanks so much for the idea. It's great
  9. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this? I have part of a crane that is connected with cables. I point to them with blue hand drawn arrows. They are black lines that go up and down. The part pointed to by the yellow arrow is the part that moves up and down. OK so how do you shorten and lengthen that pretend cable? Is there some sort of rubber band thing? Or maybe a tube I can constantly change the end point ? If I create each of the four cables with this TraceRibbon=BABYLON.Mesh.CreateTube("TraceLine",TracePath,1.0,12,null,0,scene,true, BABYLON.Mesh.BILLBOARDMODE_ALL); and alter the end point of the TracePath and call TraceRibbon=BABYLON.Mesh.CreateTube(null,TracePath,1.0,null,null,null,null,null,null,TraceRibbon); is that going to hurt performance? I need to do it to about 200 vehicles.
  10. Canvas2D / Lines2D, update points array?

    I put something into the code to make a line have not been back to that code base for some time. Here I found it. Let me pseudo code it. Every time my position changes or some set interval. If I have no points saved (aka no path) add the point to TracePath Else If I have one point in TracePath add the point to TracePath then TraceRibbon=BABYLON.Mesh.CreateTube("TraceLine",TracePath,1.0,12,null,0,scene,true, BABYLON.Mesh.BILLBOARDMODE_ALL); var mat = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("TraceRibbonMat", scene); mat.alpha = 1.0; mat.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0.0, 0.0, 1.0); mat.backFaceCulling=false; TraceRibbon.material=mat; Else If I have more than 2 points in TracePath add new point to TracePath then TraceRibbon=BABYLON.Mesh.CreateTube(null,TracePath,1.0,null,null,null,null,null,null,TraceRibbon); To KILL it all I make sure the length is > 1 if(TracePath.length>1) TraceRibbon.dispose(); TracePath=[];
  11. BabylonJS/Gear VR

    think about it. You have to turn it into google cardboard to work around it. No USB no head tracking, All things they could feed into the browser and open up a huge 3D webgl game market. But eh..
  12. BabylonJS/Gear VR

    The Gear VR is a pain to work with because of the $ they made it such a closed system.
  13. Suggestions for teaching with Babylon

    This is great news.
  14. I work in placing containers in real space. Its very possible to do what you are looking to do. What is required is translation form the 3D world into actual 2D real world coordinates. You have to start by knowing all the real sizes and setting your scene to be of proper size. Its just a bunch of 2D translation math from there. I am a big fan of using particles when you have a lot of like items. Makes handling them easier. You can scale them to the proper size as needed. Also you can use a single texture with several logos in it A B C D etc. and remap them by offsetting the texture as needed.