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  1. Did I get it right that as long as the game is converted to HTML5 it's fine to post even if it was made with another technology or language?
  2. Yeah, ScummVM is great and so is DOTT. I love other adventures too, but that one with the time thing and multiple character impersonation was really something! And that little cone screenshot when he goes he'll take over the world, both terrifying and funny LOL Yeah I wish I could play it soon too, I had so many others I want to play too but I just have no time, tsk
  3. slack? LOL if that isn't a GREAT avatar, IDK what is!
  4. It helped a bit through my hangover but the game's too short. It would be cool if you made it calculate random =winnable= levels on the fly. I'm sure it'd be tough to figure out but rewarding. This is the kind of game that would benefit from that IMO. Maybe you could base difficulty on no. of sticks or so. I think I'd do that, wash face with flashy colors, music and FX and publish in phone market.
  5. Well, surprise, surprise! As it is, there happens to already exist such channel. I found out while trying kiwi IRC url parameters, and here's the link: I don't know if this is official, though. Edit: it's claimed to be official, but a confimation would help. I guess after all this will be the way...
  6. Well, your post answers both questions very well: Thank you, rich. Sorry for what you're going through and strength to you. AFAICR I'm not one of those who ever got in a fight with TV, but I'm certainly neither going to miss him. May I suggest to register and include a reference to an official IRC channel, maybe on freenode, in the future when things settle down and you have some spare time? Maybe even a link to an external web client such as, so it won't disturb the traffic here nor pose a new risk. The downside would be identity theft or mismatch from the forum, but oh well, you can't have everything. Thank you if so, and again best luck!
  7. @WaywardSpirit You can't have the best of every world. I didn't try GM AFAICR, but I'd assume, for 2D, performance-wise: "Native": GM > (Unity || Phaser) Web: Phaser > GM > Unity In my experience Unity is heavy, resource hungry, slow... That's why I'm comparing it's native performance to Phaser in a wrapper, but I could be very wrong. You just have to decide what you want to do or achieve and plan accordingly. Focus on one goal at a time. You've already stated you'd focus on 2D development for starters; that, for me, rules out Unity altogether. Now, web or desktop/phone? Choose one and stick with it for the meantime. If you want maximum market visibility, you'll go either with web or phone and drop desktop. I don't know if GM can deploy to Android/IOS or how it performs. If it can't or performs badly, then go with Phaser or other js engine and focus on web. Or find an engine that could perform better in phone such as libGDX and focus on phone. From there, you can always move into different technologies as your needs change over time. To a good extent, programming is programming, and engines are engines, and the concepts are going to remain about the same, so there's an inherent common knowledge base to all them, and no knowledge is lost; whatever you'll learn from one could only benefit you for the next one, despite having to learn a different language, or working scheme. Hope you get my point. Now, whatever your game development plans aside, if you want to economize efforts to maximize yield for your career, you'll probably have more opportunities with a js engine coding background (as it has way more applications than just games) than what you'd get by mastering GM. But it's also true that js is easier than C# or Java, and your career would benefit from mastering these. So based on the aforementioned, and given that there's just no good reason not to go for maximum visibility, my opinion is that you should go with either Phaser or some such js engine for web, or libGDX or so for phone. Given that you can both use a wrapper for phaser, for phone and desktop, and libGDX can deploy to web, phone and desktop, it's a matter of testing and comparing their performance in each worst cases, and deciding if you'll focus on mastering js and web technologies or Java. Good luck. And BTW where's the rant? That falls short of my concept of ranting.
  8. Hi, Why was the chat room removed? A few people hang out in there, and while there's the occasional coding question, we mostly use it to socialize, which doesn't subtract much value at all from the forum but adds some to our lives. Is it a permanent deletion?
  9. Could I get an answer from @rich ? Thank you
  10. I want an HTML 5 Game Devs page on facebook I can like. All I could find was an "Html5 Game Development" page and some group, but I want a reference to this website. Is there one? I'd like one for Phaser framework too. Thanks
  11. No one will want to quit anymore, EVER.
  12. Thanks a bunch Very appreciated
  13. Hello, Good game. I do have to say I found the game play very hard at the beginning. It took several deaths at "very slow" speed to get the hang of it. Once I got it, the game turned out quite enjoyable. I fell in love with the 80's pop style closing song. I searched for the lyrics but I couldn't find the song name. I take it that this is from your music artist, DJ Fading Twilight? Being that this one doesn't seem to be available to the masses, I'd be interested in buying this track or an album (with similar songs) for a fair price. Can you help?
  14. -Hey let's make a cool brick breaker -Is that even possible? IT IS. It's called Shards. Quite obviously a professional game. I'm not very sure how useful it is to give feedback about a professional game, specially when it wasn't explicitly requested, but for some reason I feel compelled to do so, perhaps because it's a wonderful game, maybe because I've spent over 3hrs playing it (ads time excluded), or maybe because I feel that if I was in the shoes of the makers I'd like to hear what I've got to say. As I said, I've spent well over 3 hours playing it... until I beat the game. So since I already gave you literally my 2 cents, I might as well just give them figuratively: I'm far from a good gamer, even further from a brick breaker fan; yet I played all levels in a row. This, at the very least means the game is good; turns out it's great. I decided to give it a go before dinner (BAD. DON'T DO THIS!), which I missed so far, along with the sleep schedule. By level 20 I was tired, but why not keep playing since I'm doing great? By level 70 I was exhausted, but I HAD to finish the game; it was a matter of honor now. Man I got some wrist pain. By the end of the game I was a SHARDS zombie. The backgrounds are BEAUTIFUL. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL. They are eye-pleasing. The levels are nice. I like how blocks can be of any size, rotated in any way, and how they're arranged to create beautiful and interesting levels. The music is great. I might find myself listening to similar music on occasion. The different tracks are refreshing and the style fits perfectly with the game. All power-ups are listed in the help section. Of course I didn't try to memorize them; you just learn them as you go in the game, when you've spent enough time playing. I like how balls collide with each other, making things more interesting. I like how when you haven't hit a block for a while, a new ball will pop in. Smart move, not only in regards of preventing player's frustration, but also in terms of speeding up the game. I like the laser cannon and how the stick ball leaves snots everywhere it bumps. I like how you could get an extra life in most if not all levels. Needless to say, the game play is great. The shard effects and all. Now there are a few "problems" I'd like to comment: Firstly, I was impressed with the game localization/translation. But since you're at it, it'd be nice if you minded regions. While essentially, peninsular Spanish and Latin American Spanish are understandable for speakers of each other side, just as, I presume, happens with British and American English, there are linguistic formalisms and spare words which simply put, sound odd. Such is the case of "puntaje" or "felicitaciones". The former sharing the root "punt" with its Peninsular counterpart "puntuaciĆ³n", aside from that and while its suffix makes sense in Peninsular Spanish, its usage in this case doesn't. Similarly the later would mean a pluralization of congratulating in Peninsular Spanish, instead of simply "congratulations". Also maybe "level" is quite common a word among the general public over Latin America but it certainly isn't in Spain, unless you're a declared gamer or can speak some English, and I'd say it should be translated. The bombs are not only hateful because you get killed if you mistakenly get in their way, but for a couple more reasons: if the ball and the bomb share a similar trajectory and position, you're doomed; if you don't hit the ball you die, if you hit the bomb you die. You see a powerball (BTW it looks like a black hand?) and go get it, uh oh, there was a bomb underneath: ka-boom. I'd propose replacing the bomb with a glue blob that will temporarily disable the platform,racket,pad (whatever the player character is called) from moving; it's not as drastic a punishment as losing a life. Also, it might be a good idea to make the power-ups collide just between themselves (and walls I guess), so they can be spread out and offer a greater chance of avoiding the bad ones while getting the good ones, and overall make it all less confusing. The UK flag. Okay, that's nice for a change from the usual US flag embedded virtually in every culture worldwide. But man, I learnt, and I did so strongly about the British Empire endurance! This is by far the level I spent most time on, with nearly 8 minutes, as bricks just didn't seem to want to break as easily. I don't suppose you can do much about this one: I occasionally found my platform wasn't responding. "Hey, what's going on?" Then I raised my eyes just to find the mouse cursor hovering off the game screen, around the browser title bar, etc. I guess web browsers won't allow JS to take control of the mouse cursor as this could be considered a security feature... The cuts to ads are abrupt. I understand you wouldn't want your player to waste extra time, but maybe you could use a second to fade out music and screen. I don't think a fade in is needed after the ads. I'd like some trail effect on my platform. Although I guess this might no be too visible on touchscreen devices. And finally, I'd go as far as calling this one a bug: When the crystal balls are too tight, and collide endlessly, they will introduce considerable lag. This is specially noticeable at level 78 (rocket), where the game turned hardly playable, until I got to destroy that pesky ball. A final note: I understand games aren't made with the move of a magic wand. Often, my comments might look as if more emphasis was put in the bad points than in the good ones, given the amount of text that goes with each. I guess this could be kind of upsetting, given the time and effort that was put into making a game. I'd like to make clear that when it comes to the good points, there's hardly anything else I can say other than praising them, whereas for the bad ones, I feel compelled to sustain them with details and reason to provide as much food for thought to work with as possible. The amount of text I put emphasizing each point doesn't amount to the quality of such point. Simple as that. Moreover, if I spend a considerable amount of time playing your game (quite obviously for me) it means I like it, even if having only stressed the negative points of it! I might need to make this my signature just so that some game developers know what I'm getting at with my comments! I might have missed a few points, since my mind was already in a broken state after so much playing . I'll correct tomorrow if such is the case.
  15. compatible

    What Matt said about speed, both things: feels slow, but at the same time, I struggled to keep more than one plane alive I guess it's easier on a multi touch device. My only complaint is collisions, I'd like them tighter. Good game, congrats for your first Phaser game