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  1. Kartikey

    Looking for HTML5 dev

    Hello, Discord ID- @PhoenixBolt Studios#4430 E-mail - phoenixboltstudios@gmail.com *discord preferred for a better chat* Have a nice day!
  2. Kartikey

    I hate to be one of these people but.....(self pity rant)

    @Spyro23 I want to you clarify that GMS2 is out of beta now, its stable version is officially released by yoyogames, I agree that it has some bugs, but they are minor and are being solved. I really recommend to go with GMS2 not GMS1.4, i m currently using GMS2 and i really found it better than GMS 1.4
  3. Kartikey

    I hate to be one of these people but.....(self pity rant)

    As in your situation, i suggest you to go with GMS. and i think, there is already all mainly used platforms export included in GMS And, it only took me 2 to 3 days to get used to GMS2 UI, its much more better and easy IMO, and GMS2 is still very new, so it will take a bit more time to become bugs-free. Have a nice day!
  4. Kartikey

    Looking for partners for GAME.WTF

    Congrats for your new site! I spended few hours on it, and i really enjoyed!
  5. Sent you a PM...Waiting for your response...
  6. Kartikey

    [PAID] HTML5 Game developer needed

    Contacted You...Waiting for your response...
  7. Kartikey


    Nice and simple game, i enjoyed it a bit, until the last player leaved.
  8. Kartikey

    Christmas game

    I have replied to your tweet.
  9. Kartikey

    Making money with HTML5 in 2016

    HI, I m also a GameMaker user and hobbyist HTML5 game developer, currently struggling but not giving my 100% in it, because i m a student, i maybe give this the main preference of my life in future. As u have said above, there is nothing like missing the boat, i think that the market is still in its form and in the search of good quality HTML5 games. If you have the eager to work hard and you have the talent, then you can do this, just work hard and hard.
  10. Kartikey

    Red Crucible Reloaded - WebGL game

    Congratulations for that, Screenshots looks nice as COD 4, going to try it now,
  11. We can have a nice talk over it...send me a mail at PhoenixBoltStudios@gmail.com Cheers!
  12. Kartikey

    HTML5 Game Dev Required

    Contact me On- Phoenixboltstudios@gmail.com, we will have a nice talk over it. But, i prefer GameMaker:Studio for making HTML5 games.
  13. Kartikey

    New forum moderators wanted

    I visit this site daily, at least 3 times a day. IST (Indian) time zone, UTC+05:30
  14. Kartikey

    Sold my first game!

    Thank you so much for your kind words