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  1. Upperfoot

    Phaser 2.4.9 RC2 - Please help test it!

    If you don't mind, could you look at this section of the code to see if it applies to your project in any way? https://github.com/Upperfoot/phaser/blob/4a3e8f2b4aaa6975e4b3ada8151785e29b3728b1/src/tilemap/TilemapLayer.js#L375-L389
  2. Upperfoot

    Phaser 2.4.9 RC2 - Please help test it!

    Is the tilemap scrolling at all? just trying to pin down exactly why your collision doesn't work. Cheers
  3. Upperfoot

    Phaser 2.4.9 RC2 - Please help test it!

    Could you incorporate the changes in this commit to see if that has fixed it? https://github.com/Upperfoot/phaser/commit/7a1667fa7e8074ee0b830f7ab371a640fd8165bb Thanks!
  4. Upperfoot

    Phaser 2.4.9 RC2 - Please help test it!

    I'll have a look as it might be my code that has broken it, I think it might be a typo! Cheers
  5. Upperfoot

    Phaser 2.4.9 RC2 - Please help test it!

    Can you try again with the latest dev phaser? https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/dev/build/phaser.min.js - This fix might have resolved it. https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/pull/2522
  6. Upperfoot

    New Phaser 2.4.9 Camera Handler - Please test!

    Brilliant stuff! Thank you for looking into this as it was driving me nuts! It's definitely smoother!
  7. Thanks guys but it seems the issue only presents itself when the camera follows the sprite while it's tweening, if the camera has a dead zone there is no jerky movement as the camera isn't moving while the sprite is tweening, but as soon as it's outside the dead zone the jerky movement starts, if you look at the above gif by mccxiv you can see this happening clear as day. My FPS is a solid 60 and has advanced timing enabled, tried with round pixels being enabled and many other configurations. There is a github issue on the matter. https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/2482
  8. I get this as well on the latest version of v2.4.8, tweening while the camera is moving produces a Jumpy tween even with the tween set as Linear.None the movement code I'm using is http://jsfiddle.net/mub2ps0c/7/