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  1. Thank you namel for the explanation. I started playing around with Lance to implement the client side prediction in my game.
  2. Hi, I'm working on a game called HaxArena that is available here: | | | and right now I'm trying to add Client Side Prediction based on the source code from At the beginning I improved that demo by adding another dimension and now I'm trying to integrate that example with Matter.JS but I somehow can't make it work correctly e.g. I see some kind of rubber banding or the player starts moving faster and faster with every frame even though I don't press any buttons. There are 2 functions available: Matter.Engine.update(engine, [delta=16.666], [correction=1]) - right now I'm using only this one on the server while I still don't have any Client Side Prediction; it's responsible for movement of all bodies and collisions Matter.Body.update(body, deltaTime, timeScale, correction) - I'm trying to use it in the applyInput method of the Entity class var Entity = function() { this.x = 0; this.speed = 2; // units/s } // Apply user's input to this entity. Entity.prototype.applyInput = function(input) { this.x += input.press_time*this.speed; } I also tried changing some parts of this function: Client.prototype.processServerMessages = function() { while (true) { var message =; if (!message) { break; } // World state is a list of entity states. for (var i = 0; i < message.length; i++) { var state = message[i]; if (state.entity_id == this.entity_id) { // Got the position of this client's entity. if (!this.entity) { // If this is the first server update, create a local entity. this.entity = new Entity(); } // Set the position sent by the server. this.entity.x = state.position; if (server_reconciliation) { // Server Reconciliation. Re-apply all the inputs not yet processed by // the server. var j = 0; while (j < this.pending_inputs.length) { var input = this.pending_inputs[j]; if (input.input_sequence_number <= state.last_processed_input) { // Already processed. Its effect is already taken into account // into the world update we just got, so we can drop it. this.pending_inputs.splice(j, 1); } else { // Not processed by the server yet. Re-apply it. this.entity.applyInput(input); j++; } } } else { // Reconciliation is disabled, so drop all the saved inputs. this.pending_inputs = []; } } else { // TO DO: add support for rendering other entities. } } } Something like: var isSimulation = true this.entity.applyInput(input, isSimulation); and then using a fake / shadow body to apply an input and setting the final position of that fake body to the real body to avoid the rubber banding problem. I will be really helpful if anyone gives me some advice or an idea of how to deal with these problems.