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  1. Celebrating 2.5 - Babylon.js challenge is back!

    i working in a group of creatives, on an upcoming mind blowing game! i posted 2gifs to this thread, and not a official participation to any challenge. and before any irritations, speaking for the project we are working on. - we gonna miss the february challenge. i'm sorry. i wish everyone good luck. @iiceman @V!nc3r
  2. WebGl and webGpu

    @getzel (AMD+Appel )->Mantle-> AMD ->Vulkan. (and btw since when people play games on a mac) @davrous i remember it. Firefox 25 a upcoming browser, it was kind of cool to use it. Working Group, with initial participation from Apple, Google, Mozilla, Opera. 2 Names So this is my point of view how i experience it.
  3. WebGl and webGpu

    @dbawel You know that Appel own 89% of creative industry form Pro-Tools to Final Cut, WebGL etc. WebGL, WebGL2, WebGPU are Appel Products, this company was at the very beginning of first draft. Yes,everything has its upside and its down side. Have a nice day!
  4. Hello ceedee Yes copying pixels i think this is the right track - it should work! It was a messy stretchy playground yes - Just a remainder to myself (why it is slow, i just put the framebuffer in the mainloop in the playground (a bad idea) you have to scope it out again in your real world project): var camera var scene -> some objects -> RendertargetTex_blendMode: { src: 'src alpha', dst: 'one minus src alpha } runRenderLoop->camera render some objects copy pixels rendertotexture Man that looks interesting, i currently rushing from one project to an other. I did a minimap -VR Cam a while ago i dont know if it helps you. Your playground looks promising!
  5. WebGl and webGpu

    7 days ago as i read the news, only 20 guys (participants) were in a group heavy apple based now their are 89 people also mozilla and w3c so i would say this baby is rollin'
  6. WebGl and webGpu

    I think it's all about money in this world. Also most of you are programmers working in a small or big company. Your friends working in the same company, your children probably going to a school with a logo of the company. I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world. And the other guys are managers. No one of them cares about anything rather that pushing a product and gain the value of sells. This is his job and he is good at it. That why, the programmers can pay their bills. WebGL, WebGL 2 this is only a name with a value nothing else. Their are many books, events, magazine tiles has to be filled with the Headline WebGL2 how awesome it is, how to make a good app of of it and at least the disadvantages of it. You as a programer thinking about the backward compatibility of the backward compatibilities, this is kind of your job, the thing you are passionate about. And Number One and Number Two Company (Google, Apple) if any of them says we are working on a new Web Standard, (whatever that is) you, as a programer, can influence it is some way, but not at all. I think these two companies also showing balls each other, but their are working in some areas closer than Microsoft and Google, Apple. Its kind of sad that cheap and save OS for everyone shipped Browser like Edge etc. and has a lack of supporting new Technologie, but again, this is a programer way of thinking. Through history a culture (company) with better knowledge in technologies (like wartechnologie) will dominate over a less developed. There a reason why -nobody get paid to put 2 lines of Code needed to get Browser Support for like WebXY6554, you as a programmer get angry about it becouse thats you passion. AND We will never know the truth for sure. any of thouse reporter guys are making a living out of just by typing WebGPU on publish it (marteting) yeah so my english is not that well, to write a understandable article The point of my text is: It is not about WebGL it is not about WebGL2, or WebGPU its about a product a brand feb/16/2017
  7. Rendering sprite in LOD

    @Michael Ilyin Hello. Is it possible by default to render sprite instead mesh at some LOD level? I'm sorry, i kind of misunderstand your request. The Keywords are: render sprite mesh LOD level Deltakosh understand it, so you got your answer And i got i wrong. NasimiAsl seems already have a prototype in his head. I need break.
  8. Rendering sprite in LOD

    @Michael Ilyin What you are request is not implemented yet. You have to find a creative workaround. @Michael Ilyin it would help the community if you make a little playground so your request / the missing feature would become more clearer and its highly that you will find support, probably a working example that you can use in a real world project
  9. Fog is closer at center of view

    edit: sorry, i just was confused whether the issue was solved or not. i seems solved.
  10. Transparent objects blending

    @shuurghul this is interesting. keep us posted. maybe i can also investigate. when you stuck, share a playground.
  11. Fog is closer at center of view

    seems to be the very rare situation where a question was solved.
  12. Rendering sprite in LOD

    @Michael Ilyin you can use a custom shader vec4 texture2D(sampler2D sampler, vec2 coord, float bias) Combined If you have less idea how to handel shaders. We can ask @NasimiAsl he probability can write you a nice wrapper function. But it also depends on what you need, as a trigger for LOD hard coded or distance related. ect. Good Luck
  13. Nice This is a long Do To List keep on exploring
  14. Repeat texture dynamique Maybe he can help @JCPalmer I also have no idea somehow something good always happens @Pryme8 You probably get a notification/mail It is not worth looking after it. Drink some tee, watch a movie, rest yourself.
  15. WebGl and webGpu

    works in chrome 58 windows 10 Feb/10/2017