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  1. @iTekVR their is no easy way to came to a comfortable result you have to dive deep into the engine good luck share a playground, when you got something usefull [im out of here]
  2. Oh, yeah value -=value its now slower
  5. for fun
  6. so zip it and unzip it. ya! (nothing serious i just fooling around)
  8. okay i see so the pbr material only supports cubetexures. you have to write your own shader.
  9. Hey MackeyK no way i debug this in a playground & for everything else i'm out of time, sorry. please crush your texture to ->> jpg quality settings 60% or download and upload the image i provided
  10. i think Sebavan already told the 'right' solution. im out of here
  11. @MatriaxThis is the way, it works in computer graphics. texture opengl You have to provide a UV MAP created by a 3th party program. So the 'XY' Engine knows what you are going to do texture opengl#q=cube+texture+blender+uv sorry im out of time on everything (im just testing something) @MackeyK24
  12. @MackeyK24 Just to be sure we are talking on the same page. you want to do this? your picture has an and you wan't to convert it back to a cube texture for 6images google: for MXHR old technic but gold and btw just for testing 768kb < 23mb i dont dont how you debug this. if everything is fine put an high-res pic back in.
  13. @juanmajr93 Solutions 1. 2.
  14. @juanmajr93 where is it ?