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  1. Oh excellent. Why is the car not centered on screen when playing in portrait orientation on mobile? Landscape orientation is perfect.
  2. Cool game! It has a Wacky Racers feel. Nice work! You should add touch controls so you can play it on mobile devices.
  3. I did not get to build the chest at all. Only thing I managed to do is build a small house. No idea how to craft other things like cupboards and anvils. Lose condition should probably be when all your dots either die or move away. Currently there also seems to be a finite amount of resources at the player's disposal. Difficult to say how you are going to add more depth because I feel like every option is going to add a significant amount of work. Perhaps you should check out games that are similar to Dwarf Fortress but smaller in scope.
  4. Excellent little demo. It is pretty fun commanding units to gather resources and build things. I think it would be best if you kept it light/casual. Stay far away from the type of learning curve Dwarf Fortress has! Playing a bit each day to try and get as far as possible seems perfect for this game. Maybe add an auto save feature so that the game window can be closed on a whim. The player would have his progress saved so that he can continue the game at a later time.
  5. A GDD forces you to think hard about your idea. By writing it down it becomes a concept because you are not only documenting what is possible but also what is impossible in your game. By having boundaries you are confining your concept into a more tangible form. This will help you develop your game more effectively. Just remember who you are writing your GDD for. Is it just yourself, your dev-team or a publisher. Tailor your doc according to who it is meant for!
  6. Nice game! Giving it real time gameplay makes it intense!
  7. These are great games! Nice work! I especially like the ninja game. Good puzzles and fun powers.
  8. A tool which has always worked for me: Draw.io Edit: Also, you're posting in the wrong sub-forum. Noticed that too late.
  9. I think you have accidentally mistaken this thread for another.
  10. Great game! Would be nice if the slalom flags were a little more visible because they are very small and hard to see right now. Love the high-score feature!
  11. 8 Gears "Connect Power Gear with the Star Gear within 8 turns! Can you connect them all by dragging the Gears around?" GAME LINK: http://8-gears.fbrq.io/8-gears/index.html A puzzle game we've made a while ago. It gets pretty difficult later on. Constructive criticism welcome!
  12. Merry Christmas Jochen!
  13. @b10b Apparently they have a demo but they did not post the link here. Found it on their kickstarter page: http://demo.shadowsofadam.com/
  14. multiplayer

    Tried playing it but nothing happened once I gave myself a name and pressed play.