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  1. Hello! Winter is coming. And for most of us winter is associated with Christmas. That's why I am glad to present you my brand new match3 HTML5 game "Christmas gifts". - All assets including sounds and graphics were made from the scratch; - Branding options are provided; - Less than 3 mb; - Both types of licenses (exclusive and non-exclusive) are available at the time of the creation of the post; PM me for details. Link to the game: http://powerthemes.eu/christmas
  2. Here’s the link to the game: http://powerthemes.eu/halloween
  3. Hello, Helloween Madness highscore based game is available for licensing. It was never published before, so exclusive license is also available. PM me for details.
  4. [Phaser] Ball&Roll - reaction game

    No, when you see the blades, you should quickly move up when they are still under the ground until they start spinning.
  5. Hello, Just finished my new game "Ball&Roll". It's my first attempt to use 3D assets with 2D engine. Playable link: http://powerthemes.eu/ballroll The game is still open for exclusive licensing.
  6. Hello! Are you looking only for senior-level developers? Do you offer visa sponsorship/relocation?
  7. UPD: I've added the ball friction, so now it's more challenging and interesting. Have you guys tried to play it with someone?
  8. Thanks! Seems like a good idea.
  9. Thank you for the response! Now the link is valid. As for the expansion, the game was originally conceived as a small two-player game. But it definitely can be expanded with AI, obstacles etc if needed.
  10. Hello! I'm selling my new HTML5 game "1vs1 Soccer" - http://powerthemes.eu/soccer It's a game for two. It's optimized for all devices and screen sizes and can be played using keyboard and touch screen. Contact me if you are interested. Best regards.
  11. [HTML5] New game is available for licensing

    ....[Thread] .....\(^-^)/ .....Up pls
  12. [HTML5] New game is available for licensing

    Upd: exclusive license is not available anymore, only single licenses. PM me.
  13. Hello! I'm selling my new HTML5 game "Neon Snake" - http://powerthemes.eu/snake/ It was never published before. It has 30 levels and takes at least 40-60 min to win all af them. And it also has endless mode, where players can make high scores. Contact me if you are interested. Best regards.
  14. which site is good to publish html5 game?

    Hello! I've never published my games, but I heard about: 1) http://corporate.coolgames.com/ 2) http://www.gamepix.com/