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  1. map making software
  2. Thanks for the extra info WIlleastscott. But i think i am going to start with pixi. And use tiled map editor for the maps. Direcly going into 3d engines seems to big of a step. Do you guys have any other tools, tips and tricks that will be handy? Anyway i appreciate your time and help :).
  3. the game looks amazing, what engine did you use? Also hod did you create the map? I cant image you would type it all in javascript. Is there somekind of editor for that?
  4. I am also wondering: how does not having a editor effect development time? I assume you need to use X,Y axis to place items in you map. But how do you get these axis? Also you cant move a group of items at once right? How much of a pain is this? Or am i just over exaggerating?
  5. Hey willeastcott Thanks for answering all my questions! Thanks to you my technical research is almost at an end :). I have been looking at webGL engines all day and i have come to the conclusion that babylon.js is the best to use (please correct me if i am wrong), that because it supports 3d at a pretty high level. And i might be making a 2d game now but in the future i might want to make 3d games/websites and learning a new engine then just seems more time consuming(or is the difference and the learning curve not as high as i think?). Also from what i have read playCanvas does let let you export your project. So you can only publish on (unless you pay $100/mo) Also not using Atom as a code editor makes me cry :s. I have also been looking into Typescript to compile to Javascript. Would this also destroy performance? Because babylon.js natively supports typescript.
  6. I am looking into PlayCanvas now, is the editor also available on my local machine? I dont like the idea of uploading all my assets and working on a webbased code editor. i saw the github files but does that also include the editor or just the api?
  7. Hey Wombat, Thanks for clearing things out for me, i think i am going to stick to webGL tho. But thanks for the suggestion
  8. Thanks for commiting Ivan! The tech demo of PlayCanvas looks very nice! Even better then three.js! It even has a ui. gonna look more into that later. So would you suggest playcanvas or pixi? Also what exacly does three.js lacks? Thanks!
  9. Hey! I want to create a game thats can run on as many platforms natively. So being a front-end developer i turned to webGL. But i have a few questions: 1 ) Is possible to create big complex and demanding games like: Unturned Risk of Rain Hotline miami Minecraft Terraria Nidhogg Battle block theater Both Graphical as Technical. 2 ) If you use a html wrapper to create a .exe, .apk etc. is the source code protected? Also can you compile to consoles? 3 ) I have read that you can code in c++ and compile it to javascript is that functional? Also is it possbile to write in an high-level strong language and compile that to javascript (i do not like weakly typed languages, and C++ is to low-level for me) 4 ) How does it come that i can not find any big games made in webGL (only tech demo's, fancy websites and games on this forum) 5 ) When i looked around this forum i dident saw any three.js based games. Why is that? i looked at the tech demo's of many engines and three.js looked the most promising. Or is there something i missed? 6 ) Is webGL for my project a smart choice? At the end i dont want my game to be playeble on the web. Only for stand alone on pc, linux, mac. (mobile and console if the project succeeds) 7 ) What is the best engine to use for a 2d/2.5d with some nice light effects? 8 ) Does the steam SDK for achievements, joining friends, steam controller etc. work well with webGL? Thanks for reading, it would mean a great deal to me if you know a answer to one of my questions!