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  1. map making software
  2. Noedel-Man

    complex games with three.js?

    Thanks for the extra info WIlleastscott. But i think i am going to start with pixi. And use tiled map editor for the maps. Direcly going into 3d engines seems to big of a step. Do you guys have any other tools, tips and tricks that will be handy? Anyway i appreciate your time and help :).
  3. the game looks amazing, what engine did you use? Also hod did you create the map? I cant image you would type it all in javascript. Is there somekind of editor for that?
  4. Noedel-Man

    complex games with three.js?

    I am also wondering: how does not having a editor effect development time? I assume you need to use X,Y axis to place items in you map. But how do you get these axis? Also you cant move a group of items at once right? How much of a pain is this? Or am i just over exaggerating?
  5. Noedel-Man

    complex games with three.js?

    Hey willeastcott Thanks for answering all my questions! Thanks to you my technical research is almost at an end :). I have been looking at webGL engines all day and i have come to the conclusion that babylon.js is the best to use (please correct me if i am wrong), that because it supports 3d at a pretty high level. And i might be making a 2d game now but in the future i might want to make 3d games/websites and learning a new engine then just seems more time consuming(or is the difference and the learning curve not as high as i think?). Also from what i have read playCanvas does let let you export your project. So you can only publish on (unless you pay $100/mo) Also not using Atom as a code editor makes me cry :s. I have also been looking into Typescript to compile to Javascript. Would this also destroy performance? Because babylon.js natively supports typescript.
  6. Noedel-Man

    complex games with three.js?

    I am looking into PlayCanvas now, is the editor also available on my local machine? I dont like the idea of uploading all my assets and working on a webbased code editor. i saw the github files but does that also include the editor or just the api?
  7. Noedel-Man

    complex games with three.js?

    Hey Wombat, Thanks for clearing things out for me, i think i am going to stick to webGL tho. But thanks for the suggestion
  8. Noedel-Man

    complex games with three.js?

    Thanks for commiting Ivan! The tech demo of PlayCanvas looks very nice! Even better then three.js! It even has a ui. gonna look more into that later. So would you suggest playcanvas or pixi? Also what exacly does three.js lacks? Thanks!
  9. Noedel-Man

    complex games with three.js?

    Hey! I want to create a game thats can run on as many platforms natively. So being a front-end developer i turned to webGL. But i have a few questions: 1 ) Is possible to create big complex and demanding games like: Unturned Risk of Rain Hotline miami Minecraft Terraria Nidhogg Battle block theater Both Graphical as Technical. 2 ) If you use a html wrapper to create a .exe, .apk etc. is the source code protected? Also can you compile to consoles? 3 ) I have read that you can code in c++ and compile it to javascript is that functional? Also is it possbile to write in an high-level strong language and compile that to javascript (i do not like weakly typed languages, and C++ is to low-level for me) 4 ) How does it come that i can not find any big games made in webGL (only tech demo's, fancy websites and games on this forum) 5 ) When i looked around this forum i dident saw any three.js based games. Why is that? i looked at the tech demo's of many engines and three.js looked the most promising. Or is there something i missed? 6 ) Is webGL for my project a smart choice? At the end i dont want my game to be playeble on the web. Only for stand alone on pc, linux, mac. (mobile and console if the project succeeds) 7 ) What is the best engine to use for a 2d/2.5d with some nice light effects? 8 ) Does the steam SDK for achievements, joining friends, steam controller etc. work well with webGL? Thanks for reading, it would mean a great deal to me if you know a answer to one of my questions!