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  1. My first HTML5 game

    excellent work - well done !!
  2. [Phaser] Nature Basketball

    very nice game - well done
  3. The Adventures of the Pirate Robot

    very clever idea - well done
  4. Leaderboard with firebase and phaser

    was looking for the same - any good online examples ?
  5. The image is not displayed

    have a look at: should be : create: function() { game.add.sprite( 0, 0, 'flag' ); },
  6. Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever

    well done - thats really good ! Eric
  7. is it possible to tint a spritesheet

    cheers @scheffgames !
  8. Hi Quick question - is it possible to tint a spritesheet, I know you can use eg sprite.tint = 0xff00ff; but tint doesn't seem to work on an animation, is it possible or am I just better just photoshopping a new spritesheet? Thanks in advance Eric
  9. Animation or emitter?

    I find emitters very handy, this is a basic script snippet I modify as I see fit : var emitter =, this.player.y, 15); emitter.makeParticles('star'); emitter.minParticleSpeed.setTo(-300, -300); emitter.maxParticleSpeed.setTo(300, 300); emitter.gravity = 0; emitter.start(true, 750, null, 15); this emitter is from my player sprite with a star png, you could easily modify this for your own needs hope it helps you Eric
  10. [Solved]Game stopped working

    works fine this end, player is walking on the ground and input is working fine - did you clear the cache and try again ?
  11. Monster Hands

    thats really good ! well done Eric
  12. on tap

    you could use : this.spaceKey =; // spacebar this.actionButton = this.add.button( - 200, - 200, 'actionButton'); // show a jump buttn on screen{ this.player.customParams.mustJump = true; }, this);{ this.player.customParams.mustJump = false; }, this); and in the update function : if((this.spaceKey.isDown || this.player.customParams.mustJump) && this.player.body.touching.down) { //put your jump info here } Eric
  13. [PHASER] Saw Loser Game

    Hi Everyone A new game I created for a bit of fun with Phaser - see how long you can survive ! Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to reverse your jump, just dodge the saw blades for as long as you can. It will be up on the play store shortly Let me know what you think Eric
  14. Phaser don't play sounds in android with cordova

    @jopcode if you are using intel xdk, you need to show the .ogg first (its a a bug in xdk), if its the mp3 fierst it won't play the audio in android for some reason eg:'music', ['assets/audio/music.ogg', 'assets/audio/music.mp3']); Eric