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  1. thats really good ! well done Eric
  2. you could use : this.spaceKey =; // spacebar this.actionButton = this.add.button( - 200, - 200, 'actionButton'); // show a jump buttn on screen{ this.player.customParams.mustJump = true; }, this);{ this.player.customParams.mustJump = false; }, this); and in the update function : if((this.spaceKey.isDown || this.player.customParams.mustJump) && this.player.body.touching.down) { //put your jump info here } Eric
  3. Hi Everyone A new game I created for a bit of fun with Phaser - see how long you can survive ! Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to reverse your jump, just dodge the saw blades for as long as you can. It will be up on the play store shortly Let me know what you think Eric
  4. @jopcode if you are using intel xdk, you need to show the .ogg first (its a a bug in xdk), if its the mp3 fierst it won't play the audio in android for some reason eg:'music', ['assets/audio/music.ogg', 'assets/audio/music.mp3']); Eric
  5. your game is INCREDIBLE !! well done Eric
  6. Thanks @1pixelarmy for the feedback, I will have a look at the navigation area to see if I can make it easier for the end user They are all native, once made I wrap them in the intelXDK for the App store for publishing I had a few subs so far, early days Greatly appreciated Eric
  7. thats really good ! Eric
  8. Thanks @mickeyren Yep just coding by myself in the spare time that I get, I'm really enjoying phaser, I really need to start polish the games more though I saw your tutorials they are great, well done ! Eric
  9. Thanks Matt ! Yep 12 months so far, I am a web designer by trade so I have learnt Phaser in my spare time through online books and especially the zenva course. At present I'm still just learning but my overall aim will be to licence games as I get better tthroughout the year. Eric
  10. Hi MobyMike You can checkout my games website to see if any of these games would be of interest to you Eric
  11. Hi Everyone I have just lauched my new website It has 9 new phaser games that I created with the phaser framework, I'm just looking for some feedback on what people think of the games / website You can play the games in your browser or through the play store. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance Eric
  12. yep you can easily separate code by creating new states eg BootState, PreloadState,GameState etc and you you use prefabs in your gamestate eg Player.js,Enemy.js, Items.js etc to help control the code you ceate to make it more managable. There is a lot of good tutorials out there on this subject Eric
  13. why not use an iframe for the game ?
  14. they are really good - I love how you did the skeletons, well done
  15. thank you, so much !! Eric