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  1. OBJ file loads without material

    I've never done that, but can you maybe see anything of interest in F12 > Console or F12 > Network?
  2. @SpaceToast If you hover over the setVerticesData function in the playground, you will see that the data can be either a number array or a Float32 array
  3. custom colors material[solved]

    @bulisor You have "BABYLON.DOUBLESIDE", which should be "BABYLON.Mesh.DOUBLESIDE"
  4. Constructive Geometry on Imported Meshes - CSG

    Better late than never: turns out the problem here is that the skull doesn't have its UVs set:
  5. You have var scene = createScene; //Call the createScene function Which should be var scene = createScene(); //Call the createScene function I got it to work that way
  6. Hi all, I updated to the latest preview version of BJS, and now the camera panning behaves differently: What I want: Current behavior: What has changed? Thanks
  7. @Sebavan Ok, thanks for your help. It's the preview version, so things like that are to be expected of course.
  8. Hi, I've replaced a previous 3.1-alpha with the latest preview, and now when I use a registerBeforeRender to set the alpha and beta rotation values, it allows you to rotate the camera before the render, and after the rotation is reset. Now: Then (August 17): Is it a bug? Thanks.
  9. Never mind, I found the solution after all: canvas.addEventListener('mousedown', function(event){; }); Thanks for your input @jerome The events are only still received when you keep holding down the mouse button as you move outside the canvas Edit: apparently it's not a cross-browser thing, so you can't use the snippet above like that
  10. Hi, On Firefox the camera stops rotating when your pointer leaves the canvas: Which doesn't happen on Edge, IE, Chrome or Opera
  11. Have you tried different settings on your webcam? I see no problems with the camera that's built into my laptop.
  12. [solved] Render in babylon 3.0

    Did you make it with TypeScript? Because when I upgraded, the code checker showed me which parts I had to rewrite. I also had some hacks in place that worked for 2.5 only, so that's also something you could check. Finally, the 3.0 version is being updated all the time, so you could check if an earlier version does work: release/babylon.js
  13. Issue in mesh dragging

    Hi, For #1 I got it working by replacing the loops with direct calculations of the positions: Maybe those loops also caused #3 by never ending, though that wouldn't make the memory usage high. Good luck with your project
  14. Extrusions are the best! They're simple but powerful. I agree with what said in this thread about Blender, and I'm actually making a 3D modelling application that uses extrusions.