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  1. Can't you just use billboard mode?
  2. Hi all, I have this playground: In it, there is box, and an instance of box, which is box2. box has isVisible set to false, and after 1000 ms, has its material changed to swapMat. This is what happens then: Chrome/Opera: When swapMat is normalMat, nothing seems to happen. When swapMat is set to greenMat, box2 disappears, and the following errors show: Firefox/Edge: When swapMat is normalMat, box2 turns white. When swapMat is greenMat, box2 turns green with no errors. Setting isVisible to true right before/after changing the material makes it work as expected. The same happens in the stable version. What could it be? Thanks.
  3. I don't know what causes it, but can't you just remove the timeout?
  4. MeshBuilder.CreateLineSystem() TS errors

    It's not failing to compile, it's only saying there's an error. It'll run just fine.
  5. Combine blend mode with alpha

    I found this, maybe it's that again?:
  6. BabylonJS Model Train Simulator - project

    Live demo:
  7. [SOLVED] Get Pixel color

    Hi @arbrakan, @Wingnut's code just needs an inverted pointerY, and then it works great: We talked about it in this thread, which is also about color picking:
  8. @Wingnut Yes, I will tell him/her. In that thread I see you've been very busy with the color picking! I think it's difficult with all the events, and GUIs being so flexible that they can be either a texture on a mesh or a 2d canvas image
  9. @Wingnut SCENE.getPixelColorUnderPointer() seems to work if you invert pointerY:
  10. @Wingnut Here is what you talked about:
  11. You can use setVerticesData:
  12. You have to set the material on pgon, and use diffuseColor instead of diffuseTexture
  13. You should set the panning inertia to 0: camera1.panningInertia = 0;
  14. position vs absolutePosition

    In addition to what @RaananW said, you can see how it's done in the code: Line 206 Line 267 Line 276 So you can use setAbsolutePosition() instead