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  1. It doesn't work in the console either, only the first three tiles work, which also work in your first link And you have " tso.deck[0].position.x = 2;" instead of " tso.deck[0].mesh.position.x = 2;" in this post
  3. The video doesn't show in Firefox, I can only hear the sound
  4. Stretched decals

    I don't know
  5. Stretched decals

    You could paste the decals at an angle, but that causes them to stretch a different way: If you only want that cube in the playground, maybe you can make a cube from 6 planes, and apply a decal to them individually
  6. GUI clears texture

    The documentation says you can only have 1 FullscreenUI per scene, so maybe try putting var advancedTexture = BABYLON.GUI.AdvancedDynamicTexture.CreateFullscreenUI("UI"); outside the function
  7. Ow, for a minute I thought I overloaded the server But thanks for sharing this, it's interesting and helpful.
  8. You could just look at the opposite point: let diff = target.position.subtract(mesh.position); let opposite = mesh.position.add(diff.scale(-1)); mesh.lookAt(opposite);
  9. That's great, and welcome back
  10. Like the collisions demo from the playground, where camera.applyGravity = true and meshes.checkCollisions = true
  11. I've never worked with collisions, but from the playground there seems to be a onCollide observer, so you can probably use that. By the Δy I mean keeping track of the previous y position and see how much it has changed, which will be zero when there is no y movement
  12. Maybe only allow jumping while on a mesh? Especially if you have meshes that move up / down, so your script can tell the difference between falling and being on a moving mesh. Otherwise maybe only allow jumping when Δy is 0.
  13. Babylonjs 3.1 release date ?

    What I know is early December, but not before the 5th
  14. The rings of Saturn?

    I've made one with a texture: I've made the texture with JavaScript (see, you can increase the resolution by lowering the number: img.width /= 50;
  15. Realistic 3D Star map

    I don't know what it means, but on further inspection, the RA and Dec from hygfull.csv are all you need. Looks like the Chrome experiment converts them to "Galactic latitude and longitude":