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  1. Hi, Recently I read this topic : @Kjue give a good solution for that. I don't know if it could be added to the ArcRotateCamera code.
  2. ViBe

    Action depending on camera zoom

    Hi, Maybe you want something like LOD : A playground :
  3. ViBe

    Lock pointer to object

    Hi, I understand you want to apply collision :,_mesh_collisions_and_gravity. On chapter "4 - Object vs. object collision", you can see the method moveWithCollisions. There is a playground on this tutorial I found another playground here :
  4. ViBe

    Stop mouswheel zoom but keep rotating

    Hi, Welcome! You can disable or remove inputs (mousewheel, keyboard, etc.). You can read about this here: A sample to show how you can disable the mousewheel input : var cam = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera("cam1", 0, 0, 200, new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0), scene); scene.activeCamera = cam1; cam1.attachControl(canvas, true); cam1.inputs.attached.mousewheel.detachControl(canvas);
  5. Hi, In the tutorial : We can read : and also : As the philosophy is to keep compatibility, I think it's the reason why you will always find all the cameras.
  6. Hello, Always interested by this implementation ! I need it too. I woukd like to help, but I'm not sure I can... I'm going to play with your playground After a new reading of the topic, it seems that @Kesshi has already worked on it. Maybe if he reads this, he could help us.
  7. ViBe

    Mistake highlights on browser

    Hello, As said in this thread, you have to enable the stencil : Like this : engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true, { stencil: true });
  8. Hello, I think Canvas2D is the good option here. You can find some playgrounds on the second link. And you can adapt them to have what you want. I try something here :
  9. ViBe

    Hi, I don't try with http, but with https there is no problem for me :
  10. @ewanvalentine To start it is not my work (just a topic I have read and found relevant). If you affect on your building the checkCollisions property to true, it seems to work : building.checkCollisions = true;
  11. Hi, I read a topic on this. I think that's what you want : The link : But you have to read the topic. It is very instructive ;-)
  12. Hi, Do you want to add your controls on top of the canvas ? Maybe this extension could be used: Or do you want something integrated in your 3D scene like in this demo: I don't know if anyone has implemented a such 3D library (button, slider, etc.)
  13. ViBe

    Display loading screen

    I applied this solution on my project wich is a little more complex and it's a success. Thank you so much !
  14. ViBe

    Display loading screen

    Thanks for the setTimeout approach. The loading screen is displayed but the animation of the loading screen stopped quickly. In the same way, do you think the "loadingUIText" can be updated ? In the following test, the "loadingUIText" stays "START..." during the loading :
  15. Hello, I try to draw a scene with a big amount of meshes (basic shapes like box, plane...). I want to show the loading progression, so I use the loading screen. But it is displayed only at the end. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. You can look the test here: Any ideas ? Thanks !