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  1. --- SPACE STATION ON YOUTUBE! --- So the animation and fantastic artwork by my friend Jeremy from over at WayForward is finished and on YouTube for your viewing and listening pleasure! Go check it out!
  2. --- NEW SAMURAI ZERO THEME ON BANDCAMP! --- Today I released the main theme for the game I've been working on called 'Return to Zero' from the upcoming game Samurai Zero. I worked with 2 great artists on this one, Supreme Sol with the Rap and Rex Conception with the Melody and Chorus section. Have a listen and if you like what you hear, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  3. 🎉 NEW MUSIC TIME! YAY! 🎉 I'm still working on a bunch of songs with the Main Theme and Fanfare next on my list! But I've just added 4 new tracks of Funky/Silly/#Groove Menu themed #VGM! If you haven't had a listen yet, give it a spin! :) #gamedev
  4. -- NEW YEAR, NEW TUNES! --- Happy New Year Everyone! I'm kicking off the beginning of this year with 2 new tunes in the 'Party Music Pack' and concluding the 'Space/Electronic' side of the pack. Have a listen and get in touch if you'd like to work together on a personal project! Thanks, Nathan
  5. --- UNITY ICONS - EPISODE 1 - YGGDRASIL OUT NOW! --- We've been working hard behind the scenes on the asset pack and the trailer, but now it's finally out! Have a watch, listen and if you'd like to work together on a project, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  6. --- COMPOSERS REEL 2018! --- Here's my new Composers Reel from 2018 including some currently unreleased tracks! This reel is to show all of the projects I've worked on and the diversity of the music I can provide. If you like what you hear, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  7. --- ADD CHOOK & SOSIG TO YOUR STEAM WISHLIST! --- Chook & Sosig has hit the Steam store with our new trailer showing some of what you can expect from the game! Head over and wishilist it now! I'm currently still looking for new projects to get started on, so if you want to work together, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  8. --- NEW 2018 AUDIO REEL OUT SOON! --- Just finished updating my Audio Reel for 2018, have a little rest to adjust with fresh ears and will upload soon! In the meantime, I'm always looking for cool new projects, so if you like my stuff and want to work together, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  9. --- BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON! --- I'm working on a super cool project with some of the top artists, riggers and devs from EA, Ubisoft and Naughty Dog! It's nearing completion so keep your eyes peeled for my work on the Unity website and YouTube channel! I'm still looking for cool little projects to work on so if you would like to work together, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  10. --- WORKING WITH UNITY AND LOOKING FOR NEW WORK TOO! --- I've got a new project under way with the Unity team behind their ADAM project which you can find on YouTube which is very exciting! However, I'm always looking for new projects and exciting soundtracks to work on, SO GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  11. --- ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A NEW PROJECT! --- Hey, I'm working on various projects behind the scenes and NDA contracts but I'm on the lookout for any kind of new and exciting projects also, so GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  12. --- NEW OST! SAY HELLO TO THE CRISP CUBE OST! --- I've just released the WIP state of one of the new soundtracks I'm working on, CRISP CUBE! Have a listen and check it out on BandCamp over here -> Thanks, Nathan
  13. --- GOT LOTS OF PROJECTS ON THE GO, BUT OPEN FOR ONE OR TWO MORE ATM! --- I'm working hard on lots of projects atm including one with Unity and Naughty Dog Developers but I have time for a couple more projects to work on, so if you like my music and want to work together, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  14. --- STILL ON THE HUNT! --- Quick Job Search Bump! Get In Touch!
  15. --- STILL OPEN FOR NEW WORK! --- Still working hard on all my NDA projects so not much to share until the release dates, but I'm on the lookout for more projects! SO GET IN TOUCH!