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  1. --- NEW SFX FOR UNITY3D CONNECT MESSAGING SERVICE! --- I worked with Unity3D this week on creating some SFX for their new messaging and communication service Unity Connect! Check them out below! Giving Skype a run for their money with these! Thanks, Nathan
  2. --- SUPER UBIE LAND 2 OST - SHOP THEME! --- Here is another track in the Super Ubie Land 2 OST, this is a track to contrast the high octane action of jumping and flying around the game! Chilling in the shop.. I am looking to reach out to the online musician community with the project, looking for all kinds of overdubs to the soundtrack so if you'd like to contribute, click the link, download the file and send them over to [email protected] for some credits in the game or possibly some real human money! Thanks, Nathan
  3. --- UBIE'S LAND 2 OST! THE BEGINNING! --- Here is the first track idea in the Super Ubie's Land 2 OST! A casino/jazz/funk/chiptune track! Have a listen and tell me what you think! I am also looking for contributors for this soundtrack, so please get in touch if you would like to have some credits in the game! As well as working hard on multiple projects right now I am available for one more project, so if you like what you hear, get in contact ASAP! Thanks, Nathan
  4. --- NEW MUSIC FROM THE SLIME MONSTERS! --- Here is the new track in the Infinity PBR OST, the sound of the lumbering Slime Monsters! I am always looking for new projects and people to work with and establish lasting working relationships with, so if you like what you hear, get in touch! Thanks, Nathan
  5. --- NEW JAZZ, BREAKBEAT, FIGHTING FUNK TRACK! --- This is a new track (actually from 2 weeks ago but forgot to update) mixing some synth funk/breakbeat/jazz elements for the new fighting game with Notion Games! Further info and updates will be available on my website as development continues! I am also still on the lookout for new projects to build relationships to add to my already amazing current teams, so if you like what you hear get in touch for a quote! Thanks, Nathan
  6. --- NEW TECHNO TRACK, NEW PROJECT BUT LOOKING FOR MORE!!! ---I've been working hard on all kinds of new projects recently, here is a 8 minute Techno Epic for the upcoming fighting game 'Treasure Fist: Xero Hour' being developed by Notion Games! -,Nathan
  7. Hi, My name is Nathan, I'm a Professional Freelance Composer and Sound Designer based in Osaka, Japan. I am currently looking for new exciting projects to work and collaborate on, I have experience with Wwise and procedural audio as well as writing a myriad of different musical genres and styles as well as creating various sound effects all of which can be found on my website. I have varying rates depending on the project and am always available to contact about the game development. If you would like to get in contact ASAP about a project, just give me an add on Skype: Ncleary1 You can find out more about me on my website posted down below. Thanks, Nathan Infinity PBR OST OST Ubie Land 2 OST (WIP) OST Funk - Connect SFX Ad Ad Showreel, Music and SFX Reel
  8. Hey, thanks! I didn't notice that I was in the wrong sub forum!
  9. -- NEW GARGOYLE MUSIC AND LOOKING FOR 1 NEW PROJECT! --- Hey everyone, I've just finished another track for the Infinity PBR OST, nearly an hour of material now for the characters! If you haven't checked it out already, check it out on the Unity asset store! This week is the Gothic Gargoyle, check this out and please get in touch if you're looking for audio! Thanks, Nathan
  10. --- NEW MUSIC AND LOOKING FOR NEW PROJECT! --- Hey everyone! Here's a new track for the Infinity PBR series, I've been busy with my the Infinity PBR soundtrack and also Super Ubie Land 2! Both of which are great and you should check out! But I am looking for one more developer to work with in my schedule at the moment, if you like my stuff and want to work with me, please get in touch! Thanks, Nathan
  11. --- NEW METAL MUSIC! GRRRRR! --- In a slight change from my recent and regular RPG inspired project, I have been rocking out this week for the Episicava OST with the newest Battle Theme! Check out the riffs and get in touch if you like what you hear and want my sounds for your project! Thanks, Nathan
  12. --- NEW MUSIC! ---The next installment in the Infinity PBR soundtrack, keeping in theme with the Egyptian Chracters side of the packs, here is the Anubis theme! An exotic journey through the sands of a far away land! I'm getting busy again at the moment but am always looking for new lasting relationships with developers, so if you like what you hear, get in touch!,Nathan
  13. --- NEW MUSIC AND LOOKING FOR NEW PROJECTS! --- The lumbering sounds of the 'Rock Monster' have just been finished for the Infinity PBR series. Check it out here - I'm always looking for new developers to work with so if you need music or any audio solutions for your projects get in touch! Thanks, Nathan
  14. --- COMPOSING SHOWREEL 2016 --- Hi everyone, I have just finished a small showreel of my favourite music composed for jobs and projects in 2016! Have a listen and tell me what you think! Thanks, Nathan
  15. Yeah of course! Get in touch if you are looking for something for some music in either style!