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  1. --- ON THE LOOKOUT FOR NEW PROJECTS! --- Hey everyone! I've been busy working on lots of projects, but with some coming to an end and unfortunately under NDA contract wraps (meaning I can't share them!) I'm on the lookout for the next exciting project, so if you like my tunes and want to work together, HIT ME UP! Thanks, Nathan
  2. --- JUST FINISHED ANOTHER PROJECT AND ON THE HUNT AGAIN FOR 1 MORE! --- I've just finished another exciting project and therefore have had time open up in my schedule for one more exciting project! So if you like what you hear, get in touch!
  3. --- STILL ON THE HUNT FOR 1 MORE PROJECT! --- I've just started on 2 new and incredible looking projects, one of which is a VR game with a Ex EA and Naughty Dog Vet Developer, so very exciting! However, I'm still looking for one more project to fill up my schedule so if you like my tunes and want to work together, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  4. --- TIME FOR 1 MORE PROJECT! --- I'm currently still looking for work and have time in my schedule for 1 more project, so if you'd like to work together on a project, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  5. --- BUMPING AND STILL LOOKING FOR NEW WORK! --- I've been working super hard behind the scenes lately and haven't been able to share much, but I'm looking for new projects as a few I'm working on are coming to close! If you like my work and want to work on something together, GET IN TOUCH ASAP! Thanks, Nathan
  6. --- INFINITY PBR - THE FORGOTTEN TEMPLE --- One of my favorite pieces I've written for the series, an instrospective temple theme which can also be found on iTunes and on Spotify to listen to! I'm still looking for new project atm, so get in touch! Thanks, Nathan
  7. --- CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR WORK! --- I've just had 3 projects finish which are under an NDA agreement which are all very exciting, but now i'm on the hunt for some new projects! SO IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  8. --- NEW RELEASES NOW ON YOUTUBE! --- I've finally got round to releasing the soundtracks from recent on YouTube, have a listen and hit subscribe to hear more soundtracks as I release them!
  9. ---- NEW RELEASES DUE ON SPOTIFY, AMAZON, APPLE MUSIC & MORE! ---- Three of my Soundtracks are due to be released on the above streaming sites as well as many more, so have a check of the links below to have a stream, purchase and good time! I'm always looking for new projects, so if you like the music and what you hear, GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  10. --- BEST BURGER OST NOW ON SPOTIFY, AMAZON AND MORE! --- I've been working like crazy behind the scenes on 4 new soundtracks and also properly releasing my previous works on streaming platforms, so please have a listen and enjoy! I'm always looking for new and exciting projects also, so get in touch if you want to work together! Thanks, Nathan
  11. --- REMASTERING UPDATE! --- I've had a complete ReMaster of 3 soundtracks and a release of the Best Burger OST on Spotify! Have a listen to the WIP for Super Ubie Land, Chook & Sosig as well as the Best Burger Soundtrack over on BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes or Soundcloud now! Thanks, Nathan
  12. --- TREASURE HUNT TOURS! --- This week we're getting up and lively with the Calypso tune for the Chook & Sosig OST 'Treasure Hunt Tours!' It's a lively tune for when you visit one of the islands and chat with 'Cow' who is running a tourist center on the island! Thanks, Nathan
  13. --- NEW CHOOK & SOSIG: DEAD DROP COVE! --- New week, New music! I've been working on the newest installment in the point and click adventure with the 'Dead Drop Cove' exploration theme, check it out below! Thanks, Nathan
  14. --- NEW PIRATEY TAVERN MUSIC FOR CHOOK & SOSIG! --- Here's the first silly/drunkard Pirate track which will be included in the Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank OST! Check it out here -> Thanks, Nathan
  15. Thanks so much! Variety is the Spice of Life!