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  1. --- NEW SEGA MEGADRIVE/JAZZ/FUNK BEST BURGER OST MUSIC! ---- Had a lot of fun for the music in this mini-game tune, loved jamming the basslines and with my vocoder! Have a listen and get in touch if you want any kind of audio for your project! Thanks, Nathan
  2. --- NEW JRPG BATTLE MUSIC! --- Working on lots of projects at the moment, here's the first battle track for 'The Story of Revere' OST. Let me know what you think, and as always, I'm looking for new projects so get in touch for a quote! Thanks, Nathan
  3. --- BEST BURGER OST MASTER --- Hey everyone! I've just had a Master of the Best Burger OST so far! There's more little tunes to come but for now here it is in it's Mastered state, have a listen and tell me what you think! Thanks, Nathan
  4. --- New Music for New Project Love.Net! --- Here's the first incarnation of the main theme for the new VN in development 'Love.Net'! Check out the dancey fun below and get in touch if you want to work together on something! Thanks, Nathan
  5. --- NEW MUMMY'S DAY MASSACRE MUSIC! --- In the last tune for the Mummy's Day Massacre OST, we have the casual gameplay music for the Single Player campaign! With a lot of current projects coming to and end recently, I'm looking for a 2-3 new projects to work on, so get in touch! Thanks, Nathan
  6. -- NEW LATIN/SALSA TUNE! --- Here's the new tune in the Best Burger OST ! It's Salsa Saturdays at the BB diner so get on down! I'm also currently looking for new projects, so get in touch! Thanks, Nathan
  7. --- NEW MUSIC! BEST BURGER BOSSA BABY! --- Here's a new tune from this week, we're getting all chilled and groovin' compared to last week's boss battle! We're heading from Industrial to Bossa baby! I'm currently looking for new projects also atm, so GET IN TOUCH! Thanks, Nathan
  8. -- NEW INDUSTRIAL METAL BOSS FIGHT MUSIC! -- We're getting very silly and serious this week with the BEST BURGER BIG BOSS BATTLE! Or BBBB for short! Have a listen here -> And GIF context here -> Thanks as always, Nathan
  9. --- NEW BEST BURGER OST MUSIC! --- Here's the second menu track for the Best Burger OST, contrasting the previous to keep the players on their toes we have a chilled funk jam! Follow us over here ---> Thanks, Nathan
  10. --- Best Burger OST! - Lenny's Load Up Groove --- Here's a new tune for the 'Best Burger' OST with a funky little loading/menu screen jam! Lenny has been upgraded from 8 bit for this one, funkin' out with a modern sound! I'm always looking for new devs, so get in touch Thanks, Nathan
  11. --- NEW RPG MUSIC - THE DESCENT! --- Here is the Cave area/exploring theme for the Infinity PBR universe! This track works equally effectively with all the layers removed or remixed, so head over to to find out more about what we're doing! Thanks, Nathan
  12. --- Boogie Beat Brawlers! ---Just finished the first little demo track for the Boogie Beat Brawlers OST tonight! Check out the tune and check out the game as it develops over on Twitter!,Nathan
  13. --- THE MARCH OF THE MINIONS! --- The March of the Minions, Hell's Pawn's, The Imps in the Infinity PBR universe! I'm always looking for new devs and projects to work on, so get in touch! Thanks, Nathan
  14. --- NEW RPG MUSIC! THE BARD'S TALE! --- Here is 'The Bard's Tale' a song commonly sung in taverns, marketplaces and homes throughout the Infinity PBR land! I'm always looking for new game devs to to work and add to my roster of already amazing people I currently work with! So if you like what you hear, get in touch! Thanks, Nathan
  15. --- NEW EPIC HERO THEME! --- Here is the new Epic Hero Theme for the Infinity PBR series! It follows the story arch of a strong Hero who not only has to fight his own battles, but must remain strong for the people he must protect! Check it out here - Also I am always looking for new devs and all around great people to work with, so get in touch if you want my audio for your project! Thanks, Nathan