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  1. Very slick and good looking. Really wants me to make more gamey games with Construct... I bet it's a blast in two-player mode. I remember reading about twoplayergames a few years ago and I did think about modifying one of my old games to a new two-player game. Hey, even Bench Press can be a two-player game - just add a spotter
  2. Thanks and good lift! I know most "gamers" will dismiss the game as too simple and that's OK - they are not really the target audience - but it does has a lot more depth than is apparent from the start. That's why I included in-depth instructions. I also plan to develop new games with different characters (i.e. like Nintendo Punch-Out) that will further showcase and exploit the less apparent mechanisms of the game. For example: a fat guy with a very bouncy belly, an amazon with very "touchy" tits, someone with a right arm double the size of the left arm, etc.
  3. I have ported one of my most popular old Flash-games: Bench Press! As the name implies, it's a how-fast-can-you-press game . Play it here: This version works best with keyboard control on laptop/desktop. It does have virtual buttons for touch screens but I am developing a seperate full-screen version for tablets/phones. It should be available soon. A few words about the development process... This was NOT a project well suited for Construct 2. The game itself is mainly math and did not use many of the plug-ins and behaviours of Construct 2. It was considerably easier to make with pure AS3 code in Flash. Still Construct has impressed me a lot and I will hopefully make other games (in very different genres) with it in the future.
  4. On par with Mochi for Flash games. Basically I earn much more from standard Adsense on the games webpage, but I certainly haven't had any issues with payments or support. I have not used them for HTMl5-games yet.
  5. I plan to apply for Adsense for HTML5 and in the meantime I will use CPMStar, which I started to use after the Mochi shutdown.
  6. Quick feedback. Looks lovely but I also had problems playing although I immediately grasped the Pang! concept. I had to reload to restart. Very promising though.
  7. I really like all kinds of Snake-game and this is well done. I only played to level 6 but I may continue later. I did a Nibbler-with-puzzles in Flash many years ago: It is very different from your game but one day I will make a sequel and I may find some inspiration in your game. Your game reminded me a lot about certain levels from Chocolate Castle - a PC-downloadable that I played about ten years ago.
  8. You can set blue.mouseEnabled to false and you can, of course, also simply remove the listener temporarily. Hiding with overlapping graphics won't work unless you check for top-most object blue.addEventListener('mouseover', function(e) { if(e.currentTarget === stage.getObjectUnderPoint(e.stageX, e.stageY)){ alert('blue hover') } }, false); It's not perfect, however, as mouseover will not be triggered when the mouse moves from overlapped area to visible area.
  9. Yes, it's irritating and it did not work like that in Flash if I remember correctly. As far as I know, you'll have to check if the target is the top-most object with container.getObjectUnderPoint()
  10. I don't think there is an "easy" way to do it, but one way is to simply chain several tweens in a row. .to({y:solidOriginalY - 50} , 600).to( {... Another way is to loop and keep count in a "change" event handler and then stop the tween/loop from there: .to({y:solidOriginalY - 50}, 600 ,createjs.Ease.SineIn) .addEventListener("change", handleChange); function handleChange(e){ //check your counter and then //solidsAnim.removeTweens(icon) }
  11. The websiste is VERY temporary. Strange it wouldn’t load. Please try again, it’s only 3-4 MB. Thanks for trying and for the feedback!
  12. My third timeline game is finished. I have posted about the two previous ones here: This time I have made more illustrations than ever but unfortunately I have not had much time to work on the 'engine' itself. In other words: if you have tried the previous ones, you won't find much you haven't seen before. That said, I think this is the best one yet
  13. Thank you! I kind of like the checkered background but I can see that some find it a bit 'simplistic'. I do have some other ideas but I haven't tried them yet.
  14. My second timeline game is finished. The first game about ancient Rome was also posted here This time I use more pictures & photos. I have attempted to make it more accessible, but it may not have the same depth as the Rome game. I learn with each game and hopefully the next (classical Greek) will be even better. I also aim to add slick effects for each game. To this I added 'parallax' scrolling background. Hopefully subtle enough to not be distracting..
  15. Thank you for valuable feedback. We don’t want to repeat ”which year” in every question to save space. Our convention is to present an event in precent tense. Sometimes it doesn’t work well. I have changed the question in question to: “At the height of Pax Romana, the PANTHEON with its 43 m diameter dome is completed”. Not perfect, but better. Yes, perhaps manual panning/zooming of the timeline should never be required. It’s main purpose is to enable study of the timeline between questions and levels. When you know how to do it, it is actually very comfortable but it may cause confusion as a very short pan/zoom will count as a click (I will try to shorten it). There are instructions on how to control the timeline but they are easy to miss. At least the manual panning is only required on the very last level – so well done for reaching it and the impressive score! Thanks, yes it has crossed my mind to let it evolve to a tool. There are a lot of other problems, which I am aware of. It is especially tricky to make it work for both total beginners and students of history. For casual players a world history overview will probably work much better. I also plan to add some effects to spice up the look and feel of the game. But as it is meant to be quite serious, I can't go overboard. I will now add new "chapters" but even the Rome chapter will probably see a lot of changes as I go along.