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  1. I've been making this game for 3,5 years. It's a strategy game with hexagonal tiles and NATO military marks. As now, you can play only on one computer with friend. I don't know when I'll finish it (I want to make AI this summer). It's also not named yet. Link: With the link there's a game guide, but here are some tips: -there's a difference whether you click on an millitary unit or other part of hexagon, -it's pretty hard to make paths, as you can only make moves by a straight way, -paths are ended by clicking a hexagon two times, -you can effectively control cities with units of size 10 or more, -"taxes" is only giving money to another city, there can be two cities taxing each other, -a city needs a production level to make units which need steel,
  2. I made some corrections to the script. In previous version I made an optimalization, but it didn't work then (it divides whole canvas into smaller fields, so script can test interactions only with near soldiers). I also shrinked size of the canvas (from giant 1200x900 to 900x675). I use one tactic: from first row (white horses) I send upper unit to far top and others to the bottom. It makes a gap between axemen, where I send second row of horses. I also come with new levels. But you must use sandbox to play them: 4g8;;4g80g80g80g80g81g61g61g61g61g61g61g61g6 - Shields vs. Axes, pretty easy ;;246;;;263;616;;528;518518; - Hunting Animals, medium ;;;;4984984984981g01g01g01g01g01g01g01g0 - Four times outnumbered, hard ;;;;;2g6;;1g01g01g01g01g01g01g01g0 - Lonely poisoners, very hard, but I promise I bet it. It takes much time to win.
  3. Since last summer, I've been making a simple tactical game. Now I want to show it to the world. LINK: Sorry for large number of text in Polish, but I'm kinda patriotic. ;P "Bitewka" means "little battle" in my language. Unfortunately, game doesn't word on mobile devices. How to play: You are red and fight with blue. Both armies are divided into units (max 8), consisting up to 16 soldiers. You command the units by dragging their symbols. I made seven stages: one easy (Noob War), two hard (Rangers, Elephants), three very hard (Horses, Challenge and Crossbows) and one hard-to-lose (Chuck Norris). I created also "Sandbox" (be aware what are you writing to "Code", it can crash after putting invalid text). HINT: you can destroy bigger armies if you move faster and have wider weapon range. Just avoid contact with enemy. Units available: -swordsmen - short distance, can bear a shield, -axemen - short distance, cannot bear shield, better attack stats -bowmen - long distance, cannot bear shield, poison arrows at 3 attack level -crossbowmen - long distance, can bear shield, -spearmern - slightly longer distance, can bear shield, longer spears at 3 attack level -horsemen - fastest (normal) unit, uses spears -elephants - strongest (normal) unit, -Chuck Norris (XD) - I wanted to make a mage, but I was too lazy. Each unit has three attack and defence levels of their weapon or shield. I allow to make your own version of the game. There's link to code: There are no images, whole game is only in one file, even weapons are drawn in the code whith strange sinus-based coordinates. The game is built from scratch with sole javascript and HTML5, no engine has been used. If I find some time, I would make more types of terrain (mountain, river, hill, forest) and even make a strategy game based on it - add map like in Total War series or Great War of Prefectures (a japanese flash game). But don't expect it to be made so quickly. ;P