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  1. Raggar

    Rotating cloned imported mesh

    https://playground.babylonjs.com/indexStable.html#PN1NNI#98 In the exporter - at least the one for Max, models are exported with the rotationQuaternion property set. When this is the case, .rotation is not used. Either null out the rotationQuaternion, or rotate the model/clone using one of the methods that supports quaternion rotations.
  2. Raggar

    I Love This Forum

    Ask him when we'll see him aboard the Orville
  3. Raggar

    Create ramp for ground

    If only I could remember what I did to fix the positioning. I ended up using a ribbon instead of a ground. This way, I create the ramp shape based on 4 clicks/picks. One for each corner. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#GQ83J#10 Click 4 times to create the ramp.
  4. Why not do it in blender, since you already have the file on hand? All you have to do is create a new bone without any vertices/weights assigned to it and place it right where your pivot should be(right above your Body bone). You link the head, arms and gun bones to this bone, and then link this bone to the Body bone. Then the skeleton will behave as before, while giving you the opportunity to transform the upper body using one control point. If it Has to be done in BabylonJs, then that is possible as well by creating a new bone, and doing the same thing as discussed above: https://doc.babylonjs.com/api/classes/babylon.bone#constructor
  5. Make sure you include cannon.js Before babylon.js.
  6. Raggar

    High quality glowing sphere?

    It will still work without that function. You might have forgotten setting an emissiveColor?
  7. Raggar

    Ignore Gravity and Use Collisions only

    You have a few options to choose from. Every frame, you can set the Y velocity of the physics body to 0. You can also apply a constant upward force of the same value as the gravity. Or you can set the gravity to 0, and then apply downward forces to the bodies you need to apply gravity to. Another thing is to take the wanted position, let's say (14,20,32), and use this to calculate a direction vector based on the current position and the wanted position. Then you apply this vector as your force, to constantly keep the body moving toward the direction. The farther it is from the position, the faster it will go. That behavior can be prevented by scaling the vector by some static value, though.
  8. Raggar

    High quality glowing sphere?

    The glowLayer works fine with created meshes. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#IEW571
  9. Raggar


    I tried that in other games. Never understood why invert_pitch invert_yaw invert_roll
  10. Raggar


    https://raggar.co/dronez/ [WASD]+Mouse I needed a break from my multiplayer game, so I spent a little over a week making a little mini-game. Created using BabylonJS and CannonJS. No objectives. Just shoot the enemy AAs and drones. - Tested on Chrome and Firefox @ Windows - There's a bug resulting on some AAs being invincible. - Much of the code could be rewritten and optimized. I actually made a tank as well as a jet, so I might revive this project at some point. I have a little 2-day mini-project in mind first, though.
  11. Raggar

    Fastest way to display fps

    You have to create an HTML element and assign it an ID of "fpsLabel". <div id="fpsLabel"></>
  12. Raggar

    Charging particle effect

    You can change the direction of all the individual particles. Change them to a direction vector based on the positions of the particles and the emitter, like this: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WBQ8EM#11
  13. At some point, the setScale function was changed to require a vector3 instead of 3 separate parameters. This works. I removed the initial scaling of the bones, as it happens in the loop anyway. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#94EHM5#2
  14. Nah. Mistake on my part. I meant the other way around as well. Jesus..
  15. Same thing can happen if you load CannonJS before BabylonJS.