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  1. Could it be this: http://phaser.io/examples/v2/animation/dynamic-animation // And now add it to the cache, so any sprite can use it // The parameters can be found in the API docs, but the important parts are to leave the URL blank and pass the bmd.canvas as the data value // The 22x22 is the frame size and 16 the quantity of frames game.cache.addSpriteSheet('dynamic', '', bmd.canvas, 22, 22, 16, 0, 0);
  2. HI, @JTronLabs. I sent you a pull request last night with some modifications that may help you solve your problem. Your test project is using the "No Physics" custom build that omits, among Arcade and P2 physics engines, several other features, including: Tiled Tilemaps support; The Weapons Plugin; and The Particles system. I don't know how much these features are related or how they specifically depend on Arcade Physics. At least, for the Weapons plugin it does make sense to omit it, I'm not convinced about the others, though. But this is how Phaser 2 was designed, and I won't discuss it here further. (I bet someone could figure out a way and make Tilemaps or Particles no longer tied to AP.) So, even if you add Phaser as an external dependency to your library, that may not help you much. If your component depends on a class that's not included in a Phaser build (which is causing the "class extends undefined" issue), it'll just fail to load. So your best bet there is to include, at least, some kind of feature detection. Hope that helps.