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  1. Cool! What server-side lib are you using for the multiplayer aspect or have you built your own?
  2. Great, thanks @davrous
  3. This is all so cool! What are the performance implications of including the VR controller models in scenes? They seem to be pretty high-poly.
  4. Interesting problem :-) I would have also said that a different texture for each roller with either masks or simply use alpha transparent textures on planes with edge directly under each roller and animate the texture transform. But like you mentioned your use-case sounds more complicated. Could you try doing it exactly the way the printing is done in reality i.e. directly under each roller sample a row of pixels from an off-screen texture and composite them on a new, visible texture representing the print? Dynamic textures created from array buffer I think is the right terminology? User could deactivate printing on any roller and you simply stop laying down new rows of pixels. Not sure how performant this would be though.
  5. In this case I don't think it's a Drupal specific issue. In Drupal /node is just the default path for the home page content (usually a list of published teasers that have been promoted to front page) so I'm guessing your BJS app is embedded on your home page, therefore your css path is relative to /node unless you prefix it with forward slash, then it should be relative to the web root. Anyway, I'm no expert, just a guess.
  6. I work with Drupal daily. Have you tried prepending themeRoot with forward slash i.e.: themeRoot: "/themes/uconstruct/", This should ensure the path is relative to the Drupal web root rather than appended to the current URL.
  7. I'd be happy to step up and do some testing if you let me know what's required. Can't help too much with code just yet but testing I can do.
  8. Camera far clipping plane i.e. maxZ?
  9. Impressive work!
  10. Personally, BJS being Typescript is one of the core reasons that I was drawn to it, and I've been using JS for 20 years. After all that time I still dislike javascript's idiosyncrasies. TS is cleaner and lets me use the latest bleeding edge features of ES6 right now, with type checking to boot. I value the direction the BJS project is headed. I don't really see what the issue is. This is the direction JS is headed anyway. Like Babel, TS is just a great way to utilise the latest and greatest ES6 syntax now without sacrificing broad compatibility. Complaining about it just seems like you don't want JS to change at all, ever. But that's a different discussion.
  11. Is it practical for the code maintainers/contributors to create Github issues for any forum reported bugs that have been confirmed then cross-reference between the Github issue and forum post? It might be too much extra work. I think it's going to be hard to change community behaviour to report bugs in Github only and not the forum. Maybe there's a way to use git post-commit hooks in Github to automatically comment back to the referenced forum post? That's probably a lot of work to setup too though ...
  12. Some people will find fault with everything, no matter how fantastic it is (and Babylon.js is fantastic). There's always something better just round the next corner - it's the refrain of perfectionists everywhere. Perfection doesn't exist so it's impossible to ever be fully satisfied. I'm not picking on @dbawel here. I say this as a recovering perfectionist myself
  13. I want to interrupt/stop and completely remove all animations on a mesh that have been started with BABYLON.Animation.CreateAndStartAnimation(). I'm using scene.stopAnimation() but having some strange corner cases in testing that make me suspect some animations are still playing when I try to initiate new ones.