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  1. I noticed the following audio documentation (at PG resources are missing: sounds/cellolong.wav sounds/violons18.wav Additionally, the Analyser sample at the end of the page ( doesn't work due to missing violons18.wav but if I change this to a resource that does exist like violons11.wav then the page/tab just hangs or crashes.
  2. Virtual fashion show

    Cool. Just to clarify, I was only referring to the hands. I think the rest of the animation looks great.
  3. Animation weights

    So cool!
  4. Virtual fashion show

    Great work! The avatar is looking quite realistic and natural. Hand finger pose and animation looks a little wooden but it's probably just because you haven't gotten to that bit yet. Still, it's looking quite convincing :-)
  5. Release notes for alpha/beta build

    Oh and you could look in Github Milestones e.g. for the upcoming 3.2 release.
  6. Release notes for alpha/beta build

    Documentation > What's New For more recent builds I think you might need to look at the Github commit activity for the respective tag e.g.
  7. 360 videos

    Great! But might need a smaller demo video from a faster server :-)
  8. Blender 5.5 Exporter

    It's worth noting that the installation instructions in the BJS documentation seem incorrect. They suggest unzipping the archive and finding - a file which isn't in the 5.5 archive. It's only when I read the readme in the git repo I realised that I should simply install the zip and Blender does the extracting and building itself.
  9. Transparent png border

    I think this is due to mipmappoing/filtering - the blurring bleeds through to the opposite edge - like a wrap-around effect. If you ensure there's always adequate gap between the opaque part of the texture and the edge then you won't see this bleed through.
  10. Babylon.js 3.1 is available!!!

    Awesome work on the 3.1 release! Great promo video and I must say that the new Flight Helmet demo by Patrick Ryan is stunning - I keep going back to it just to admire the attention to detail in the 3D model and the variety of realistic materials. Superb! I would love to see a "making of" blog post or tutorial for that.
  11. Thanks @Wingnut and @SvenFrankson That's what I was looking for. Will try adding in normal to approximate dents and scratches. For more major damage I'm planning on using exploded geometry.
  12. Creating a Threaded Screw

    Modelling screw and bolt threads could max out the poly count pretty quickly. Fair enough if you need a closeup of each screw but if you have many screws as part of a larger assembly and they're never intended to be seen closeup then I'd be tempted to use a simple low poly cylinder, with a repeating normal map to approximate the thread. At distance you'd hardly notice the difference.
  13. I've seen the decal demo and also 1 or 2 threads related to dynamic textures. I am wanting more realistic damage than I think a simple decal can provide so am wanting to use (I think) dynamic textures to alter the diffuse, normal and specular maps to achieve a scratched and dented look. Just wondering if there's any examples of this?
  14. Parametric cabinet

    Impressive work!