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  1. I probably shouldn't wade into this discussion, but here goes ... I don't have a problem with the jobs board and don't see how it could be possibly misconstrued as illegal. All it's providing is another avenue for people to initially connect. Mutually agreed employment offers and contracts are separate to that initial contact and anyone who enters into an informal or casual arrangement or performs and delivers a bunch of work without agreements and payment milestones in place is taking a risk. That's just life. There's free legal docs and digital signing available at if anyone's interested. Require a commencement deposit and milestone payments for large chunks of work. If a deposit isn't paid, don't start work and if any payment milestone isn't met, stop work. Simple, and works for me. I'm a progressive lefty with strong socialist inclinations as well but everyone's still got to eat, pay rent and support families. If you're in the enviable position of not having to worry about such financial matters then you can be more philanthropic and give all your time away for free and that's great, but sadly most of us don't have that luxury 😞 I think many people, myself included, try to strike a balance between contributing back for free (open source, providing help etc) and ensuring our financial responsibilities are met. It's not a zero sum game ...
  2. Great work and love the write-up.
  3. I'd also like to plug Colyseus.js for implementing multi-player networking with node.js .There's also some Babylon.js + Colyseus boilerplate code to get people started here
  4. @AhmedFathyHagar you should also post this on the Babylon.js Announcements forum because I almost missed this ...
  5. inteja

    Photorealistic Skydome for Babylon

    It's not shader code. The JS was generated from a Typescript class that loads star data in the form of a json file, then builds a mesh with a single triangle representing each star.
  6. inteja

    Photorealistic Skydome for Babylon

    Cool, thanks for the reply @Rodrix3 Forgive my shader ignorance, but I'm wondering if there'd be anyway to blend my celestial sphere between the background sky color and the foreground clouds?
  7. inteja

    Photorealistic Skydome for Babylon

    Nice work @Rodrix3 I'm looking for or to do something along these lines as well. I started with a celestial star sphere and want to now add sun, moon, sky color, lens flares, clouds, time of day etc. Your shader looks beautiful but I'm wondering if performance can be improved somehow? I was just planning on using mostly non-shader techniques for various elements then blend those elements with the BJS SkyMaterial, but I don't know if this is the best approach. It might be more performant though than a 100% shader approach. I won't know until I try. For calculating sun position, moon position, moon phases etc I've found a few good libs like SunCalc, Astro.js and Astronomia.
  8. I'm curious about "illustrate a new concept" vs "models need to be highly representative of their real-world counterpart". The latter implies these objects already exist, in which case wouldn't there already be CAD models in existence? The question is important because it will make a big impact on who you need to hire. If 3D CAD models exist then you essentially just need someone who can retopo / create a low-poly game-ready model from those CAD models. If only 2D CAD drawings exist you need someone who is proficient in modeling low-poly from supplied plans and elevations. If nothing yet exists and you're working from ideas alone then you ideally need an industrial designer to work with you through all the design issues. Even if you just need conceptual models to illustrate an idea without the 100% accuracy required for prototype manufacture, then there's still a huge amount of time involved that's not strictly modeling.
  9. inteja

    why babylon.js if unity export webgl??

    I've used Unity for a few projects in the past but, at the time, export to WebGL was buggy and file sizes were monstrous (unjustifiable for web deployment - users wouldn't have the patience to wait). Sure, stability has and will continue to improve but I doubt they'll be able to make a significant dent in the actual engine file size or memory requirements for WebGL deployment, at least not until web assembly is available everywhere. Having said that, I think there's plenty of room in the market for the likes of Unity, Unreal, Babylon, Three etc, just like Blender can thrive in the face of heavyweights like 3dsmax and Maya (I switched from 3dsmax to Blender myself). Diversity is strength. I've been around long enough to know that defacto commercial monopolies and proprietary technology never last. It's always good to have viable alternatives that leverage open standards. What I value most about Babylon is the ability to capitalise on the web stack of standard web technologies I'm most familiar with e.g. javascript, typescript, html5, nodejs etc. Tight integration with standard web technologies and rapid prototyping, testing and deployment make a big difference to me. Yes this can be done with Unity to a certain extent, but it's many steps removed and the process is obfuscated by the compiler. Call me crazy but another thing I like is truly writing once and deploying everywhere. Unity promises this, but as a content author you still need to make allowances and compromises and test, test and retest for every target platform. I know that if I develop with Babylon I don't have to worry so much about platform capabilities because WebGL (version 1 at least) is almost universally supported. It may seem like we're targeting "the lowest common denominator" but sweet baby cheeses have you seen what can be accomplished with WebGL 1 and 2 these days!? I'd argue that if you're aiming to target web deployment then all those extra bells and whistles that Unity and Unreal offer don't matter so much. I like having clearly defined constraints as it forces me to come up with novel solutions. Anyway, that's just a few random thoughts. At the end of the day you've got to choose what works best for you.
  10. Sounds cool and you've obviously put a lot of work in so congrats on that! I am a bit curious about the patent though. I guess I don't know the technical details of your patent application but if they're in alignment with your above post then there's quite a bit of prior art that should invalidate any such patent. I've been working in web 3D and VR for over 20 years - ever since the days of VRML1 and have worked for 3 companies that have tackled similar concepts i.e. trying to create an easy to use, scalable multiuser web 3D browsing experience for everyone, irrespective of technical ability. So even if you are granted a patent it might be difficult and costly to defend it if challenged. But otherwise great work and I wish you all the best with it.
  11. inteja

    Inspector / debug layer blank?

    Sorry, worked it out. Inspector was inheriting project's CSS font-size: 0; Might be worth adding an absolute font-size to inspector so it's unaffected by parent font-size and to protect against idiot users like myself :-)
  12. I have a bjs/node/webpack app in which the inspector is completely blank/unpopulated (see attached screenshot). No console errors. No network/load errors. Have tried explicitly npm installing and importing inspector but no change.
  13. @endel has just updated his BabylonJS + Colyseus Multiplayer Boilerplate repository to support the latest BabylonJS, Colyseus, Node.js, TypeScript, Webpack and related dependencies. It's a great starting point for anyone interested in developing multiplayer games or multiuser applications with BabylonJS. Here's more information: BabylonJS + Colyseus Multiplayer Boilerplate Colyseus website Colyseus documentation Support Endel via his Patreon campaign
  14. Ah I see. Sorry I misunderstood the explanation in the docs (my reading not an issue with the docs). Thanks.
  15. Looking at the camera bouncing behaviour documentation PG example I can't notice any bouncing effect at all. Is it just really subtle or isn't it working?