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  1. That's probably fine. You may have to account for game pauses somehow in your delta.
  2. This should work: BasicGame.Game.prototype = { create: function () { // ..., this); }, update: function () { if (escKey.isDown) { this.pauseGame(); } }, pauseGame: function () { // ... = true; } };
  3. You can try samme/phaser-batch-emitter or Particle Storm, which also has a dedicated SpriteBatch renderer.
  4. Here is the snow example on iPhone 5 / Phaser v2.7.10:
  5. Every display object (including Group) has an addChild method. Only Groups have an add method. It calls Group#addChild. You should always use Group#add. Because it's not a common task. You can write your own helper or overwrite Phaser's add/ methods and add those arguments.
  6. Try just myGroup.bottom.
  7. Can you screenshot the display in Tiled and in Phaser?
  8. video

    Can you verify that the <video> itself doesn't flash black while scrubbing? You can insert it with something like document.body.appendChild(;
  9. Load JSON in one state, load images in a second state.
  10. That sounds right. I think you need just one button and then either hide or show it though. this.buyUnit1Button.visible = !this.gameUnit1Bought;
  11. That looks correct since the passed context, `this`, is the current state. You may just have to step through this to see what the problem is.
  12. You need to explain the problem. Is it not doing what you expect or is it giving you an error? If there's an error message, what is it?
  13. It's supposed to be. When forceSingleUpdate is false, Phaser tries to match the frame rate by adjusting the number of fixed-step updates, not by adjusting the size of the step. If you're using Phaser's physics, set forceSingleUpdate=false and leave everything else alone. If you have to use a delta yourself for some other calculation, use physicsElapsed. If you're using tweens, you won't have to calculate or use any deltas yourself. If you're writing your own physics, you're of course welcome to use what you want.
  14. You have to actually pass undefined. Maybe it should also accept null for that case, which seems natural to me. Also you'll want to update your Phaser, since v2.7.6 fixed a bug in circular body collisions.
  15. Use game.physics.arcade.collide(sprites) With collide(sprites, sprites), there seems to be 2 separations per collide call, which also seems wrong.