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  1. Detecting doubleTap in PhaserJS

    That's a Phaser 2 example, so it won't work. I don't see any Phaser 3 examples with double-tap yet.
  2. Does destroying a sprite also destroy it's tween?

    I don't think so. Probably you should remove it yourself.
  3. Destroy particle on collision

    I don't think this will work in Phaser 3, because Particles have their physics system.
  4. How does setCORS work

    That actually sounds like the CDN is ignoring or denying the cross-origin request. That seems unusual for a CDN though. Can you open the image URL directly?
  5. Scene restarting not resetting camera FX

    I'd noticed that too. It's possible it is intended, to allow you to fade in/out between scenes.
  6. Scaling problem when adding group as Child

    You're scaling the mapGroup members twice. They're already receiving a scale transformation from the MapScreen sprite.
  7. You can set the checkCollision properties before each collision call, as necessary.
  8. Error happens after state restart

    Is it possible that the "new" onSizeChange handler (not the "old" handler that failed to detach) is getting called before a "new" tileLayer is assigned? You can add in shutdown this.tileLayer = null; and see if the error changes.
  9. Error happens after state restart

    It does seem that detach should avoid that. Are this.scaleSignal and this.tileLayer assigned at about the same time?
  10. Scene rebooting issue - Sprites don't disappear

    It seems to work in v3.3.0.
  11. Save a reference to it, or (for random access) use group.children.get('name', 'NAME');
  12. Scene rebooting issue - Sprites don't disappear

    Don't use game.scene (the Scene Manager). Use this.scene (the Scene's Scene Plugin): this.scene.start(); // OR (Phaser v3.4.0): this.scene.restart(); Or if you must use game.scene, you need start and stop: game.scene.stop('KEY'); game.scene.start('KEY');
  13. Set debug=true on both layers. Use the layer argument in setCollision.
  14. Landscape mode with Phaser 3?

    It would be difficult to remap input onto a rotated canvas. Just try to detect orientation and add a message for the user.
  15. Maybe we just have different ideas of "as fast as possible" here. I mean RAF doesn't run continuously. It's synchronized, and it's stable as long the thread isn't busy. I said usually 60Hz because that's the most common refresh rate. If it's not 60 it will be come other stable rate. More importantly, you can use the time delta in update:\timestep\variable smooth step.js