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  1. samme

    Can't restart game?

    It's from calling animations.add(…) again with the same keys. A common approach is using a dedicated scene for loading assets and animations that runs only once.
  2. samme

    Phaser Canvas Destroy config/game destroy.js
  3. samme

    How to return a Phaser.Game object?

    Could you just put it in a scene? function preload() { let mapSize = 64; let tileSize = 4; this.load.json('map', 'http://localhost:5000/map?size=' + mapSize + '&tileSize=' + tileSize + '&img=0'); } function create() { let map = this.cache.json.get('map'); let empire = makeGame(map, mapSize, tileSize); // … }
  4. samme

    Scene event callbacks
  5. samme

    A 'global' container, Ideas?

    Use this.registry from a scene.
  6. samme

    dynamic background colour?\background color interpolate.js
  7. samme

    Moving a mask with it's parent

    If you use childSprite.addChild(mask) etc. I believe it should work in the latest Phaser CE.
  8. samme

    setCircle doesn't work on a staticGroup game object

    OK, it turns out Phaser.Physics.Arcade.StaticBody#drawDebug draws a rectangle no matter what the body shape. You could try Phaser.Physics.Arcade.StaticBody.prototype.drawDebug = Phaser.Physics.Arcade.Body.prototype.drawDebug;
  9. samme

    how to decelerate sprite arcade physic

    setDrag will work, with or without damping, as long as acceleration is 0. accelerate to (setDrag w/o damping) asteroids movement (setDrag w/ damping)
  10. samme

    Create a moving platform
  11. samme

    Tutorial requests

    You can use a PathFollower (it seems to work nearly the same way) but friction doesn't work, so the rider falls off.
  12. samme

    GameObject update never called?

    I think it's fine to override the preUpdate method if you like. A lot of the examples do this. Nb. It won't work for Game Objects without a preUpdate method (e.g., Image). You have to remember to call the parent class's preUpdate method. preUpdate comes a little earlier than update. For instance, with ArcadeSprite, preUpdate runs right before the physics step whereas update runs right after. For a lot of cases I'd guess it doesn't make a big difference, though.
  13. samme

    How to skip a couple of game ticks?

    I would just add a small delay.