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  1. Scale a tilesprite

    It looks like tileScale doesn't exist in Phaser 3. You may be able to get the same effect by scaling the sprite: this.add.tileSprite(400, 300, 0.5 * 150, 0.5 * 150, 'image1').setScale(2);
  2. Map not appearing

    You need this.load.tilemap(…) in a preload call.
  3. Problem with Edge (browser)

    Different browsers have different capabilities and also different opinions on what merits a warning. I don't see a problem in my copy of part8.html. You can click the linked lines to look at it. If the game is running, it's not serious. Phaser uses premultipliedAlpha: true by default, so that second warning may be irrelevant.
  4. Map not appearing

    I don't see where you're loading the map.
  5. Zooming out on tilemap layer?

    Could you try temporarily switching to the CANVAS renderer or to a dynamic tilemap?
  6. update vs render - frequency

  7. I think it's the actual decoding of the audio by the device (and not the callback itself) that uses a lot of memory. Try to load fewer sounds at once, and destroy/remove sounds once you're finished with them.
  8. A Brunch skeleton for making games with Phaser 3. (Why Brunch?) Choose your own adventure with CoffeeScript, ES6, TypeScript, or plain JS. server live-compiles and live-reloads minifies (in production mode) fast builds automatic NPM integration easy! npm install -g brunch && brunch new <project> -s phaser # OR choose one of the variants: brunch new <project> -s samme/brunch-phaser-coffee # CoffeeScript brunch new <project> -s samme/brunch-phaser-es6 # ES6 brunch new <project> -s samme/brunch-phaser-typescript # TypeScript samme/brunch-phaser For Phaser 2 / Phaser CE: npm install -g brunch && brunch new <project> -s samme/brunch-phaser2 samme/brunch-phaser2
  9. photonstorm/phaser/pull/3394
  10. How to extend state

  11. Brunch with Phaser 3 (starter project)

    @tiggus and Remove all the CSS styles in index.html
  12. Brunch with Phaser 3 (starter project)

    @tiggus thanks. brunch-phaser-es6 compiles to ES5, so that shouldn't be a problem. If you're curious/patient you could try: Compare (the same floaty logo scene) Remove all the text styles and shadows in menu.js Change pointerup to pointerdown in menu.js Remove all the blend modes in default.js
  13. Brunch with Phaser 3 (starter project)

    @tiggus thanks. It could be that only the menu text is missing. Can you still click/tap through to the "game" screen?
  14. Brunch with Phaser 3 (starter project)

    What exactly do you see?
  15. Can't call a function!

    Declaration for arraysChosen should resemble the other methods (if that's line 28). Completions - ES6 Syntax
  16. Rotate game / force into landscape

    No, forceOrientation declares a preferred orientation and enables the correct/incorrectOrientation signals so you can respond to them. Usually you just ask the user to rotate the device.
  17. Disable Antialias in Phaser 3

    There will be antialias in v3.3.0.
  18.\camera\background color.js
  19. Group and Text

    cloudGroup =; for (var i = 0; i < 2; i++) { randomNumberX = Math.floor(Math.random() * 580) + 1; // Create a new sprite at a random world location var cloud = cloudGroup.create(randomNumberX, i * (-300), 'cloud1'); cloud.addChild(game.make.text(0, 0, 'cloud' + i)); }
  20. Fire Weapons with a Group

  21. Group and Text

    Do you want to attach a text object to each sprite in a group? You need to use sprite.addChild for that. Or do you just want a group of text objects?
  22. Group and Text

    // And add 10 sprites to it for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) { // Create a new sprite at a random world location var sprite = yourGroup.create(,, 'sonic'); sprite.addChild(game.make.text(0, 0, 'sprite' + i)); // etc. }
  23. Fire Weapons with a Group

    Remove trackSprite and call fire individually for each enemy.
  24. Trouble getting started with rhythm game

    I'll try an example if I can figure out the BPM in the sample audio files.