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  1. Joris

    My first HTML5 game

    Oh wow that looks awesome!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I added a link to it on the game page, hopefully i'll be able to make something like that one day.
  2. Joris

    My first HTML5 game

    Thank you so much for looking over my code, i completely missed that bug i should probably use more variables next time to prevent that, I fixed it now
  3. Joris

    My first HTML5 game

    Sorry it took me so long to respond i was really busy with school, Thank you so much, i know the art isn't the best but right now i am mainly focusing on the programming. Thank you so much for your feedback i will definitely look into that. Thank you so much that really means a lot to me. I think i did
  4. Joris

    My first HTML5 game

    Hi, my name is Joris i am 15 years old and i started coding html5 games about 2 weeks ago and i finally finished my first game. I would love to get some feedback and tips on how i can improve it. you can play it at: , Thanks for your time.