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  1. 100% agree with you. I hate it so I disable it. annoy
  2. I don't think it is related to refresh rate of the monitor
  3. Try open the example in one tab, remove rest tabs in your browser, then see what happened.
  4. i dont know what you have done, I did the game in 4k screen with very hd textures. all is running at 60 fps. You need to implement delta time for you transform or animation. and make sure not open too many webgl content in the browser at the same time, which your delta time will make your animation running same speed even the fps drops. don't scale the content in css otherwise your scene will be blur. please scale your game scene in PIXI. Hopefull those make sense to you
  5. import PIXI from 'pixi.min.js'
  6. will try that, how is that performance?
  7. yes, you can but it might be issue with performance, maybe worth try to use worker instead. you gotta know you cant save the picture directly to your local file system
  8. You need to implement delta time for spinning, it happened with WEBGL. but it is not that big deal if it is slow when 4 tabs opened. for the momeny, you better enable gc to be auto. but it norally working well with Webgl, it will release texture you havent used in GPU. for rest of them, you have to investigate your code. my game size is extra hd and texture quality is extremely high, 60 fps and upto 300 mb, then ram goes down. you gotta check your code to avoid memory leak
  9. spine

    let me know if it is updated to 3.6, I just notice my spine updated to 3.6 yesterday:)
  10. put your mask in the same container of your reels, then implement it. you can check if your mask is covering the whole reels, disable mask, and show your mask sprite area.
  11. I dont know why you force to upload texture all the time, when some texture is not uploaded to gpu, and when you want to animate with those textures, they will be uploaded to gpu automatically. the performance will be based on your size of texture, if it is huge, it will get issue with performance. or you can pre-upload them to gpu in the loading process.
  12. it is over complicated, you can use ticker in the update callback, it will pass delta time for you. it will be extremely simple to implement into any transform or animation.
  13. that is weird, I did slot as well, it works perfectly for me. I suggest to remove that.mainContainer.mask then check if your mask covered the area of your reels.
  14. make sure once texture not used, destroy them.
  15. which mask are you using, gradient mask is only working with webgl.