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  1. that depends on what you want:)
  2. check https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js instead of offical website
  3. did you change render size?
  4. haxe is very similar to actionscript. if you were a flash developer, you will easily pick up. the process to manage assets or development will be same as what you were doing with starling.
  5. It is weird to use cache when using loader at same time, why not do sprite sheet, dont try to load mutli png files for a game development, which will make you trouble to manage all assets
  6. I prefer to apply collisions to single tile instead
  7. maybe it did resize the viewport at some points internally. if that is the case, you can't call resize function instead of resizing in css style.
  8. localStorage is not working in some ios device, it should be fine in >ip6, it is weird in some old phone like iphone 5. maybe it is related to the configuration of your safari. take care of it, use try to access localstorage otherwise it might raise error at some point.
  9. It is fine for me, which version are you using.
  10. watch out viewport setting if you want to scale or using devicepixelRatio for your resolution in the mobile device.
  11. double check your viewport setting in your html head meta, make sure it is scaleable firstly then do Ivan to setup resolution. text will be updated automatically internally. once you done these way, you font will be very clear when you scale them or their parent.
  12. I fixed that due to viewport resize.
  13. It is recommended way to do namespace same as Csharp. it becomes so easy to manage. it is same for unity as well, brilliant brilliant and super brilliant to use namespace
  14. I did make screenshot, it looks much better with my local version, even without setting resoultion, just looks terrible in the platform, i guess they might scale the viewport or did some other dodge thing
  15. I did all of them but it seems not working:( and I found if my app was running in simple html page, it looks great but once deploy to the proper platform, it seems to reduce the quality. in the platform, it did css flip transition to launch the app under the viewport. Do you have any idea about it or guess what it might happen then i can invest.