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  1. PIXI-SOUND is not working in IE11 11.0.56

    I have found the issue HTMLAudioElement is fucked in this version of IE, basically What i did is just disable sound effect during the game totally and only allowed background sound loop.
  2. PIXI-SOUND is not working in IE11 11.0.56

    Are you using win10. I did auto upgrade. and I tried Howlerjs again and try to bug it. I found when source is played or pass src (audio), the whole thing is frozen for a second.
  3. PIXI-SOUND is not working in IE11 11.0.56

    I believe you mentioned the version is 11.0.50. 11.0.60 is not released yet. 11.0.56 was released just last month. I am using 11.0.50 in my workstation. It works perfectly
  4. PIXI-SOUND is not working in IE11 11.0.56

    Nobody likes working on IE but some time you have no choice.
  5. Today I accidently updated IE to the latest version then sound library is not working any more, I tried PIXI-SOUND and Howlerjs, both libraries are not working. when a sound is played, the game become frozen. in previous IE, it doesnt have such problem I think it might be due to the issue of HTMLAudioElement. I tried to look into the problem without any luck which I guess it might be the internal issue in the latest build of IE. Does anyone have any issues?
  6. Advise - Phaser/OpenFL/Something Else

    For as2, there are many code put on the frame of timeline in fla files. I suggest you get some proper dev to work out for you.
  7. parsing JSON in firefox fails

    I bet it was unicode issue. do UTF converting firstly then check no weird charactor code
  8. Pixi.JS / Pan & Zoom Canvas

    yeah, you can have a global transform to append others underneath.
  9. How pixi works in class ?

    wheel is only available when all assets is loaded. so you need to do if(this.wheel) this.wheel.rotation += 0.1;
  10. Check if sprite on-screen

    I think you can define your render area as the windows size, for rest sprites off screen, you just do them as normal. when they are off screen, they wont be rendered so the performance shouldn't be a problem. I bet the performance is due to your massive word especial your background. it will be challenge for gpu. maybe you can check tilemap.
  11. PIXI, sounds and Typescript

    I am using howler, which is fine for typescript.
  12. pixi-lights for v4?

    I did see finscn's one, it is very nice. but that is an experiment. I can't really use for commercial product. Maybe i need to work out my own.
  13. pixi-lights for v4?

    All of my dear friends here, do you know if pixi-lights is supported with v4 pixi?
  14. Text.cacheAsBitmap=true cuts off the text

    why not show text instead. in text, all characters is sprite. not any benefit from cachasbitmap.
  15. Parsing text and inserting images

    100% agree with you. I hate it so I disable it. annoy