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  1. Hey everyone! We are looking to add more multiplayer games to lagged.com! We're interested in custom games (contract based) and licensing already existing games (implementing our API). If you've already developed a multiplayer game or interested in working with us, send me a message! Examples of our multiplayer games: https://lagged.com/io/rackem https://lagged.com/io/freethrow https://lagged.com/io/drawthis Thanks! Dom Bruno
  2. FreeThrow.io

  3. FreeThrow.io

  4. FreeThrow.io

    FreeThrow.io is a new multiplayer game where you must try to out hoop your opponent in 60 seconds! Simply swipe to throw the ball into the air. Get 5 in a row to unlock the multiplier bonus. Game uses React.js on the client side and Node.js on the server side. Play for free: https://lagged.com/io/freethrow
  5. Rack'Em

    Rack'Em is an online multiplayer 8 ball pool game created with React.js, Three.js and Node.js Sink all of your balls before your opponent to win the game. Play here: http://lagged.com/io/rackem
  6. [Phaser] Youtuber’s Psycho Fan

    Really fun, great work!
  7. [Phaser] Happy Kittens Puzzle

    Lots of fun!
  8. DrawThis

  9. DrawThis

    DrawThis is a multiplayer drawing game built with CreateJS, NodeJS and Socket.io. Simply draw and guess doodles and try to win each match. Currently working on a level system and mobile apps. Game: https://drawthis.io/ c All feedback/bug reports welcome.
  10. Cool Math Games: Math Max [Phaser][Completed]

    Great stuff, added to lagged.com
  11. [C2] Find a Gap

    A game I worked on a few months ago, inspired by the flash game Man in Gap: http://lagged.com/play/155/ Description: Search for a gap in the walls before they close down on you! What changes/additions do you think would make the game better?
  12. Sailor Pop - Okijin Games

    Very fun, got addicted very quickly
  13. [Phaser] Retro Basketball

    Lots of fun, good luck!