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  1. Rack'Em

    Rack'Em is an online multiplayer 8 ball pool game created with React.js, Three.js and Node.js Sink all of your balls before your opponent to win the game. Play here: http://lagged.com/io/rackem
  2. [Phaser] Youtuber’s Psycho Fan

    Really fun, great work!
  3. [Phaser] Happy Kittens Puzzle

    Lots of fun!
  4. DrawThis

  5. DrawThis

    DrawThis is a multiplayer drawing game built with CreateJS, NodeJS and Socket.io. Simply draw and guess doodles and try to win each match. Currently working on a level system and mobile apps. Game: https://drawthis.io/ c All feedback/bug reports welcome.
  6. Cool Math Games: Math Max [Phaser][Completed]

    Great stuff, added to lagged.com
  7. [C2] Find a Gap

    A game I worked on a few months ago, inspired by the flash game Man in Gap: http://lagged.com/play/155/ Description: Search for a gap in the walls before they close down on you! What changes/additions do you think would make the game better?
  8. Sailor Pop - Okijin Games

    Very fun, got addicted very quickly
  9. [Phaser] Retro Basketball

    Lots of fun, good luck!