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    logic bombs for pirates

    If you hosted your own web game, and another site copied/stole it, would it be acceptable to have the game display a bunch of traumatizing "PIRACY!!!" alerts after a certain date? As the creator and host of the game, you could repost it with the date pushed farther in to the future, as needed. People who copied your game, and did not have the latest one, would end up displaying a warning about themselves. This would require no connection to your site, or any other site, so it would be hard to prevent. Maybe offer a reward to the first person to report the pirate site.
  2. If Google's Dart/Flutter language can build HTML/WebAssembly apps that run at 60FPS, wouldn't it be a good candidate to be the implementation layer of Phaser? Not to mention the apps could be cross-compiled to run natively on iOS, Android, Fucsia, OSX, Windows, and Linux.
  3. vornay

    Katan.io - Play Free Online Settlers of Catan

    Aren't there legal issues with making an online version of a commercial board-game?
  4. Inside a Phaser3 game, can you access "User Account" data on a server via a REST API? The idea is for the game to access user account information, item inventory, game credits, friend messages, etc, that are on a web/game server. This would also prevent other companies from stealing the game. Most HTML5 games I have seen are small stand-alone games.
  5. A month ago I discovered Phaser JS, and a few other JS libraries, and was amazed at what people can do in JS nowadays. I know there are several advantages to making Casual HTML5 games, namely (1) You can target many platforms using wrapping kits (like CocoonJS) (2) You are working in a platform neutral environment instead of something proprietary like XCode/ObjC/Swift (3) You control your game, and don't need approval from someone like Apple (4) There are markets where you can license your games (5) You can use whatever development environment you want, like Linux (6) The simplicity of coding lets you focus on the game itself Yet, even with all these advantages, there are some compelling reasons to go with Native - assuming you want to earn money: (1) If you want to make money, you have to target mobile, so why not just focus on that (2) If you will focus on mobile, the majority of the market can be reached by just targeting iOS (3) Any good looking mobile game will run better/faster/stable as a native app (4) Something like 80% of mobile users prefer native apps over hybrid (5) Your compiled code is harder to steal than JavaScript I ask this because I've seen some really great HTML5 games, and I wonder if the authors could be topping the iOS game charts, making them boatloads of money. I have read some people make a prototype in C2, then rewrite it in Phaser - why not prototype in Phaser and rewrite it in Swift/ObjC? It seems like with HTML5, you can hit a lot of markets, but are not able to have a monster hit on your hands. An example, I was playing one of Okinjin's games, and it was really great, then I accidentally "slid" Safari off the side of the screen, then I tried to "slide" it back. I ended up with several screens sliding around, and never found the game again. This was not Okijins fault, it was the nature of playing a game in a web-browser on a mobile device. I was showing a friend the game at the time, and ended up having to close Safari and browse back to the Okijin site. If it had been a native app, it would not have done that. I still really like the HTML5 stuff, but if the goal is to make money (and for many it is not), it would seem easier to do on native mobile. On mobile, I know "discoverability" is a big problem, while HTML5 portals will actually push your game out to the masses for you. I've heard HTML games are easier to make viral because they can be shared with a hyperlink, but it would not seem that would be enough of a difference.
  6. I see that the various JS game engines have text and text effects available, so they could be used to create an Interactive Fiction type of game. Would the 60FPS of these game engines cause a mobile device to run its battery down? An IF game could potentially run on very little CPU. Using a game engine is interesting because a lot of the game-mechanics have already been done (input,audio,etc).
  7. Something like this (I just googled "can a web page tell if it is in an iframe") https://www.pixelstech.net/article/1532747442-How-to-check-whether-a-web-page-can-be-loaded-in-iframe
  8. Could your game check the URL that it is running from, and if it matches a known thief, display a warning?
  9. vornay

    Who is the best at making high-quality HTML5 games?

    The people on this forum are pretty good. Probably the best.
  10. I have a hard time visualizing the market for HTML games. Is it all mobile-first games, or is there also a market for more serious games that just happen to be done in HTML?
  11. I know the Phaser engine has a high frame-rate, is there a preferred way of performing long-running tasks? Is there something already built in to Phaser 2/3 to do this?
  12. vornay

    possible to do long running algorithms?

    Cool, this is what I was thinking. Basically, do my AI calculations in between the 60FPS frames. Is there ever a time where you could do some mass calculations without updating the screen, except maybe with a spinning wheel, or progress bar? For example, if your program generated a random world for the player to explore, you might put that code in to an initialization section. Or is it just better to do all your calculations between the FPS?
  13. vornay

    possible to do long running algorithms?

    So the answer is "look into web workers" ?
  14. vornay

    Where to start?

    Should I start with Phaser2, or are there Phaser3 tutorials available?
  15. I assume mobile app stores and HTML5 game portals have strict rules about the content of what they will publish. If you know you are going to self-publish a game on your own website, do you take advantage of your complete creative control? It should be like being able to make an "R" rated movie, instead of a "G" rated movie. Perhaps edgier content could help HTML5 games break-out from other types of games. Are there already games that have pursued this approach?
  16. vornay

    Pseudo 3d racing?

    What game engine did you make your Grand Prix game in? That game looked amazing.
  17. vornay

    non-game apps with Phaser?

    Is anyone making non-game apps with Phaser?
  18. vornay

    Monetizing a web game

    Maybe avoid ads? Sell IAP, schwag, avatar clothing, extra-stuff, screen-credits, etc. Everyone hates ads, and it makes you an employee of Google (and they can "fire" you if they don't like you). Ads cheapens the user experience. I would do anything other than have ads.
  19. Pirate Bay stopped running ads on their website, and added Bitcoin mining Javascript code. If HTML5 game developers make free games that have built in Bitcoin mining logic, then it is a win-win for the developer and player. No more ads, no more licenses, better and longer playing games with real depth.
  20. Not dollar numbers, but just the general market health. Stability, growth, discover-ability, creatively, comparatively, regrets, and just general thoughts.
  21. Also, if most websites start running BTC miners, they can stop running Google ads - and then Google will go out of business. Maybe they could have an option, "Hello website visitor, if you want to turn off ads and run a BTC miner instead, click here!" People will pay the websites through their electric bill. Website owners will be paid through BTC mining groups. It would be really weird if Bitcoin killed Google.
  22. vornay

    How to protect my games?

    Put some of your game logic on a server you control, so the game has to access some functions over an API.
  23. vornay

    Prices for good games

    Sorry for the noob question, but when a company gets an exclusive license, what do they do with it? Is this license purchased by a portal so they could add to their mix of games, or bought by a small company like a dentist office that wants to put something interesting on their business website? Or maybe they wrap it in a mobile app and try to sell in the apps stores? If the license are going for $1k to $15k I imagine the people getting the license are (hopefully) making that money back in some form of business.
  24. Now that Safari/Firefox/Chrome support running WebAssembly, will it replace Javascript for writing "HTML5 games"? It will be smaller, cross-platform, run much faster, and be coded in C or C++. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebAssembly
  25. vornay

    Ethics in creating addicting games.

    People with addictive personalities are going to get addicted to something. Getting hooked on a HTML5 game is a helluva lot better than getting hooked on booze, cocaine, or stealing ladies underwear.