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  1. This particular problem was solved when I updated Xcode. It was happening in simulator mode only. However, at this stage, I'm not sure Cordova is a universally viable solution for mobile platform. My findings so far: Android (tested on Samsung Galaxy S7): - Everything works fine, in fact, much better than expected. No issues whatsoever. iOS (tested on iPhone 5s and 6s) - Scroll doesn't work. At all. I've read many users have this problem, there's a shittone of suggested solutions, but none has worked for me so far. - Some Babylon scenes load and work, some fail (Xcode debugger is not reporting any errors/problems). - Performance is absolute shite compared to viewing the same content through iOS Safari. I presume this is due to an older Webview shipping with Cordova. - I'm getting more and more pissed off with the whole Apple ecosystem. With Jobs gone, the company stopped giving a flying fcuk about their products and are only interested in profits. I tried using React Native, but have given up on the idea at installation stage: it failed to install required npm components. There's a bug raised on Github and their solution is to downgrade your npm to v.4. Screw that.
  2. Unfortunately, crosswalk has been discontinued:
  3. Hey guys, Has anyone had any luck packaging up a Babylon scene inside a Cordova app? The problem I'm having is apparently path related: I get the error message "Error status: 0 - Unable to load..". Everything works fine on the webserver though.
  4. PBR in 3d max

    Is PBR planned for Blender exporter?
  5. Yes, as I said, energy-js looks very promising, but I personally would wait till it gets some traction: currently, the port is developed by just one(?) person, which is kinda risky for production use
  6. That's a nice summary, @BitOfGold
  7. Hey lads, thanks for the input! Energy.js ( looked promising, but it seems the project is in limbo.. I suppose I'll have to go with Cannon or Ammo. What bothers me in most demos I've seen so far is that it appears the engines have hard time settling objects (finding rest position), e.g. if you have a bunch of stacked boxes, they keep trembling and shaking indefinitely without coming to rest. I used physics engine in Softimage XSI - what a joy it was!! Ah well...
  8. So, which one to choose? Which one is more performant? Which one has most features? Which one is better documented?
  9. Need help creating ocean shader

    Well do keep us updated - this would make a great addition to Babylon's Shader library!
  10. Dragging Sprites/Meshes

    This approach fails when you rotate the camera so it's facing the scene at 90deg. However, I found a solution: just rotate your mesh on X axis slightly:
  11. Dragging Sprites/Meshes

    Thanks @Deltakosh, got the basics sorted. I'm having another issue though: I need to move things on X and Z axis only. However, the result is flaky at best. Is there a way to get this work reliably? Playground: Lines 56 and 57. The ground moves as expected, but the Plane object is not.
  12. Hey guys, Is it possible to drag-drop sprites? The scene.pickSprite doesn't return a pickedPoint.
  13. Need help creating ocean shader

    Bump. Was wondering if you guys had any luck with a good ocean/waves shader.
  14. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ... in AR.JS

    That's some crazy shit!!
  15. I agree After all, sticking to real world physics/scenarios will make using a 3d framework far more intuitive: @Wingnut - when you're on a train, you can still walk and turn around or check out a gorgeous chick picking up the purse she dropped