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  1. My first "real" game. Scale up to 3-jumps, and find fine place to plant yourself, without falling on ground. Game uses simple mechanics, Available for download here >>> I've manage to do leveling(16 levels). Made my own assets, and tiles for Tiled map editor. Sound should not supposed to work in the android app, as phaser uses webAudio, and i did remove all the cordova plugins include cordova-plugin-nativeaudio. But is working on SamsungS4,(not on my UMI zero). Game is made in Phaser, build with cordova inside of ionic1, and scaled down to 8MB download.. Available for download here >>>
  2. dude, did you make the sound work with cordova as well. I am tearing my hair, as soon as i compile for android sound wont play
  3. how did you make interstitial work after state?
  4. dude your html is fck up!! got 2opening body tags
  5. Sorry, but i had flu+chrism-ass, the problem was that you can not show*** both banner and interstitial at the same time, which might be obvious, but it was not to me. I did read all the links(!admob vs admobPro). XDK dont know where to build, debug, to click on, but it works surely as well, i am just not the GUI guy i guess. But it is still not clear to me how did you inject admob to a phaser game object? is your code on one file without states? perfectly working from docs ***you can but you have to removeBanner() and then showBanner(parameter1) again.
  6. yeah floatinghotpot i went through that one as well, but not with xdk and admobpro(admobpro did not work with ionic, only cordova-admob), but anyway how do you access the i saw jquerry in that example, can you combine jquery and phaser?Is that how you make the restart button? querry button which will game.state.start();+ Admob.showInterstitial(); you cant states are not part of DOM the game has no states its all in index.html right???
  7. Thank you for reply, I've tried phoneGap,and ionic.With ionic i am able to display banner. With phoneGap nothing. I did follow every available tut, even try to customize myself. I muss be missing something. XDK last time i tried it was refusing to log me in. And "pure cordova cli" i did not know is possible to create interstitial in command line. Your game is sick money-making machine, before i figured out what to do i saw like 5ads.
  8. Dude how did you make work those interstitial??? I cant make them work at all, and putting them into state is out of question
  9. this won't work on 2.6