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  1. Quinten


    Thank you for the feedback @toraleca and @onlycape. I think hardcore fans of Candy Crush will think my game is a cheap ripp off of their favorite game, that doesn't have that many levels. Yet that idea won't stop from experimenting with phaser and try to learn game development. I just wanted to do something different from my normal platformer mechanics and thought the idea of 'unmatching' tiles was worth building a prototype around.
  2. Quinten


    Thank you!
  3. Quinten


    Hi there, I have been tinkering with phaser 3 this last month and made a puzzle game i want to share with you all. Check it out at https://supernapie.com/games/unmatch It's a match 3 game based on the Wisconsin card sorting test. Properties (color, shape and count) must either completely match or be completely different. For example three red tiles with different shapes but 2 shapes on each tile. Or three different colors, 1 tile with one triangle, 1 tile with 2 triangles and 1 tile with 3 triangles. It may seem difficult, but the tutorial levels will make it clear. After the 3 tutorial levels you unlock a level editor and you can beat your own score. Feedback == welcome
  4. Quinten

    Dave's Disk

    Hehe, i first thought of going for 'Press down to talk' but Dave is not a very talkative guy. So in the player's mind he or she can say anything to the coworkers. The coworkers don't care and just say conveinently what fits the story... That's why 'listen' made more sense to me.
  5. Quinten

    Dave's Disk

    Last two weeks i have been busy building an adventure game for #AdvJam2017 You can see the game page here: http://gamejolt.com/games/daves-disk/255500 It's a game about a Dave Flimsy, a game developer who finds a rather unpleasant message in his mailbox when he arrives at work in the morning... I don't think you can vote if you didn't participate in the jam, but you can help out by giving it a positive rating and therefore bringing it under attention of the judges. Extra screenshots:
  6. Quinten

    dead sticks

    Extra visual stuff or sound when you unlock a node is a very good idea. I wanted to make a minimalistic game after playing Minimize on ios. I don't remember how i came up with the idea for clicking and then dropping the things. But i built some verlet physics experiments in the past with processing and flash. Originally those experiments started with code from this book http://www.apress.com/us/book/9781430216087 Some stuff is for the flash api but some stuff can still be ported to javascript. See the src/game/plugins/verlet.js file for my current implementation of numerical integration.
  7. Quinten

    dead sticks

    'dead sticks' is an abstract and minimalisitc puzzle game with physics based on verlet integration. Last thursday i found out about the project #onegameamonth and i still wanted to submit a project by the end of april. So i quickly finished this prototype over the weekend. (So i am planning 11 more games. lol) You can find out more on itch: https://supernapie.itch.io/dead-sticks
  8. When i render a tilemap the colors look a little bit lighter. I see this chrome, but other browsers might also have this problem. You can reproduce this by setting the stage background color to the same color as one of your tiles. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Does this has something to do with color profiles of the png's you export from photoshop? I can't figure out how to get it right...
  9. Quinten

    Euphrosine wants ten dots

    Thank you! Source code is available (see post)
  10. Quinten

    Euphrosine wants ten dots

    Hi everyone, I actually made this a game in november of last year for the 10th Anniversary Kongregate Game Jam. But only recently found out about this board, where developers can post their html5 games. The game had to be made in 7 days. But after the jam i fixed some bugs and added some extra features like support for touch devices and gamepads. It is a very simple platformer built with phaser. You play as the ladybug Euphrosine. She can run, jump, climb and float. Euphrosine likes dice and wants to collect their dots. When she catches a dice, a dot will appear on her back. The game ends when she collected 10 dots. You can play the sweet full browser version on https://quinten.github.io/euphrosine-wants-ten-dots/ The link to the game on Kongregate is http://www.kongregate.com/games/qubecity/euphrosine-wants-ten-dots If you like to know more about what other participants made http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1/topics/673084 If you want to check out the source code https://github.com/Quinten/euphrosine-wants-ten-dots Feedback is always welcome. The game jam is already over, but i'll keep it in mind for the next games i build
  11. Quinten

    Need some Tilemap and camera performance tips.

    No problem you're welcome
  12. Quinten

    Need some Tilemap and camera performance tips.

    Maybe this will help someone who is looking for tips: I have a game with a tilemap made in Tiled. The tilemap is 128 x 128 in size with tiles of 16 x 16 resulting in a small sandbox world of 2048 x 2048 pixels. Now the game was running okay, but on an older laptop of mine it had some lag dropping in fps from 60 to 40/30 when moving the camera. (i'm not even talking about mobile, that i still have to tackle). First thing i did was putting the visible property of the 2 layers of the map to false. Which stopped rendering the tilemap, but kept all the game objects still colliding the map. Then i got rid of the tilesetimage, which i did not need anymore. Then i went back to Tiled and exported the whole map as an image and added that image as background to the level. in the preload: game.load.image('levelflat', 'assets/sprites/level.png'); and in the create function: var levelbg = game.add.image(0, 0, 'levelflat'); That made a very noticeable boost i must say. Resulting in no more lag on the old laptop. Even on mobile it was almost there, but there still was another element causing lag on mobile. Now i must note that this probably won't work with very large levels. It all depends on how large you can make the images of the backgrounds.
  13. Quinten

    onInputOver doesn't trigger after x times

    In the meanwhile i solved my issue by checking the activePointer in update: update: function () { if (this.tileIsDown && (this.touchedPath.length < 8)) { for (var t = 0; t < this.tiles.length; t++) { if (this.touchedPath.indexOf(t) > -1) { continue; } if ((game.input.activePointer.position.x >= this.tiles[t].worldPosition.x) && (game.input.activePointer.position.x < this.tiles[t].worldPosition.x + 100) && (game.input.activePointer.position.y >= this.tiles[t].worldPosition.y) && (game.input.activePointer.position.y < this.tiles[t].worldPosition.y + 100)) { console.log(this.tiles[t].t.text.text); this.touchedPath.push(t); break; } } } },
  14. Hi, I am creating a very simple game where the player needs to draw a pattern bij moving the mouse or his finger(mobile) over a grid of 9 "tiles" 3x3. The problem is that about half of the time when i get to the 8th tile/sprite the onInputOver doesn't trigger the first time i get on it. I need to move the pointer off the tile and back on it again in order for it to trigger. In the code it's console.log('over') that supposed to trigger but doesn't. Can someone shed some light onto why this is happening? Below is some code that could be relevant. Note that 'tile' is something specific for this game and not a Phaser tile. var gameState = { tileGroup: undefined, tiles: [], currentPath: [], touchedPath: [], tileIsDown: false, create: function () { this.tileGroup = game.add.group(); this.tileGroup.x = game.world.centerX - 160; this.tileGroup.y = game.world.centerY - 160; var t = 0; for (var y = 0; y < 3; y++) { for (var x = 0; x < 3; x++) { var tile = this.tileGroup.add(gameState.createTile(x * 110, y * 110)); tile.t.index = t; tile.t.square.inputEnabled = true; tile.t.square.events.onInputOver.add(this.tileOver, this); tile.t.square.events.onInputDown.add(this.tileDown, this); tile.t.square.events.onInputUp.add(this.tileUp, this); this.tiles.push(tile); t++; } } this.loadNextWord(); }, tileDown: function (target) { console.log('down'); console.log(target.parent.t.text.text); this.touchedPath = []; this.touchedPath.push(target.parent.t.index); this.tileIsDown = true; }, tileOver: function (target) { console.log('over'); if (this.tileIsDown && (this.touchedPath.length < 8) && (this.touchedPath.indexOf(target.parent.t.index) == -1)) { console.log(target.parent.t.text.text); this.touchedPath.push(target.parent.t.index); } }, tileUp: function (target) { console.log(this.currentPath); console.log(this.touchedPath); var touchedCorrrect = false; if (this.touchedPath.length > 7) { for (var p = 0; p < this.currentPath.length; p++) { if (this.touchedPath[p] == this.currentPath[p]) { touchedCorrrect = true; } else { touchedCorrrect = false; break; } } } if (touchedCorrrect) { this.loadNextWord(); alert('RIGHT!'); } else { alert('WRONG!'); } this.tileIsDown = false; }, createTile: function (x, y) { var tile = game.add.group(); tile.x = x; tile.y = y; tile.t = {}; tile.t.square = tile.create(0, 0, 'square'); tile.t.borderTop = tile.create(0, 0, 'line'); tile.t.borderRight = tile.create(100, 0, 'line'); tile.t.borderRight.rotation = Math.PI * .5; tile.t.borderBottom = tile.create(0, 96, 'line'); tile.t.borderLeft = tile.create(4, 0, 'line'); tile.t.borderLeft.rotation = Math.PI * .5; tile.t.text = game.add.text(50, 50, "A", null, tile); tile.t.text.anchor.setTo(0.5); tile.t.text.font = fontName; tile.t.text.fontSize = 64; tile.t.text.fill = '#18323a'; return tile; } };