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  1. impossible

    Looks cool, very clean UI. How did did you do it for mobile?
  2. I have never worked with melon.js but I am pretty sure you can do what you need with it. What you are asking doesn't seem like an exclusive framework functionality. As for the map what would you want is to get the screen relative position and its view. Joining that with your map info (let's say a simple map array) you can see what you should render or not. You get the screen info and loop through the map array and see what you should be rendering based on that info. The same for "repeating" the map in x and y. The screen and the world are different things. To give a special tile attribute, if you could call that, you can give an id to that specific tile. Then add all the properties you want to it like the borders you talked about. When you want to interact with tiles you check for ids and activate the properties of that specific tile according to your needs.
  3. You must create a global variable. That is, declare a variable score right in the beginning of a file for example so it has global scope and can be acessed in all the files. example: var score = 0; then just do whatever you want to score like score+= 1; Its value will be the same in other js files
  4. Looks great! Keep with the good work!
  5. What do you mean by not working?
  6. do you mean that the whole liquid contributes to the mass of a container ? a bottle in that case?
  7. Nice, worked perfectly. Thank you a lot. Great simple game with your image logo on it
  8. Oh... Only noticed it now. If you want to fire once you should use "firebutton.onDown.add(function () { ... Your code... })"
  9. put if (fireButton.isDown){ fireGun();; } in you create function.
  10. strange. how is your overlap function ?
  11. That's awesome ^^ really. I am converting my game into that logic. It doesn't seem to scale correctly :/ : var game; var game_height = 300; var game_width; function GetGameScale () { var scaleY = window.innerHeight / game_height; game_width = window.innerWidth / scaleY; return game_width; } function startGame () { game_width = GetGameScale(); game = new Phaser.Game(game_width, game_height,Phaser.CANVAS,"game",null,false,false); } // and after all that ... game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.EXACT_FIT; And what about the velocity of the sprites in the x axis? The effect of player movement is nothing more than all other sprites moving past the player...
  12. Hello. Has anyone ever made one of those games you can play of facebook messenger? Any experience on how to do it?
  13. playcanvas

    Well one more reason to try playCanvas... Does the process of creating a facebook instant game differ somehow of creating a "normal" html5 game?
  14. Hmm I think there is something strange in there. I mean you probably figured that out already but I wouldn't say that is "normal". That shouldn't be that heavy. Maybe you are generating more sprites than you think you are?
  15. I think you can do it this way: text.position.x = game.width / 2; or similar