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  1. lol... I think mUnduli is right...
  2. Hey Milton. I tried to make it work but I am not getting the syntax right I am afraid. I made a question in SO but it didn't help me that much. I have read about isolation levels (READ COMMITED, READ UNCOMMITED...). I am using node.js and atm my query is similar to this: // the query that updates the state var query = "UPDATE users SET state = "+state+" WHERE id = "+user_id+" "; // the query that checks for the state var query = "SELECT state FROM users WHERE id = "+user_id+" "; I am not sure how to adapt my code to what I pretend. Should I do something like this in the SELECT query ? // the SELECT query "transformed" var query = "SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ COMMITED SELECT state FROM users WHERE id = "+user_id+"";
  3. @Milton @Arcanorum Well, at the moment the logic I am using is like this: 1-Player action sent to server -> 2-server checks in db if player can act -> if player is able to act db is updated to forbide player from acting*** ( a timer also starts that will enable player acting again) ; if player is not able to act then nothing happens. What happens, I am assuming is that in ***, if the player clicks multiple times the db update will not still be over and the conditional will still act as if player can vote. What I thought of was to have a player_queue array that would co-exist with the db check. But since checking for an element in array is much faster than a query it could work, no? Would be like an extra security check.
  4. I am not sure if I understood. Are you saying to store the values and player actions in the server and then every 3 minutes for example upload everything to db at once?
  5. Hello. I am playing a bit with mysql and js, html and I am making a small browser strategy multiplayer game like travian for example. I have some doubts though. In this game players should be able to attack from X to X time. When they attack I change a state in the db for that player so it cannot attack until that state returns to the normal state. However that database update is not fast enough for if the player clicks too fast he attacks more than once before the query is over. How can I forbide players' actions then?
  6. Well I would like to dwell into things I have never worked with so I could gain more experience. I am never did nothing like pathfinding and combat seems interesting. Would you inform me more about your requirements in those'
  7. I am not that experienced (Milton helped me quite a lot already :D). I saw your other projects and that astonished me. I can contribute freely in what I can help with and have time for. I am not able to help with music and design.
  8. Have you seen the tanks example? Preety good I think
  9. You always surprise me ^^ Great job
  10. Be aware that you creating multiple "food" using "". That means it becomes a property of playState. But there can only be one property by that name. So only the last food you create is actually "". What you should do is create a phaser group. Then add in the for loop the food you want to that group by doing "var food = game.add.sprite(....)" and not You should enable the physics in the group and pass in the overlap function instead of "". This might be usefull
  11. I don't think that phaser isometric plugin supports tiled (you can generate tile maps by numerous methods anyway). I have used it before and it was quite nice though. There are some features you have to "trick" to get done but I recommend it. Isometric is still 2D as you know and the simulation of that view could be solely provided by the phaser plugin. I would recommend you to use something like bullet.js for physics. You can always use the integrated phaser physics but if you're looking for more than AABB (not grid fixed) you should go for bullet.
  12. // inside your loop var test = game.add.sprite(x_of_sprite, y_of_sprite, 'test');
  13. That's nice Sockets?
  14. Interesting multiplayer?
  15. For a group then? Run a for loop / .each to each element of the group then