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  1. Thanks for the help guys I'm gonna try Brackets for now. The website says they no longer support Windows XP, but after reading further it seems that just means they don't test it on Windows XP anymore. If the newest version doesn't work I'll just go back to a version that supports XP on GitHub. Netbeans looks great too, I think the reason I didn't go with it before was the file size being a bit much for my slow internet, but I'll have to go back and make sure. Thanks for the tutorial link P4nch0. Looks like it'll help me get started.
  2. I'm new to making games in all forms, I have essentially no experience in making HTML5 games and I'm used to integrated environments like Unity 3D.. but due to recent life events I've had to look into a more light solution to making games. I'm using a very out of date PC with a very out of date OS and Graphics Card. Anyway, I looked through the Phaser tutorial and it wasn't really sufficient for an absolute beginner like me to figure out how to get Phaser running. I can't really get anything working, I downloaded Phaser.js and Aptana Studio 3 but I don't really understand how to get Phaser running with them. I know I need a Local Web Server but I don't know how to add an external one to Aptana or if it has one internally. Edited to reformat and change everything to better fit what I mean.