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  1. THREE.MultiMaterial has been removed. Use an Array instead

    You can export your model to JSON from 3D Editor by exporter and load it like this: var loader = new THREE.JSONLoader(); loader.load('./models/warehouse.json', function (geometry, materials) { var wareHouse = new THREE.Mesh(geometry, materials); scene.add(wareHouse); });
  2. Is there any reason to not use Typescript

    I is more difficult for me to make workflow for writing tdd-tests in TS + Gulp in VSCode. I have some problems with Sinon for making Mocks. It is very simple in JS. I spent a very long time for making workflow for build all TS script to one bunld.min.js. And for making breakpoints in client and node.js server in TS with Multi-target debugging in VSCode But I like TS because I like C#, C++ and Python. JS is difficult for me for learning because it does not look like other languages. I like compilation errors, unlike run-time errors.
  3. Thank you very much! It works now:
  4. Hello, I read this simple tutorial for beginners: Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript Physics using the P2 physics engine When two objects are in contact, the event "onBeginContact" must occur. But this does not happen. I moved the code to codepen:
  5. Some changes in my TypeScript version of code from this tutorial. I solved my problem with background offset of a remote player. I moved server scripts in src_server folder. I changed build commands:
  6. I bought these three programs (3 in 1) TexturePacker SpriteIlluminator PhysicsEditor I am sure that TexturePacker is very usefull but I am not sure that another two is usefull.
  7. Phaser-Visual Studio-TypeScript Deployment

    You can use Visual Studio Code + Gulp to create compressed bundle.js file from TypeScript files for deploying. All files for deploying will be in "public" (or "dist"/"build") directory. Some examples in TypeScript + VSCode + Gulp: https://github.com/8Observer8/phaser-tutorial-examples-in-typescript How to run these examples: install: VSCode, Node.js npm install http-server -g cd phaser-tutorial-examples-in-typescript-master npm install cd advanced-phaser gulp cd public http-server go to browser and type: localhost:8080 You can run them from here: AdvancedPhaser -> click to play -> tutorial MakingYourFirstPhaserGame -> click to play -> tutorial SpaceExploration -> click to play -> tutorial Toddler -> click to play -> tutorial TopDownGame -> click to play -> tutorial
  8. Phaser-Visual Studio-TypeScript Deployment

    If you want to use free hostings you can create a hosting on https://github.com/ or https://bitbucket.org/ You need to call them: your-nick-name.github.io and your-nick-name.bitbucket.io But it is for games without database and multiplayer. If you need a database you can use https://firebase.google.com/ or heroku.com On heroku.com you can create 5 apps for free with multiplayer in Node.js + Socket.io or WebSockets You can create only one hosting on https://github.com/ or https://bitbucket.org/ But you can create folders for your games like this: - snake -- index.html -- bundle.js -- images --- background.png --- cell.png - arkanoid -- index.html -- bundle.js -- images --- background.png How to create bundle.js you can see here: Advanced Phaser and TypeScript Projects
  9. Are you using JavaScript ES 6?

    You can use ES6 features by using TypeScript. It will be compiled to ES3 or ES5. VSCode is friendly with TypeScript. Phaser has build in support for TypeScript.
  10. Issues making my first snake game

    Step by step instruction about making a Snake Game in Phaser: Making Your First HTML5 Game With Phaser --> Click to play <--
  11. Issues making my first snake game

    Your can create a repository on github with the name: jaymeh.github.io It will be a hosting for your games.
  12. Thanks for this good tutorial. I will wait for Part2. I translated the code to TypeScript: https://github.com/8Observer8/PhaserTypeScriptGulpMultiplayerGameTutorial Temporary demo: http://io-game-by-8observer8.herokuapp.com/
  13. Phaser and mutiplayer

    We can use Firebase: Make a 3D Multiplayer Game with Three.js and Firebase - Tutorial 1 - Intro
  14. Other massively multiplayer games like agario

    I like tanx.io
  15. [PlayCanvas] TANX gets a major upgrade

    Does Tanx.io use this game server? http://gamestd.io/colyseus Or is it only for a previous version of Tanx.io?