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  1. 8Observer8

    Let's create WebGL examples for practice

    Triangle in TypeScript and WebGL 1.0 in object-oriented style Playground Archive with a source code: Triangle_WebGLTypeScript.zip Instruction: - Unzip an archive - Enter the command in a terminal: tsc - The example will be compiled in the folder "public"
  2. 8Observer8

    What editors do you use? (/recommend)

    I use VSCode because it is friendly for TypeScript. You can use it for Python, C#/Unity, PHP, TS/Babylon.js, TS/Phaser and so on.
  3. Hello, My example shows how to run app with a few files in TypeScript on Playground by RequreJS. Playground intro-to-threejs.zip
  4. 8Observer8

    Angular + BabylonJS and Angular + ThreeJS Template

    Hello, thank you for your job! I have a little question. I want to add the OrbitControl: import * as THREE from 'three'; export class EngineService { // ... private controls: THREE.OrbitControls; // ... createScene(elementId: string): void { // ... this.controls = new THREE.OrbitControls(this.camera); // ... } render() { // ... this.controls.update(); // ... } } I see the warning message in the VSCode console: And I see the error message in the browser console:
  5. Hi, BabylonJS Example in Playground - a few TypeScript files with AMD and RequireJS Cheers, Ivan
  6. Three.js, Blender, GIMP Click to run: https://8observer8.github.io/threejs/flat-plan/
  7. Babylon.js Click to run: https://8observer8.github.io/babylonjs/radio-button/
  8. This is the final code from the official tutorial: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#Y092BP If you open the official tutorial you will see this line of code in the beginning of the tutorial: // create a built-in "ground" shape; var ground = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround('ground1', {height:6, width:6, subdivisions: 2}, scene); But in the final code you will see this line of code: // create a built-in "ground" shape; var ground = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateGround('ground1', 6, 6, 2, scene); If I write {height:6, width:6, subdivisions: 2} instead 6, 6, 2 the code doesn't work: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#Y092BP#1 But for a sphere this works: {segments:16, diameter:2}
  9. 8Observer8

    complex games with three.js?

    No VSCode is better for TypeScript because it is native. Use Gulp as a task runner: https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/gulp.html
  10. Unity WebGL is not experimental for desktops. But it is not supported on mobiles. See Unity | Documentation | WebGL Browser Compatibility
  11. Bitballoon3D Game Pure WebGL 1.0, TypeScript, Blender Live Demo: https://8observer8.github.io/WebGL/Bitballoon/
  12. View Selector Three.js, JavaScript, Blender Live demo: https://8observer8.github.io/threejs/view-selector/
  13. My name is Ivan. I'm looking for freelance tasks (or for a remote full-time work). My rate is $100 in a week or $400 in a month. Current status of work: FREE Email: 8observer8@gmail.com Note. I don't speak English but I have good skills for reading and writing. I will soon speak English. Skills: Babylon.js Three.js WebGL 1.0/2.0 Unity Test Driven Development (writing unit-tests) I have some little skills in Blender and GIMP: modeling, texturing and creating of animations.
  14. 8Observer8

    Let's create WebGL examples for practice

    Drawing a text Live demo + source code: https://plnkr.co/edit/GqmJ4uB5XmNB1Cu7qlhl?p=preview Download the source code: drawing-text.zip Fonts was generated from TrueType and OpenType by Bitmap Font Generator
  15. 8Observer8

    Visualization of large data sets - seeking advice

    WebGL + GPU = Amazing Results!