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  1. Phaser and mutiplayer

    We can use Firebase: Make a 3D Multiplayer Game with Three.js and Firebase - Tutorial 1 - Intro
  2. Other massively multiplayer games like agario

    I like tanx.io
  3. [PlayCanvas] TANX gets a major upgrade

    Does Tanx.io use this game server? http://gamestd.io/colyseus Or is it only for a previous version of Tanx.io?
  4. My First Game

    That's all I'm capable of:
  5. My first HTML5 game

    I added a link to the original game: https://8observer8.github.io/WebGL/Bitballoon/ I and Joris will think about it.
  6. My first HTML5 game

    It is my first port in WebGL. I bought and read this wonderful book: WebGL Programming Guide. Interactive 3D Graphics Programming with WebGL - Kouichi Matsuda, Rodger Lea I use VSCode IDE (I think it is the best IDE for TypeScript) and Gulp Task Runner. This is a very good step-by-step instruction for start: https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/gulp.html Source code of Bitballoon3D on GitHub: https://github.com/8Observer8/Bitballoon3D
  7. My first HTML5 game

    I replaced your 2D sprites on my 3D models: click to play This is the pure WebGL 1.0. I use TypeScript instead JavaScript because it is easier to develop and debug. The models I created in Blender.
  8. My first HTML5 game

    I found a logic mistake in your code. When you start the game you have 15 bullets: var bulletamount = 15; But if you restart you have 20 bullets: function restart() { // ... bulletamount = 20; addBullet(bulletamount); // ... }
  9. My first HTML5 game

    A new record is mine
  10. My first HTML5 game

    Sometimes impossible to survive
  11. Free Source Code of 2D/3D Games and examples in HTML5/WebGL

    Snake 2D in WebGL TypeScript from Anton Te Tutorial I translated a code from the Anton's tutorial Writing Snake game in 10 minutes to TypeScript and WebGL 1.0. The original code is made in C++, OpenGL 1.5, FreeGLUT Click to Play Source code on github
  12. My first HTML5 game

    Who will set a new record?
  13. My first HTML5 game

    I set a new record = 29
  14. My first HTML5 game

    I'm 30 and I've been studying HTML5 game development for 3 months. You have overtaken me