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  1. SPS on random position of parent

    Ehhh.... my mistake, i pin material to SPS not SPS builded mesh... -
  2. SPS on random position of parent

    Of course, there is cleaned code in PG:
  3. SPS on random position of parent

    The problem is in different look of meshes genered via SPS than original. Just look on PG:
  4. A way to create road on ground

    Thanks a lot for help. For stencil, just look For paint road I need it for internal work :).
  5. SPS on random position of parent

    Can anyone help with that?
  6. A way to create road on ground

    Sorry for not complex question. I want to paint road on ground. Using stencil it is visible, but in very bad quality, so i decided to put texture on ground using BJS and then i have problem with paint a road on my ground. I have one thought maybe i should make custom mesh and add to it texture of road? What do you think?
  7. SPS on random position of parent

    I finish create particle from SPS on random position of custom mesh - using Vertices Data. Just look But i have another problem with SPS. There is 3 objects Fern, Spruce and ground_plants. In all of them i change Y position to see how it should look, but using SPS unfortunately, they look different. Spruce wood is broken. Fern and Ground plants looks like artifact. Is possible to fix that?
  8. SPS on random position of parent

    I wrong wrote, i have custom mesh and i want to put SPS particles on random position of custom mesh.
  9. Hi, I try to create road on ground. With stencil method in bledner after export big ground it texture is converted to 1024 px, so texture of ground is in very poor quality, so i make it in BJS using: myTexture.uScale = 10.0; myTexture.vScale = 10.0; Then i have looped texture on ground with fine quality. But this method i can't create road on ground. Some screens from bledner: Is any way to create road using this way, but in BJS? I want to put road texture on white color (preview texture).
  10. Hi, For yesterday I was using bake particle system in blender to render nature elements in scene. By now i want to change that to SPS. This should be better (from optimization point of view) than instances and additional export scene with many elements take a lot of time. So i prepare asset with nature elements and simple scene with house. In scene is mesh named "Plane.004", which render particle system in blender, so I want use this plane to generate elements on it using SPS. PG: My questions: 1. I need help with get random position of mesh. This can't be JS random int, because in center of plane is place for road, so there i don't need any element. 2. All of this SPS elements is static, so optimization used in PG enough? Thanks Tom
  11. WebWorker error

    @RaananW Do you try debug it on my preview server?
  12. Rendering problem

    Already i upload fresh copy of actual state of my scene, all textures was loaded by it don't help.
  13. Rendering problem

    @babbleon I don't think about this broken texture. Check screenshots which attached in this post. @Deltakosh Today I click 10 times to run to repro this problem. Check screenshots. Also I check this on four other computers and on all of them i can repro that. On picture blank texture with dark gray color is visible, sometime this color is white. 1 2
  14. GPUParticleSystem with targetStopDuration

    I using variable targetStopDuration for start particles for specified time, but in GPUParticleSystem after restart it animation freezes. Playground
  15. WebWorker error

    Yes of course, check on my dev server