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  1. SPS is great tool, but i want prepare scene i blender, so i can't use SPS. All in one video
  2. Joining makes selected obejcts into one. After read some articles about optimize scene I found terminology linking objects. I don't know, which method is correct, but i try all possibilities to optimize my scene. Do you have any idea do resolve my perfomance problem?
  3. Ołłł ye! Now working great - :). Thanks a lot!
  4. I use PHPStorm. Just add in the beginning of the TS file /// <reference path="../../babylon/babylon.d.ts"/>
  5. Some time ago I started optimize my scene. After some fixes, now I have problem with grouping objects in BabylonJS. For export I use tower of Babel. I experimented with linking, parenting and joining. Linking When objects is linked in Babylon i can see only one object. Parenting This method do not change anything about draw calls - it is same without parenting. Joining This method show all objects correct with smaller draw calls. But i must divide to smaller groupis to avoid inncorect collisions (check link to show how bounding boxes are builded). In this screen it is not perfect, so i must divide to more groups my trees. Can anyone help me to export/import my scene to Babylon with optimal perfomance? I think about one object for all tress for example.
  6. Warrior.log Exporter version: 5.3-beta, Blender version: 2.78 (sub 0) ========= Conversion from Blender to Babylon.js ========= Scene settings used: selected layers only: false flat shading entire scene: false inline textures: false texture directory: F:\xampp\htdocs\babel\Characters\Warrior\ Python World class constructor completed WARNING: No active camera has been assigned, or is not in a currently selected Blender layer processing begun of skeleton: metarig, id: 0 processing begun of bone: root, index: 0 processing begun of bone: heel.L, index: 1 processing begun of bone: foot.L, index: 2 processing begun of bone: heel.R, index: 3 processing begun of bone: foot.R, index: 4 processing begun of bone: hips, index: 5 processing begun of bone: spine, index: 6 processing begun of bone: chest, index: 7 processing begun of bone: neck, index: 8 processing begun of bone: head, index: 9 processing begun of bone: shoulder.L, index: 10 processing begun of bone: upper_arm.L, index: 11 processing begun of bone: forearm.L, index: 12 processing begun of bone: hand.L, index: 13 processing begun of bone: Finger_Bone1.L, index: 14 processing begun of bone: Finger_Bone2.L, index: 15 processing begun of bone: Finger_Bone3.L, index: 16 processing begun of bone: Finger_Bone4.L, index: 17 processing begun of bone: shield.bone, index: 18 processing begun of bone: shoulder.R, index: 19 processing begun of bone: upper_arm.R, index: 20 processing begun of bone: forearm.R, index: 21 processing begun of bone: hand.R, index: 22 processing begun of bone: Finger_Bone1.R, index: 23 processing begun of bone: Finger_Bone2.R, index: 24 processing begun of bone: weapon.bone, index: 25 processing begun of bone: Finger_Bone3.R, index: 26 processing begun of bone: Finger_Bone4.R, index: 27 processing begun of bone: thigh.L, index: 28 processing begun of bone: shin.L, index: 29 processing begun of bone: thigh.R, index: 30 processing begun of bone: shin.R, index: 31 processing action Attack: in[0 - 16], out[0 - 16] processing action Run: in[0 - 18], out[30 - 48] processing action stand: in[0 - 60], out[60 - 120] processing action Stand_with_weapon: in[0 - 62], out[130 - 192] processing begun of mesh: Warrior processing begun of Standard material: skin.002 Diffuse texture found "Texture" Image texture found, type: diffuseTexture, mapped using: "UVMap" num positions : 1258 num normals : 1258 num uvs : 2516 num uvs2 : 0 num colors : 0 num indices : 3222 Skeleton stats: Total Influencers: 3147 Avg # of influencers per vertex: 2.5016 Highest # of influencers observed: 7, num vertices with this: 1 exported as 7 influencers num skeletonWeights and skeletonIndices: 10064 ========= Writing of files started ========= ========= Writing of files completed ========= ========= end of processing ========= elapsed time: 0 min, 5.667 secs
  7. HI i have problem with mesh exported by tower of babel. In skeleton animation, when played moving, i see artifact in my player mesh behind head. Rotation, location and scale have zero position. Check it on video: Live preview in
  8. Great! Today I will check it with small report :).
  9. I use FreeCamera with ortho mode, after check other types of camera like target, the best option for me was: scene.registerAfterRender(function() { scene.activeCamera.position = mesh.position; } }); Yesterday i spent few hours on optimize my game ->, and i want to change camera position only when player moving -> this is better option.
  10. Okey! - Problem was camera minZ - it works
  11. When I disable orthocamera, then everything is displayed correct. Maybe this is some problem with orthocamera. This is my all code of camera definition (I do not have any distance options, yet): var camera = new BABYLON.FreeCamera("camera1", new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0), scene); camera.mode = BABYLON.Camera.ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA; camera.orthoTop = 18; camera.orthoBottom = 0; camera.orthoLeft = -15; camera.orthoRight = 15; var ratio = window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight ; var zoom = camera.orthoTop; var newWidth = zoom * ratio; camera.orthoLeft = -Math.abs(newWidth); camera.orthoRight = newWidth; camera.orthoBottom = -Math.abs(zoom/4); camera.rotation = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.4, -0.98, 0);
  12. Maybe using JQuery will work on your computer
  13. With error but work on firefox and chrome
  14. Click RUN 2x, then you will see my scene :).
  15. Oks - Today i preapre PG, i was loaded JS fles from my server and now I can show only code to fix :). On first open you can see error, but click run and now everything will be ok. So problem is with shadows - its are not generated correctly. And next problem in babylon 3.0 is ortho camera.