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  1. TomaszFurca

    Player actions with effects idea

    Now is better, but still i need to upgrade pmy article system :).
  2. Hi, I still working on improvements for my Slavs game. Now i want to add some effects to players actions like special attack. I looking for ideas how can i do effects like listed below.
  3. TomaszFurca

    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    Anybody can tell something about perfomance? Stability? In game in available debug mode - with BJS inspector
  4. Hi, after one year and six months of work of two persons I want to show You alpha test of our game: Slavs Would be nice to see any feedback :).
  5. TomaszFurca

    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    Do you try relogin to your account?
  6. TomaszFurca

    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    Version 1.0.0-alpha has been released on Just login, read the small information about alpha test and play normal, debug or mobile version. Would be fine to post something in this forum about your feelings.
  7. TomaszFurca

    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    Hi! We had small opportunities to open alpha test, but we prepared a lot of stuff last time: Game website: - it is not ready yet, because we need to write full scenario and create bestiary. Access to play is closed, but in this week I unlock that, so feel free to create your account! In game I made some performance improvements, also fixed the animations, we change the default babylon JS loader (don't afraid i will add to site BJS logo and description with link to framework) and a lot of small features and bugfixes. - currently state preview - this will be available in alpha test. I will prepare 3 version (normal, mobile and debug), because I want to collect some feedback from users. I think about perfomance, what do you change in game etc. I describe it more soon. Tom Furca
  8. TomaszFurca

    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    "In next week we will start with closed alpha test! Also we will launch test website of game to start collecting users. Just wait for information." - There is video of alpha map: What we do in last time? - generate SPS on planes from Blender to allow to prepare full scene context in Blender - integrate game client with website (user authorization) - textures optimization - balance attributes to feel character upgrade after lvl up - a lot of fixes and improvements So in next week I want to send to people access to alpha version to test together our work. We spent on in 1 year and 3 months. Would be fine to prepare game to end of this year, i think about final version. I am proud of BJS Engine! This allow me makes my dreams comes true!
  9. TomaszFurca

    PCOL: billiards game made with babylonjs

    Very cool project!
  10. TomaszFurca

    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    Hi, i am really happy to show You next preview of game. There is a one year of work in BJS. What has been changes from last time: - I decided to split servers. One server for sockets, storage and sessions is in Symfony 3 (in earlier preview I using node server with socket IO server), second server is monster server in node JS with NullEngine of BJS 3.2. Monster server control all monsters in game to avoid cheating. - correct working quests with chapters - We use BJS 3.2 - Some improvements (gui, optimize etc) - new locations and new monsters. This version is only preview mode, i want to release alpha version soon. There is link. Can you share your opinion about actual state? I think about perfomance and stability of game - Thanks.
  11. TomaszFurca

    Render big mesh

    Tested on Chrome 65 in work and in home. I need to refresh game few times to achieve this bug. It can happen on SPS models: trees or plants. This SPS meshes is generated on big plane, also i try to divide plane and generate my SPS as smaller objects, but it don't fix that. When I set alwaysIsActive mesh, then this problem not happen, but i am not sure of use mesh always is active.
  12. TomaszFurca

    Render big mesh

    Hi, I create in scene some nature environment elements using SPS, but for some reason some elements are not visible always. Please check video to see problem. Also problem is visible on Thanks Tom Slavs (13).webm
  13. TomaszFurca

    GodRay - always on top

    Thanks a lot :). I did it using Fresnel - some tweaks is needed and it would be fine . If someone need it: let fakeGodRay = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateCylinder("test", 25, 1, 10, 64, 1, scene); fakeGodRay.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 14, 0); fakeGodRay.material = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("fakeGodRaymat", scene); fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters = new BABYLON.FresnelParameters(); fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters.leftColor = BABYLON.Color3.Black(); fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters.rightColor = BABYLON.Color3.White(); fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters.bias = 0; fakeGodRay.material.emissiveFresnelParameters.power = 4; fakeGodRay.material.emissiveColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0.9, 0.9, 0.3); fakeGodRay.material.useEmissiveAsIllumination = true; fakeGodRay.material.alpha = 0.2; fakeGodRay.material.alphaMode = 1;
  14. TomaszFurca

    GodRay - always on top

    Hi, Today I want to do LVLUP effect on character, but i have problem with godray effect, when player cover mesh with godray. Is possible to set GodRay to visible always on top? I think about no cover godray for any other object. Slavs (9).webm
  15. TomaszFurca

    SPS on random position of parent

    Ehhh.... my mistake, i pin material to SPS not SPS builded mesh... -