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  1. The main problem was camera, when i change it to orthographic, graphics looks better - i don't know why camera wasn't exported from bledner to babylon. Actual results you can check in WASD - control player space - attack arrows to modify camera multiplayer is implemented too, but buggy when connect more then 2 players Actual graphics quality is acceptable Thanks for replays
  2. Thanks for replayes and help. Now perfomance problem is resolved. Light are OK too. But i don't know why objects like stone, tress, grass are in worst quality in babylonJS than blender. Also we tested (me and my cousin) scene in Unity, all objects are in good quality. Check screens: Bledner: Babylon:
  3. Finally i load map with tress and low poly graphs similar to blender quality. Do you have any tips to show graphics in better quality? After save scene with tress, grass and many other small details I have 2050 meshes, so FPS dramatically fall down. Should i generate forest or meadow using SPS?
  4. Thanks for help with particle system. Problem with graphics i there: All graphics are plastic, rounded and looks bad, in this screen you can see model from bledner:
  5. Hi, when we want to change pixel graphics to low poly something went wrong... This is grpahics from bledner: After import it to babylon, looks that: What i need to change to get better quality of imported meshes? Also tress builded using particle system is not visible in babylon after import scene. Best Tom
  6. Your tip about transform in blender was perfect. Now everything is OK. Thanks for help!
  7. Hi! I'm working with my cousin, he is designer, i'm coder. We use for test version 4.6.1 and 5.2 of blender exporter.
  8. Hi, some time ago i started learn babylonJS, which some experience in phaser I made this: And now i have two problem to resolve: 1. Animation of walk of character stretching char - you can check it using keys WASD. 2. Mesh character have bones. I think about bone right hand, when i use function attachToBone sword has been attached in different position than bone. Thanks for help Tom