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  1. abhivaidya

    Sound doesn't loop in Internet Explorer

    It wasn't getting the Content-Length and hence duration as 0. I guess that explains the problem.
  2. abhivaidya

    Sound doesn't loop in Internet Explorer

    Ok I got it working!! IE needs to read the "Content-Length" in the header to trigger events like onLoop. My server being Apache, compresses the files being served using gzip. Disabling this through an .htaccess file in my sounds folder fixed this issue. You can do that by creating one and inserting SetEnv no-gzip 1 This however will disable gzip for the whole folder so please use it accordingly. Hope this helps someone.
  3. abhivaidya

    Sound doesn't loop in Internet Explorer

    That's right @alex_h However, this is not related to Web Audio or HTML Audio, because some sounds loop fine. So it is related to how it is encoded and the response header is what I think as of now.
  4. abhivaidya

    Sound doesn't loop in Internet Explorer

    Yes I am using loopFull. However, I have observed a couple of things here: Think loopFull uses the same play function with loop being set to true. Just made sure that my mp3 is similar to the one the example. By that I mean, the mp3 encoding is Mono, at 96bps and 44100KHz. This is a very IE specific issue. When I hosted the same game on another web host, the looping works and also, the looping events are fired. I compared the headers from both hosts and they are different. I am still investigating into this issue and will post an update once I have an answer.
  5. abhivaidya

    Sound doesn't loop in Internet Explorer

    It does work for me.... I guess it is a problem with my mp3 file just like @ozdy Not sure if there is something to do with the encoding of the mp3 file. Any idea @samme? Edit: Update When I use the same sound from the Phaser example in my project, it does not loop.
  6. abhivaidya

    Sound doesn't loop in Internet Explorer

    Any luck with this? I am having the same problem.
  7. abhivaidya

    File format for enterprise deployment

    That works like a charm!
  8. Hello All, I am just evaluating BabylonJS for a client project and since this is a large corporation, I will have to deploy the files (especially the meshes) as common file formats (eg. .js or .json). The reason being, I am assuming (also with some experience in dealing with such clients) that if I deploy a project with files with custom extensions (like .babylon), they wont load and they wont add it to the mimetype to load such files. Hence, can I customize or rename the extension to something else, like ones mentioned above, for easy deployment? Regards
  9. abhivaidya

    WIP Rpg

    Nice work indeed. For fun was just flying around and got stuck in one of the trees.... Was fun nonetheless
  10. Hello community! I am using Atom and Brackets as my editors and want to get the intellisense and the auto-complete in JS, working for Babylon in these editors. Any idea how can I do that? Regards
  11. abhivaidya

    Scaling of assets in games (and hence in Phaser)

    Thanks for the reply. I will take your suggestion on the size being 1280 x 720 or 960 x 540. However, just wanted to know why the dimensions of the asset still remain the same?
  12. Hey Guys, I am working on a project that is to be used across devices i.e. desktop, mobile phones and tablets. So here is the approach that I am taking... Our base resolution is 1024 x 576. That is the resolution at which the game will launch. The player can fullscreen at any point and keeping that in mind, we are creating assets that are suitable 1920 x 1080 and are scaling them down. So in order to have it fit into a game with my base resolution, I downscale the assets (in this case to about 53%). So if I have an asset that was meant to be about 125 x 125 when the resolution was 1920 x 1080, it would now be about 66 x 66. However, when I now fullscreen the game on 1920 x 1080 monitor (and hence upscale it), I output the dimensions of the sprite and they still happen to be 66 x 66. What is wrong with my approach? My phaser scalemanager is set to SHOW_ALL. Is there a scaling factor function that can just tell me how much the size of my asset should be depending on the resolution? Regards