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  1. I can't understand your code can you make a video on youtube and post it or make a live to let me participate in the chatroom ? btw, there is an error
  2. thefailtheory

    My Phaser Story

    Happy to see that the #PhaserJS project on GitHub have allowed you to live the lifestyle that I am sure will motivates other coders to join the community and do the same because it will keep it up and give it a long life
  3. thefailtheory

    how to use serch Docs in phaser.?

    There are two answers atm in slack one of them is you can't but in fact I don't understand the question itself and the second one is in this pen
  4. thefailtheory

    how to use serch Docs in phaser.?

    If you do it it can be added to the new version of Phaser CE as a new function
  5. thefailtheory

    Phaser Instant Games Tutorials

    I've made a live on YouTube that day but it's in french and is not as I wanted because I was discovering the interface, I plan to make more vids and tutorials and stream them on my Mixer Channel
  6. thefailtheory

    How to Move Circles to a Point

    Hi i want to make those little circles move to a certain random point and watch them moving how is it possible to do it ? here project/ thx in advance
  7. thefailtheory

    Phaser CE 2.7.0 - Multi Texture Batching

    Hi Matthias i would like to help in this issue with a game but i really don't have much to say then what is in attachement, because i don't know how to load the atlas cards of it if you can help me too so we can go further in the solution Hackers Card
  8. thefailtheory

    How to pass to another map

    yeah cool
  9. thefailtheory

    How to pass to another map

    oh i see, let me a little more time, it's time to sleep actually am sure tomorrow i'll have something interesting to discuss in parralel i don't have the actual line of code to take a collision with a tile in account but an idea should be to create a sprite in the area and collid with it better then to collid with the map
  10. thefailtheory

    How to pass to another map

    hi @AramCP i have gone a little bit more in my game so here it is actually, i think i'll do something like you are saying in the future anyway, you should just start a state with all the required assets in it but the questions is : how do you load them in the best way ? i mean going further with a loading state then a loading bar then the level or just everithing in this new state
  11. thefailtheory

    Tiled ID issue

    so i think it's the reason why the collision is not precise
  12. thefailtheory

    Tiled ID issue

    did you scaled the sprite ?
  13. thefailtheory

    Tiled ID issue

    everything seems okey, just verify the order of called layers
  14. thefailtheory

    Problem with game states Phaser

    states are essential to have a game working fine and it structures it, you can try something like this let more time i'll try to do a snippet of it because i have a little bug in the intro
  15. thefailtheory

    Photoshop as Game Editor

    i am a fan of your games and the work you are doing in general thx for sharing a part of you workflow it's really inspiring because i prefere to use the gimp instead in pixel mode but i would be interest in the way you add objects in the tilemap to create new levels like the snake in the video and that it animates directly