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  1. DegGa

    How to write a animation loader for ?

    Use something called: Spritesheet. which is like this:(Put all of the animations in one image) And you can load it using: game.load.spritesheet(key, url, frameWidth, frameHeight) You find more info here and here.
  2. DegGa

    Properly Destroy a Group

    Maybe you can set the instance of the class to null??
  3. DegGa

    Properly Destroy a Group

    Oh, thank you!
  4. DegGa

    Collision detection, Obstacles, Physics

    For more information check out the examples and the docs.
  5. DegGa

    Collision detection, Obstacles, Physics

    Go to this tutorial it's very useful
  6. DegGa

    Properly Destroy a Group

    If you want to destroy it COMPLETELY, just write in the "destroyObject" method: this = null
  7. DegGa

    no tilemap collision even with the right tile id

    Do you get any errors in the console?? Also I can't find a tile with the id 1078 in the JSON file?
  8. DegGa

    Phaser game Audion MP3 vs WAV vs OGG

    Hi! Check this out.
  9. DegGa

    Phaser Debug Arcade Physics plugin

    Good work samme, that's very helpful!
  10. DegGa

    phaser not defined but phaser.js import

    You have just a little mistake, you should write "var game = new Phaser.Game(640,360, Phaser.AUTO); " instead of "var game = new phaser.Game(640,360, Phaser.AUTO); " (the p at the beginning of "phaser" is uppercase).
  11. These [] in javascript are arrays (arrays hold any type of data seperated by "," ), so "game.physics.arcade.enable([dude, dude2]);" pass into the objects in this array and will enable physics on them.
  12. Hi I think you should replace: " game.physics.arcade.enable(dude,dude2);" with : "game.physics.arcade.enable([dude, dude2]);". Because the first argument should be a single object or an array of object to enable physics on. You can read more about that here.
  13. What douglas said is right, because you can't enable body to an image you should use a sprite. But you can move the cookie if it's an image without enabling body by replacing this: function update() { cookie.body.velocity.x = 0; if (cursors.right.isDown){ cookie.body.velocity.x = +10; } } With this: function update() { if (cursors.right.isDown){ cookie.x += 2; } }
  14. Just another question, does `startSystem(Phaser.Physics.ARCADE)` have some performence issues?? I think calling it will start the entire Arcade system from the beginning.