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  1. douglas

    How to contact publishers/sponsors

    one must give an email to access the list
  2. douglas

    Handling multiple tilemaps at once

    very interesting but long as the problem i don't know if there is any video tutorial on the same question
  3. douglas

    Phaser Debug Tween plugin

    very interesting if they positionned well on the screen
  4. douglas

    Codeine Massacre

    i have just made a fork the bug should be fixed
  5. douglas

    Subpixel render / pixelart scaling

    the pills should be used in this thread like a paddle
  6. douglas

    Prices for good games

    there is a thred about this issue here
  7. douglas

    Game states

    i didn't see any error or mistake perhaps it needed a little discussion and motivation
  8. douglas

    Game states

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> is the last version of phaser (2.6) the buil was made last month ans it's available at the adress you see it can be also obtained via
  9. douglas

    wich word "this" replace in this line ?

    @tips thx for engaging an interesting way of viewing phaser gamedev it should work in a term of process
  10. douglas

    wich word "this" replace in this line ?

    i think that's what it means this reference the game i don't know if this fun fun function episode explain it better then that example with global objects that i understand just the half
  11. douglas

    wich word "this" replace in this line ?

    according to this code it means the game menuState = { create: function() {, 0, 640, 360); var b = (game.add.image(0, 0, "menubg"), game.add.image(230, 200, "whiteplanemenu")); b.anchor.set(.5, .5); this.playbutton = game.add.button(428, 183, "playgamebutton", this.start), this.instructionbutton = game.add.button(428, 237, "instructionbutton", this.instruction), this.aboutbutton = game.add.button(573, 237, "aboutbutton", this.about), } game = new Phaser.Game(640, 360); = { score: 0, bgm: new Object, gameoverbgm: new Object, ingamebgm: new Object, background: game.rnd.between(0, 4) }, game.state.add("boot", bootState), game.state.add("load", loadState), game.state.add("menu", menuState), game.state.start("boot");
  12. douglas

    Phaser isometric plugin: rotate phyisics body?

    my little knowledge on the question is at this point how to display a sprite and how to display a map perhaps this one too multiple sprites : but to rotate a sprite i don't know
  13. douglas

    Aerail Dogfight

    so i have some question : how many times it have taken to develop it ?
  14. douglas

    Aerail Dogfight

    too much funny i like it but < 3 kills