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  1. Xipherx

    WebVRFreeCamera with fixed position

    I see, thank you very much!
  2. Hi All, I'm updating from Babylon 2.4 my project that simulate a 360 static scene with a WebVRFreeCamera and a cube with images as Textures on each side. In 2.4 I used "trackPosition: false" in WebVROptions to not consider HTCVive position but only rotation, but in Babylon 3.0 doesn't work anymore. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance!
  3. Xipherx

    Skybox - edge show

    Hi All, just to share a workaround to this problem: I solved on my macbook pro creating the texture in EXPLICIT_MODE, on a PC with NVIDIA gtx 980 with SPHERICAL_MODE, and in general tricking a bit with graphics card settings on texture parameters. Hope this can help.
  4. Xipherx

    HTC Vive controllers

    Ok, maybe I found the problem: the current gamepad (controller) position is in the gamepad.getPose() result, but it's calculated on the last HMD position, hence, if I update the HMD position calling camera.resetToCurrentRotation() before asking the controller position values are good. For now is a simple and dirty solution that works in my case because the application is intended as a sitting mode VR, in a near future I have to find another way because I need to walk around the room.
  5. Xipherx

    HTC Vive controllers

    Thank you very much. I'll investigate further in the meanwhile. One more question: I used navigator.getgamepads() method to accessing gamepads, you said "already integrated gamepad api" you meant that I could use a Babylon class for accessing controllers? Maybe using events insted of polling for testing buttons? Would be great!!!
  6. Xipherx

    HTC Vive controllers

    Hi, I'm evaluating Babylonjs for porting an existing naval ship virtual navigator from Unity 3D to webGL. I have ported 90% of the system in two months ( thanks babylon.js !!!! ) and now I have to implement VR part of the project. I started with HTC Vive, that I consider one of the best hardware at the moment, and in only one day I had VRDisplay integrated using WebVRFreeCamera, but now I need to integrate controllers. At the moment I'm trying to use gamepad API retrieving controllers position using gamepad.pose attribute but I cannot understand values coming from this which origin they have. I realized that the controllers position is not related to the HMD position but maybe to the center of the room? But if this is the case where can I retrieve that origin? What's the best way to visualize Vive controllers position? Thank you very much in advance guys!!